Fashion for 2011: Gemvara Jewelry Expert Advice


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Fashion for 2011: Gemvara Jewelry Expert Advice

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Fashion for 2011: Gemvara Jewelry Expert Advice

  1. 1. Fashion for 2011: Gemvara Jewelry Expert AdviceEvery fashionista needs to have an ever expanding collection of fine jewelry in herpossession. And education is key to achieving the perfect assortment of preciousgoodies. We have got the fashion for 2011 scoop from the experts for those of youlooking to be pointed in the right direction of your next jewelry purchase. GemvaraVP, Cheryl Kremkow opens up to about what exactly to lookfor and how to get it.WikiFashionista: How long have you been working with preciousstones?Cheryl Kremkow: I’ve been working with gems for 25 years. I started as a writerspecializing in jewelry and fell in love with gemstones. Nature has created awonderful rainbow of natural beauty: it’s hard to believe that such perfection formsnaturally in the ground. I’ve always hoped I could inspire people to explore gems thatthey may not have heard of or had the chance to see.WikiFashionista: What is your jeweler background and personalexperience?Cheryl Kremkow: I’ve travelled the world looking for new designers and trends. Ialso love going to mines and seeing the crystals when they come out of the ground.Some of them are so beautiful!WikiFashionista: What are some tips for picking the perfectengagement ring?Cheryl Kremkow: I think your engagement ring should reflect you. Never be afraidto express yourself with the ring: it becomes a part of you. I love our customers whoaren’t afraid to choose a black diamond or a drop-dead ruby for an engagement ring!
  2. 2. You can find something really beautiful and one of a kind for less than a generic one-carat round diamond.Carrie RingRound Black Diamond 14K White Gold Ring with DiamondWikiFashionista: What item would you suggest to our readers foreveryday wear?Cheryl Kremkow: I love stackable rings. I think I will never be finished with mycollection! You can have different colors, shapes and textures. Creating your stackeach morning is a fun way to mix up your jewelry for the day.
  3. 3. Stackable RingsThese brilliant bands can be customized to celebrate a wedding, an anniversary, ababy, or a brilliant moment to remember.WikiFashionista: What pieces are a must have in every fashionista’sjewelry collection?Cheryl Kremkow: I think a pear-shaped gem drop earring is a must right now. It’smuch more wearable than a chandelier earring and so comfortable to wear. You canchoose a neutral or better yet one bright pop of color that really adds your signatureto everything you wear. At Gemvara we have the Monsoon Earrings, very simple pear
  4. 4. shaped gems on a spiral wire, or the Kate Earrings which are inspired by the earringsKate Middleton wore to her wedding: dazzling yet so wearable.Pear Diamond 14K White Gold EarringsInspired by the earrings that Kate Middleton wore for her walk down the aisleWikiFashionista: What is one item you’d recommend from your websiteto buy today, if we don’t have already?Cheryl Kremkow: Of course my next purchase will be another stackable ring: thePod Eternity Band is on the top of my list. But for a wardrobe essential, I’d say ourkiller hoop earrings: you can customize them in any color gem, which makes themeven more cool!See exactly what Gemvara has to offer at .