Celestial Designs: Jimmy Choo Fall Fashion for 2011 Collection


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Celestial Designs: Jimmy Choo Fall Fashion for 2011 Collection

  1. 1. Celestial Designs: Jimmy Choo Fall Fashion for 2011 CollectionJimmy Choo Black Leather Bree Large Shoulder BagIt’s handbag time fashionistas! Today we have a fantastic arm candy review for one ofour favorite designers, Jimmy Choo. Favored across the globe for their irresistiblefootwear designs, it’s only natural that the Jimmy Choo brand strengthens theiraccessory dominance with a complete collection of luxury handbags. Which brings usto our Jimmy Choo Fall Fashion for 2011 Collection review. Taking fashion risks isa calling card of the Jimmy Choo esthetic. We can expect to see experimenting withexotic fabrics and unpredictable patterns. The collection almost seems not to followone solitary theme, but instead covers the gambit with a more universal approach.We have a few of our favorites from day to evening below. As if anything Jimmy Chooneeds any introduction.
  2. 2. First we start with the Jimmy Choo Zodiac Hobo Bag. This leather gold accentedhobo serves as the celestial centerpiece of the Fall 2011 collection. Throw on somedangling feather earrings, dark denim jeans, loose fitting basic tee and mid-calflength camel colored boots. It’s almost Autumn so you might as well get a head start!
  3. 3. This basic leather bag is the ultimate traveler. The thick straps make this bag sturdyenough to carry many items with confidence and it won’t fall apart. The quilted frontflap adds texture to this otherwise basic purse. The gold clasp and zipper detailingalso add a bit of decadence.Another variation of this boxed leather bag is the leopard print front flap. Nothingsays Fall like a touch of leopard print. Pair this bag with some stiletto black leatherknee high boot for a stylish ensemble.
  4. 4. This sleek shoulder bag has the same quilted front flap as the basic box tote. Thissmaller gold chain bag is taken up a notch with a quilted snakeskin design with thesame luxurious leather and gold clasp closing. Pair this bag with a clean pencil skirt,silk blouse and close-toe Mary Jane pumps. This style also comes in leopard printtoo.
  5. 5. Next up, we are delighted to see this sturdy thick stitched tote bag with a longshoulder strap. What we like most about this bag is the huge belt buckle closing.Reminiscent of a 70’s fashion style handbag, it comes in the very Fall dark chocolatecolor and in a light colored tan camel color. This style handbag would work well witha pair of jeans and maybe a peasant top. If you’re fortunate enough to be an affluentstudent then this bag is perfect the student looking to be stylish on campus.
  6. 6. Last but certainly not least, check out the evening bags above! We think they speakfor themselves. Standout features are sequence and crystals. Fabulous! Let us knowwhat you think of the Jimmy Choo Fall 2011 handbag collection. Check outbluefly.com , for new Jimmy Choo handbags.