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Farid harb slideshow

  1. 1. • The former CEO of five businesses, Margaret Heffernan explores the all-too-human thought patterns -- like conflict avoidance and selective blindness -- that lead managers and organizations astray.
  2. 2. • In her TED video “Dare to Disagree” she explains how disagreement can lead to positive progress.
  3. 3. • In her introduction she captured the audience attention with a story of a famous doctor in the 1950’s
  4. 4. • She kept the audience engaged by showing confidence, dominance of speech and humor
  5. 5. • Margaret follows several of the ten TED commandments:
  6. 6. • She shares something that has never been heard before and it’s the power of disagreement which most individuals are afraid to explore.
  7. 7. • She reveals curiosity and passion about her speech making the audience part of the speech
  8. 8. • She tells stories that goes with the speech thesis and gives a more fluent idea of the main theme of her presentation.
  9. 9. • She makes the audience laugh, she doesn’t read her speech and finishes her speech in 12 minutes, enough time to make a point and don’t frustrate the audience.
  10. 10. • I would evaluate her dynamism with a 4. She could have used more slideshows or visual projection to increase the audience attention and reaction.
  11. 11. • She showed confidence and enthusiasm as per Garr Reynolds describes in order to keep an audience entertained.
  12. 12. • I’ve learnt that confidence, enthusiasm and knowledge it’s important in a speech. It’s the proper way to deliver a proper presentation.
  13. 13. • I found miss Heffernan and Sir Ken Robinson very different. Sir Robinson uses a lot of visual projection to increase audience attention and give a better idea of his speech. While Heffernan uses only her speech and a few jokes to keep the audience attention.
  14. 14. • What I would recommend my classmates about their future speech it’s just to be confident, be prepared and rehearse their speech many times, preparation it’s key when it comes to deliver a speech, and most important do not read your speech but also don’t make it look like you memorized it.
  15. 15. Thank you.
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