How to Empower Your Staff to be the Voice for the Organization in Social Media

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Slides presented on July 17, 2013 at the AMA Nonprofit Marketing Conference.

Slides presented on July 17, 2013 at the AMA Nonprofit Marketing Conference.

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  • Thanks for the comment EnVeritas Group. We hope this gets nonprofits and NGOs talking and thinking about this more. Glad to hear you think it will be helpful!
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  • Great advice. I think a lot of organizations make the mistake of taking step one of empowering their team members to speak for them via social media, but they don't make them true brand ambassadors. There is a huge need for training, a style guide, knowledge of the brand, knowledge of social media rules and best practices, and the list goes on. This is a great presentation for organizations to use as a template for training their staff to do social media right.
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  • 1. #amanp How to Empower Staff to be the Voice for the Organization through Social Media Danielle Brigida | National Wildlife Federation Farra Trompeter | Big Duck AMA Nonprofit Marketing Conference July 17, 2013
  • 2. #amanp
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  • 4. #amanp #amanp @farra | @bigduck @starfocus | @NWF
  • 5. #amanp What we’ll discuss •  The evolving definition of ‘spokesperson’ •  How social media has changed the game •  Ways to empower your staff •  Resources
  • 6. #amanp Who speaks for your nonprofit?
  • 7. #amanp When the media calls? Image ©
  • 8. #amanp When the board has a question? Image ©
  • 9. #amanp When a donor sends a note? Image ©
  • 10. #amanp When a celebrity wants to interview you?Image ©
  • 11. #amanp When an advocate wants to do more?
  • 12. #amanp When a candidate applies for a job? Image ©
  • 13. #amanp When a crisis happens? Image © NWF/
  • 14. #amanp Your ideal spokesperson… •  Is passionate about your mission •  Understands what you do •  Trusted to speak without a lot of approval •  Will be respected and can stay calm •  Speaks clearly and simply •  Is generally available
  • 15. #amanp How has social media changed the game?
  • 16. #amanp Then vs. Now
  • 17. #amanp
  • 18. #amanp
  • 19. #amanp
  • 20. #amanp
  • 21. #amanp
  • 22. #amanp
  • 23. #amanp
  • 24. #amanp
  • 25. #amanp
  • 26. #amanp
  • 27. #amanp Every staff person is a brand ambassador
  • 28. #amanp Ways to empower your staff
  • 29. #amanp Train staff about your brand
  • 30. #amanp Create social media guidelines
  • 31. #amanp Create social media guidelines h
  • 32. #amanp Teach privacy settings
  • 33. #amanp Find & encourage your internal ‘social media evangelists’. Send a survey to staff. •  Do you have a Twitter account and/or Facebook profile? •  What blogs do you read and comment on regularly? •  Are you engaging in LinkedIn group discussions? •  Do you like to share images on Pinterest or Instagram?
  • 34. #amanp Use tools to share, collaborate.
  • 35. #amanp Have a point person, process for negative comments.
  • 36. #amanp Recruit by sharing your culture
  • 37. #amanp Exhale. Mistakes will happen.
  • 38. #amanp Resources
  • 39. #amanp Helpful articles •  Social Media for Nonprofit CEOs—How one Executive Director manages it social_media_for_nonprofit_ceos_how_one_executive_direct or_manages_it •  Empower Employees as Brand Champions in Social Media employees-brand-champions-social-media •  Employment Branding: The NPR Case
  • 40. #amanp Contact Danielle
  • 41. #amanp Connect with NWF
  • 42. #amanp Contact Farra
  • 43. #amanp Connect with Big Duck
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