Environment biotechnology


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Environment biotechnology

  1. 1. Environment biotechnology
  2. 2. introduction• Environmental biotechnology is the application of biotechnology for solving environmental problems, both in the environment or in man made ecosystems.
  3. 3. Contaminants released into the environment• Solvents• Pesticides• Herbicides• Fungicides• Insecticides• Petrochemicals• Explosives• Heavy metals
  4. 4. Environment biotechnology deals with• Decontamination of environmental components• Production of chemicals biosensors• Pollution prevention• Waste minimization
  5. 5. Environmental biotechnology includes• Bioremediation• Biosensors• Bioindicators• Pollution prevention
  6. 6. bioremediation• A practice in which microbiological process are used degrade or transforms contaminants to less toxic or non toxic forms
  7. 7. Process considering in bioremediation• Physically removal of contamination• Separation of contamination from medium• Degradation• immobilization
  8. 8. Bioremediation includes• Waste water treatment• Soil bioremediation• Solid waste bioremediation• Biotreatment of gaseous streams• Biodegradation of hydrocarbons• Biosorption
  9. 9. Biosensor• Environmental biosensor are the analytical device composed of biological sensing elements and a physically transducer which together relate to measure able signal
  10. 10. Types of biosensor based on transduction signal• Electrochemical• Optical• Piezoelectric• Thermal sensor
  11. 11. Types of biosensor based on biorecogination principal• Microorganism• Enzymes• antibody
  12. 12. Bioindicators• Biological indicators are the species that can used to monitor the environment of ecosystem• Example is copepods
  13. 13. Pollution prevention• Use biotechnology approach to produce products biologically and environment friendly
  14. 14. It includes• Modification of bioremediation and degradation• Pulp and paper industry• Chemicals• Use enzymes in detergent• Bioenergy from biomass• Biorefinery
  15. 15. Reference• Research paper written by Maria Gavrilescu
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