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Digital Fundraising for Arts
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Digital Fundraising for Arts


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Presentation for development and communications professionals at the Digital Marketing Boot Camp for Arts Marketers on October 26, 2012. Focus is on sharing a four-part approach to help arts …

Presentation for development and communications professionals at the Digital Marketing Boot Camp for Arts Marketers on October 26, 2012. Focus is on sharing a four-part approach to help arts organizations develop an online fundraising strategy. We explored how organizations can make it easy and compelling for donors to support them online, and how to build relationships with donors through integrated campaigns and social media.

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  • 1. Digital FundraisingStrategies for Arts Orgs Farra Trompeter | Big Duck Digital Marketing Boot Camp for Arts Marketers October 26, 2012 #DMBC4arts
  • 2. #DMBC4arts@farra@bigduck #DMBC4arts
  • 3. © ymc_photos / flickr #DMBC4arts
  • 4. #DMBC4arts
  • 5. State of Online Fundraising•  Overall giving declining, but online still growing•  Average gift size still bigger, but dropping•  Biggest giving still around disasters, December•  More orgs asking donors to recruit support online, give via social media•  Gifts above $1,000 are increasing #DMBC4arts
  • 6. State of Online FundraisingOnline donors are typically…•  Younger•  Earning higher incomes•  Giving bigger gifts•  Easier to get… harder to keep•  Likely to renew through mail/other channelsBut this is likely to evolve #DMBC4arts
  • 7. Online Engagement Priorities #DMBC4arts
  • 8. Step 1:Make it easy andcompelling for donors tosupport you online #DMBC4arts
  • 9. #DMBC4arts
  • 10. #DMBC4arts
  • 11. #DMBC4arts
  • 12. #DMBC4arts
  • 13. #DMBC4arts
  • 14. #DMBC4arts
  • 15. Step 2:Build relationships withdonors through integratedcampaigns #DMBC4arts
  • 16. Audience engagement #DMBC4arts
  • 17. #DMBC4arts
  • 18. #DMBC4arts
  • 19. #DMBC4arts
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  • 29. #DMBC4arts
  • 30. YOUR INFO First Name Last Name Address 1 City YOUR DONATION GOES TWICE AS FAR, WHEN YOU GIVE TODAY. Address 2 State Earlier this year, New York City made massive cuts to the funding of mental health services. Fountain House lost $450,000, including more than $100,000 in funds that covered our daily operating costs. Email Address Phone Number Fortunately, to help us make up for this shortfall, a generous matching donor has stepped forward. If we can raise $50,000, the matching AMOUNT donor will kick in the other $50,000 to make up for what we lost from the City. $35 $50 $100 $250 Our Fountain House community is, as ever, resilient and moving $1,000 $2,400 Other USD forward. Still, your support between now and the New Year would be especially meaningful. Please consider having your tax-deductible donation matched today. CREDIT CARD American Express MasterCard Discover Visa Card Number Expiration Card Security Code HONOR SOMEONE WITH YOUR CONTRIBUTION (OPTIONAL) To make your contribution in somebodys honor, fill in the information below. He or she (or, in the case of an in memoriam contribution, the recipient you specify) will be notified of your thoughtfulness and generosity. This contribution is DONATE212.582.0340))|))425)West)47th)Street,)New)York,)NY)10036))|)) #DMBC4arts
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  • 32. #DMBC4arts
  • 33. #DMBC4arts
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  • 35. #DMBC4arts
  • 36. #DMBC4arts
  • 37. 2011 Campaign Results•  Total raised: $88,390•  Average online gift: $187.78•  # of online gifts up 34% from 2010 #DMBC4arts
  • 38. Lessons Learned•  Direct mail acquired list is ready to give online•  Donors receptive to a different kind of storytelling•  Increase appeared to result not just from added appeals, but entire campaign #DMBC4arts
  • 39. Step 3:Find your most passionatedonors and turn them intofundraisers #DMBC4arts
  • 40. #DMBC4arts
  • 41. #DMBC4arts
  • 42. #DMBC4arts
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  • 48. #DMBC4arts
  • 49. #DMBC4arts
  • 50. Step 4:Create community and givedonors more ways tosupport you #DMBC4arts
  • 51. #DMBC4arts
  • 52. #DMBC4arts
  • 53. #DMBC4arts
  • 54. #DMBC4arts
  • 55. #DMBC4arts
  • 56. #DMBC4arts
  • 57. Takeaways #DMBC4arts
  • 58. The foundation for successYour audience needs…1.  To exist2.  To know who the heck you are3.  To expect communications from you4.  To see you where they already are5.  To know why member support is needed6.  To trust that you’re legit7.  To be able to help8.  To be big enough to justify the expense #DMBC4arts
  • 59. Resources #DMBC4arts
  • 60. Resources•  2012 eNonprofit Benchmarks Study•  2011 Blackbaud Online Giving Report•  2012 Online Marketing Nonprofit Benchmark Study Convio-Benchmark-Report.pdf•  Network for Good—Online Giving Study•  Year-End Fundraising Resources— #DMBC4arts
  • 61. Contact Farra #DMBC4arts
  • 62. Contact Big Duck #DMBC4arts
  • 63. Upcoming Workshops11/15: Beer at Big Duck – Brandraise to Fundraise12/6: Bagels at Big Duck – Managing Your Personal/Professional Brand in Social Media #DMBC4arts
  • 64. #DMBC4arts