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Node.js is a platform built on Chrome's JavaScript runtime for easily building fast, scalable network applications. Node.js uses an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model that makes it lightweight and efficient, perfect for data-intensive real-time applications that run across distributed devices.

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  • Node Js

    1. 1. Microsoft, digging node
    3. 3. NEW JOBS are exploding
    4. 4. SERIOUS adopters
    5. 5. Source:,-Applications,-and-CompaniesUsing-Node
    6. 6. AND NPM IS OUTTA CONTROL 2011... ~1800 projects 730 active package authors 26 npm contributors version 1.0 released
    7. 7. AND NPM IS OUTTA CONTROL 2012... 72 npm contributors version 1.1.35 released
    8. 8. WHY???
    9. 9. Source:
    10. 10. LINKEDIN: Node drives the mobile stack “On the server side, our entire mobile software stack is completely built in Node,” KIRAN PRISAD
    11. 11. Source:
    12. 12. SCALE “One reason was scale.” KIRAN PRISAD
    13. 13. Great for io/bound cals “The second is, if you look at Node, the thing it’s best at doing is talking to other services.” KIRAN PRISAD
    14. 14. Great for io/bound cals “The mobile app has to talk to our platform API and database. We’re not doing massive data analytics.” KIRAN PRISAD
    15. 15. Huge perf gains “Node showed us huge performance gains compared to what we were using before, which was Ruby on Rails.” KIRAN PRISAD
    16. 16. Source:
    17. 17. (EBAY): HTTP gateway a declarative, evented, dataretrieval and aggregation gateway for HTTP APIs SUBBU ALLAMARAJU
    18. 18. Source:
    19. 19. What was important • Performance and scale for i/o bound workloads • Operability • Low per-connection memory overhead SUBBU ALLAMARAJU • Dynamic language support
    20. 20. Fast interations “Javascript and node.js allowed us to iterate very rapidly.” SUBBU ALLAMARAJU
    21. 21. rich ecosystem “Though we were initially concerned about finding the right tools and libraries, the node.js ecosystem proved sufficient for us to build as complex a system as” SUBBU ALLAMARAJU
    22. 22. SuperB scale “We were able to tune a regular developer-quality Ubuntu workstation to handle more than 120,000 active connections per node.js process, with each connection consuming about 2k memory.”SUBBU ALLAMARAJU
    23. 23. Non BLOCKING / simplified programming model “Node’s evented I/O model freed us from worrying about locking and concurrency issues that are common with multithreaded async I/O.” SUBBU ALLAMARAJU
    24. 24. Source:
    25. 25. Walmart: mobile strategy In a nutshell, Walmart is able to serve some very sophisticated features to mobile users on the client side using Node. DION ALMAER BEN GALBRAITH
    26. 26. Walmart: BETter expErIENCe “It’s saving mobile shoppers a ton of time by customizing content based on device type and browser capabilities.” DION ALMAER BEN GALBRAITH
    27. 27. Javascript everywhere progressive enhancement “We’ve been fascinated for a long time by end-to-end JavaScript,” …“a website that would be rich and dynamic… on devices that weren’t too powerful.” DION ALMAER BEN GALBRAITH
    28. 28. Javascript everywhere progressive enhancement “Now, on Walmart’s re-engineered Nodepowered mobile app, all the front-end code gets executed on the back end.” DION ALMAER BEN GALBRAITH
    29. 29. Scale and flexibility “We rely on services all over the world…We do not control all of those services.” DION ALMAER BEN GALBRAITH
    30. 30. Scale and flexibility “Node allows us to front all these services… and scale up very nicely. It’s perfect for what we’re doing in mobile.” DION ALMAER BEN GALBRAITH
    31. 31. Turner: Disruptive Thinking “At Turner, Node.js represents a disruption to the mainstream thinking around how you build applications.” DON BROWNING
    32. 32. Turner: Disruptive Thinking “We found developers were overengineering their code; writing code for the sake of writing code. We needed to shake things up.” DON BROWNING
    33. 33. Turner: Startup Mentality “We’re also starting to behave more like a startup, rather than an enterprise shop. Quick turn around, no ceremony, and finding the Minimum Viable Product.” DON BROWNING
    34. 34. Turner: Startup Mentality “We’ve found that being a part of the open-source community really facilitates this mindset.” DON BROWNING
    35. 35. The node toolbox
    36. 36. What’s in npm? API clients: 118 Boilerplates: 10 Build and deployment: 50 Chat: 1 Class systems: 11 Compression: 16 Content Management Systems: 14 Continuous Integration Tools: 3 Control flow / Async goodies: 78 CSS Engines: 12 Database: 137 DDD, CQRS, EventSourcing: 10 Debugging / console utilities: 75 Desktop application related: 2 File system: 13 Graphics: 39 IL18n and L10n modules: 17 JavaScript threads: 1 Message Queues: 15 Module Loader: 11 Monitoring and Alerting: 3 OpenSSL / Crypto / Hashing: 31 Other: 35 Package Management Systems: 7 Parsers: 135 Payment Gateways: 7 RPC: 19 SMTP: 11 Sound: 2 TCP / IP: 54 Templating: 65 Testing / Spec Frameworks: 75 Web frameworks: 213 Web Sockets & Ajax: 32 Wrappers: 8
    37. 37. Contact info @gblock 再见