Multichannel Fundraising Strategies and Tactics

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With more communications channels out there, your supporters are getting bombarded with more messages from charities, companies, friends, and family members. So how can you make sure your organization …

With more communications channels out there, your supporters are getting bombarded with more messages from charities, companies, friends, and family members. So how can you make sure your organization stands out? This workshop offered background and tips on multichannel campaigns and a case study of a year-end fundraising campaign for Fountain House.

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  • 1. Multichannel FundraisingAmazon Watch | Big Duck | Causes Strategies and Tactics April 2, 2012!
  • 2. #12NTCcampaigns@farra@matthewmahan@paulpaz@susangordo
  • 3. What we’ll cover•  Why multichannel campaigns?•  Multichannel case study: Fountain House•  12 ways to make your multichannel campaign stronger•  How you can use Causes in your campaigns•  Multichannel case study: Amazon Watch
  • 4.
  • 5. Why multichannelcampaigns?
  • 6. Reasons NonprofitsCommunicate
  • 7.
  • 8. Be clear.Be compelling.Be consistent.
  • 9. Campaigns turn a series ofmessages into a story with…•  A problem•  A solution•  A goal•  A timeline•  An action your audience can take
  • 10. Campaigns tell a story acrossall elements…•  Consistent imagery•  Established goal/deadlines•  Campaign-specific landing pages•  Web promotion & social media engagement•  Reference URL in direct mail appeal
  • 11. Where do campaigns fit in?
  • 12. The results are worth it:•  Multi-channel enhancesdonor lifetime value•  10% of all donors areonline; 1 of 6 join online•  32% of online acquireddonors switch to offline donorsin year-two•  People who ‘act’ online are7x more likely to giveConvio, Integrated Multi-Channel MarketingBlackbaud donorCentrics Internet & Multichannel Giving Benchmarking Report and Connecting OnlineFundraising and Advocacy
  • 13. See it in action:Fountain House
  • 14.
  • 15.
  • 16.
  • 17.
  • 18.
  • 19.
  • 20. YOUR INFO First Name Last Name Address 1 City YOUR DONATION GOES TWICE AS FAR, WHEN YOU GIVE TODAY. Address 2 State Earlier this year, New York City made massive cuts to the funding of mental health services. Fountain House lost $450,000, including more than $100,000 in funds that covered our daily operating costs. Email Address Phone Number Fortunately, to help us make up for this shortfall, a generous matching donor has stepped forward. If we can raise $50,000, the matching AMOUNT donor will kick in the other $50,000 to make up for what we lost from the City. $35 $50 $100 $250 Our Fountain House community is, as ever, resilient and moving $1,000 $2,400 Other USD forward. Still, your support between now and the New Year would be especially meaningful. Please consider having your tax-deductible donation matched today. CREDIT CARD American Express MasterCard Discover Visa Card Number Expiration Card Security Code HONOR SOMEONE WITH YOUR CONTRIBUTION (OPTIONAL) To make your contribution in somebodys honor, fill in the information below. He or she (or, in the case of an in memoriam contribution, the recipient you specify) will be notified of your thoughtfulness and generosity. This contribution is DONATE!"!#$%!#&(&))*))(!$)+,-.)(/.0)1.2,,.3)4,5)67283)46)"&&9))*))555#:7;<.=><?7;-,#72@))
  • 21.
  • 22.
  • 23. 2011 Campaign Results•  Total raised: $88,390•  Average gift: $187.78•  33.7% increase in online giving from 2010
  • 24. Lessons Learned•  Direct mail acquired list is ready to give online•  Donors receptive to a different kind of storytelling•  Increase appeared to result not just from added appeals, but entire campaign
  • 25. 12 ways to make yourcampaign stronger
  • 26. 12 ways you can make yourcampaign stronger1.  Identify and prioritize your goals2.  Find the biggest news in your space3.  Connect it to your org’s short-term goals4.  Find the specific problem this news can help you solve
  • 27. 12 ways you can make yourcampaign stronger5.  Set an achievable goal for how you’ll solve it7.  Select the right channels to reach your audiences8.  Craft your calendar around deadlines9.  Reflect your organization’s tone and style
  • 28. 12 ways you can make yourcampaign stronger9.  Focus each message on one call to action10.  Tell the same story in all elements11.  Report back to your audience on impact12.  Analyze the results to inform the next campaign
  • 29. Resources•  12 Ways You Can Make Your Campaign Stronger•  eNonprofit Benchmarks Study•  2011 Online Giving Report•  2011 Connecting Online Advocacy and Fundraising•  2011 Online Marketing Nonprofit Benchmark Index Study•  2012 Online Giving Study
  • 30. Contact Farra / Big Duck and /bigduck
  • 31.