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High level presentation about LinkedIn Hiring Solutions for corporations.

High level presentation about LinkedIn Hiring Solutions for corporations.

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  • Here are some stats to illustrate the scale of the LinkedIn network today**As of March 31, 2012, LinkedIn has north of 160 million members, and we’re now adding more than two members every second. This is the fastest rate of absolute member growth in the company’s history. 61 percent of LinkedIn members are currently located outside of the United States.There were nearly two billion people searches on LinkedIn in 2010, and we’re on pace to host over 4 billion searches on the LinkedIn platform in 2011.More than 2 million companies have LinkedIn Company Pages.As of September 30, 2011 (the end of the third quarter), LinkedIn counts executives from all 2011 Fortune 500 companies as members; its corporate hiring solutions are used by 82 of the Fortune 100 companies.
  • LinkedIn is the only place on the web where you can recruit both passive and active candidatesTraditional job boards provide access to only the 20% of professionals who are actively lookingLinkedIn provides access to both these, and the over 80% of passive candidates who are not actively searching on job boardsMany of these members are the people you’re interested in hiring. In fact, last year your company hired ### LinkedIn membersWe know this because we can track every time a member changes his or her profile to your company[NOTE: We should not overlook active candidates as a legitimate source of hire. Instead, focus on how LinkedIn helps you access BOTH these candidates and the tens of millions of passive candidates that can’t be reached anywhere else]
  • The purpose of the Relationship Management role is to serve as a single point of contact responsible for ensuring the total success and satisfaction of the client relationship.  This will be achieved through proactive, consultative interactions that focus on maximizing the full potential of LinkedIn solutions. One of the key areas of emphasis will be on end user success and engagement.  The Relationship Manager works with customers to ensure that best solutions address the evolving recruitment challenges faced by the growing corporate customer base. practices are utilized and reinforced. Additionally, clients will be kept up to date on industry trends and how LinkedIn’s
  • Lastly we come to our bread and butter which is called LinkedIn Recruiter and it brings you the best Talent Search on LinkedIn, period.Get Unlimited Access: all names, full profiles.First, you get access to all names and full profiles. Not just those in your 3-degree network, allowing you to ace even the toughest searches in functions, industries or even locations you’re not well connected into.Find the Best, much Faster: all premium search filters. Second, premium search filters, some of which have been developed exclusively with recruiting in mind, allow you to zero-in exactly on the profiles you’re looking for in just a few clicks. No need to build advanced queries: you refine on the fly, with really powerful criteria such as “years of experience”, “years in current position”, “function”, “current company”, “groups” and many more.Third you share target candidate profiles with hiring managers for their feedback: Ignore, Good or GREAT!After which you Contact w one InMail Many Candidates Directly: 50 InMails / mth. Response guaranteed.This is a trusted environment: the LinkedIn homepage. The very high response rates of InMail will surprise you. As if that was not enough, InMails that go unanswered get credited back after 7 days and rollover to the next month if unused. Think of 50 InMails / month as 50 replies from candidates / month!
  • Let’s start with what you are familiar with most, and that’s advertising job descriptions. On LinkedIn we refer to it as our Jobs NetworkLinkedIn is not a job board. Our Jobs Network will help you find better quality candidates at all levels in less time.(go through slide)
  • Imagine Erica is a ROLE at ACME systems. She’s a typical passive candidate. She doesn’t visit job boards but comes to LinkedIn to network.Each time Erica logs into LinkedIn, she sees relevant jobs in the Jobs You May Be Interested In module right on the home page, and in her Network Update StreamBy putting all or most of your professional jobs on LinkedIn, you can ensure that all types of professionals you’re trying to hire see opportunities relevant to them
  • Speaker notes: Recommended jobs = JYMBII, Similar Jobs, Viewers also viewed
  • When a professional sees your job posting, the first thing they will likely do is research your company. We are finding that quite often they start on linkedin for their search.With LinkedIn Career pages you have control over your company’s presence and branding on LinkedIn.This will help give your candidates more informaton about your company and paint in a good light so they are more likely to respond to your job postings or you contacting them.
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    • 1. Recruiting PlatformFarro AgdassiEnterprise Account v
    • 2. The world’s largest professional network Over 60% of members are now international * 161M * 82% Fortune 100 Companies 90 use LinkedIn Recruiting Solutions >2M * 55 Company Pages 32 ~4.2B Professional searches in 2011 17 2 4 8 All Of the Fortune 5002004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 LinkedIn Members (Millions) represented in our members *as of March 31, 2012 2
    • 3. Survey of 4,318 recruiting professionals: (June ‘11)What are the three most important trends in recruiting?Finding better ways to source passive candidates 46%Utilizing social and professional networks 43%Training recruiters and hiring managers on how to hire Quality talent 29%Upgrading employment branding 25%Boosting referral programs 23%Optimizing your career site 21%Measuring quality of hire more consistently 20%Reducing spend on staffing firms 15%Reducing dependence on traditional job boards 12%
    • 4. Talent PoolReach the best candidates, not just the actives Active Candidate <20% Active Works on job search - Has a resume ready - Reads jobs & applies to ATS - Follows many opportunities 160M members Passive Candidate >80% 38 Works on doing their job better - Not on job boards - Resume not up-to-date - Only listen to good opportunities so how Passive LinkedIn members last year do you get their attention?
    • 5. Targeting is key to everything we do Function, Seniority, Location, Industry, Company Size Group affiliations Education
    • 6. Recruiting Solutions Recruiting PlatformCareer Pages Work With Us Professional Ads Branding We’re Hiring! Referral Engine LinkedIn LinkedIn Jobs Recruiter Talent Acquisition 6
    • 7. Ongoing Customer Service Maximize the full potential of LinkedIn Recruiting Solutions Dedicated Relationship Manager  Subject matter experts  Proactive and consultative  Sole focus on client success Live training with our professional training team in Mountain View held 2+ times weekly Brandon Salom Relationship Manager - Current Co: LinkedIn, 3 years - Internet | San Francisco 7
    • 8. LinkedIn Recruiter LinkedIn Recruiter: Contact top candidates with premium search and messaging• 100% visibility to everyone of our 161M+ LinkedIn Members• Powerful search filters to zero in on perfect candidates• Share candidate profiles with hiring manager for feedback• Trusted communication with candidates via InMail• Productivity & collaboration tools for efficiency• Data Retention: All searches are property of your company• Talent Pipeline : Your talent CRM• Fully OFCCP compliant• Eliminates Head Hunter fees 8
    • 9. LinkedIn Jobs LinkedIn Jobs Network: Push your jobs to active and passive talent with targeted & viral distribution. • Flexibility of Job Slots Vs. static 30-day posting for one job • We reveal the best Talent Matches • Members distribute your Jobs • Picked up on Indeed, Simply Hired, Twitter, & Google • Job Analytics 9
    • 10. TargetingMembers see personalized jobs every time they log in Zinio LLC posted a job you may be interested in: Java Developer Share ● Careers ● See more jobs ● 6 minutes ago xyzCo Jobs You May Be Interested In beta Java Developer x Zinio LLC Sr. Java Developer x Jobs You May Be Interested In beta Java Developer Product Marekting Manager x Account Executive x NetApp NetApp– Sunnyvale, CA xyzCo – Sunnyvale, CA Product Marketing Manager Sr. Account Executive – Seattle, WA x – Seattle, WA See more » Senior Product Manager Sales Manager x NetApp – – Santa Clara, CA NetApp San Jose, CA See more »
    • 11. Targeting: RelevanceLinkedIn Jobs : Everyone sees relevant jobs Jobs you maybe interested in Jobs you maybe interested in Jobs you maybe interested in Finance Manager xyzCo – Apply Now Director of Marketing Account Executive xyzCo – Apply Now xyzCo – Apply Now Financial Analyst Bank of America – Apply Now Sr. Marketing Director Sr. Account Executive Gap Inc. – Apply Now Amazon – Apply Now Steve Erica Bryan Director of Marketing Account Executive Finance Analyst >50% job applications from recommended jobs [Not search] 11
    • 12. Career Pages LinkedIn Career Pages: Why? I love my job Establishyour employment brand and your job openings 12
    • 13. Work With Us Work With Us Ads: Leverage your employee’s LinkedIn connections to create a referral system Key benefits • Increase employment brand & hiring awareness among employee’s professional network. Talent attracts talent • Sponsorship of employee base – lock down ad space • Boost visibility of your jobs & applications • Ad performance is 4-5x better than industry avg (CTR .3-.6%)
    • 14. Enterprises of all sizes use LinkedInTECHNOLOGY HEALTH CARE FINANCIAL PROFESSIONAL CONSUMER SERVICES 10K+ Corporate Customers 14