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Mid term review key

  1. 1. ` Honors Biology - January 4th, 2012SWBAT: Review key concepts for the midterm exWarm Up:1.) Enzymes are a type of _________ made by `linking aminoacids.2.) List the two types of anaerobic respiration(fermentation)we studied.3.) Name three organic biomolecules.
  2. 2. Organic Molecules: Inorganic Molecules:(All contain carbon) (Do NOT contain carbon)1.) Carbohydrates: Quick source ofenergy 1.) Water: able to dissolve many substances because it is polar_2.) Lipids: Long-termenergy storage Has a high heat capacity 2.) Minerals: Help the body function in many ways3.) Proteins: Raw materials and -Potassium, sodium, iron, and magnesiumenzyme action (catalysts) are all examples4.) Nucleic Acids: Store DNA/RNA/Genetic Information 5.) Vitamins: Help the body function in many ways -A, C, D, and E are all examples
  3. 3. Water has a pH of 7. Anything below 7 is considered a ___________. Anything above 7 is considered a (n) acid________________ base
  4. 4. Cell Types Include Prokaryotes All cells have: Eukaryotes Examples Include: -cell membrane -ribosomes -cytoplasm -DNA 2 major types we studied are: Bacteria Plant AnimalWhich NEVER Have: And often DO have: -flagella-nucleus -pseudopodia-complex organelles -cillia Which have chloroplasts and a cell wall
  5. 5. Which ORGANELLE does each picture make you think of?1.) A brick wall is like the. . .because. . . cell wall -- rigid barrier around plant cells 3.) A solar panel is like the. . . because. . . chloroplasts -- takes in sunlight and converts it to glucose (energy) 2.) An assembly line is like the. . .because. . . ER -- transports proteins made by cell4.) A trash can is like the. . .because. . . Lysosome -- it breaks down waste for the 6.) A bouncer is like the. . .because. . . cell cell membrane - it is selectively permeable 5.) A power plant is like the. . .because. . . mitochondria -- powerhouse where ATP is made
  6. 6. Photosynthesis Cellular Respiration (Aerobic Respiration) Organisms who perform it: Organisms who perform it: plants/autotrophs/producers Both Processes Occur In: autotrophs and heterotrophs plants/autotrophs/ (producers and consumers) producers Organelle where it occurs: Organelle where it occurs: chloroplasts mitochondria The relationship between Uses: the two processes is:carbon dioxide,water, and Uses:sunlight the products of one process are the reactants of the other process glucose and Releases: oxygen glucose and oxygen Releases: carbon dioxide, water, and ATPChemosynthesis is different. Write its equation:happens only in complete darkness by chemotrophs Anaerobic resp produces (less/more) ATP because it does notwater + inorganic compounds + carbon dioxide --> oxygen and use ________ oxygenglucose
  7. 7. Two Major Categories of Cell Transport (With) PassiveActive (Against) Concentration Concentration Gradient Gradient --Requires _____ created by mitochondria as its source of Diffusion energy Osmosis Movement of _particles_ Facilitated across the cell Diffusion membrane Movement of water Examples include: across the cell --Moves substances from ______ food coloring in membrane to ______ concentration beakers, salt and sugar movement in cells low high hypertonic solutions cause cells to shrink becauseThink "AAA" - Active Transport is Against water leaves the cellthe Gradient and requires ATP hypotonic solutions cause cells to swell because water enters the cell isotonic solutions have reached equilibrium with the cell