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Matching frye boots_with_what_you_wear

  1. 1. Matching Frye Boots with What You Wear A great investment when it comes to a pair of boots is none other than Frye boots! If you haven’t any idea what they are, well they are the ones that cowboys sport often and believe it or not they are very fashionable even if you are an urban diva living in a modern city. Now, you may be surprised at how expensive they can be. They come in average at the price of $200 but of course you can get great deals online or at sales in department stores. You just have to look and search for these boots perseveringly if you want a great deal. Sometimes you can even get a bargain at thrift stores or flea markets! Go ahead and search if you are in need. Once you have acquired a pair then it’s time to try them on your favorite outfit to see if they match perfectly! If you really want to get that rugged look then you will definitely have the look effortlessly with these boots.
  2. 2. Match Frye boots with Jeans Now, we all know those cowboy jeans and how some of them flare at the end. Unless you want to look like a cougar going to a bar then by all means wear them. Then again, if you are after the modern chic with great taste for boots then take out your skinny jeans and wear them with Frye boots. The color should complement the boots and well jeans and boots come in different colors. If you don’t know if they will look great when worn then try them on first to see if they are a match. Your jeans could either be denim or khaki or any sort of fabric. Match Frye boots with Skirts The great thing about these boots is that you can match them perfectly with anything you wear, they could be skirts, jeans or even dresses. Try on a mini skirt, for full rugged southern effect, get a denim skirt with the edges cut off and add on a leather belt with a trendy buckle. That way you can definitely get amazing looks without having to put so much effort. Math Frye boots with dresses When it comes to dresses, try on a dress that won’t go past your knees in length. You don’t want to wear a very long dress with these boots as you want to emphasize them properly.