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Value stream mapping f

  1. 1. VALUESTREAM MAPPINGWHAT IS VALUE STREAM MAPPING? DESCRIPTIONThe Value Stream Mapping method (VSM) is a visualization tool oriented to the Toyota version of LeanManufacturing (Toyota Production System). It helps to understand and streamline work processes by usingthe tools and techniques of Lean Manufacturing. The goal of VSM is to identify, to demonstrate and todecrease waste in the process. Waste is defined as any activity that does not add value to the final product.The word is often used to demonstrate and decrease the amount of "waste" in a manufacturing system.VSM can thus serve as a starting point to help management, engineers, production associates, schedulers,suppliers, and customers to recognize waste and identify its causes. As a result, Value Stream Mapping isprimarily a communication tool, but it can also be used as a strategic planning tool. And as a changemanagement tool.In order to do this, the Value Stream Mapping method visually maps the flow of materials and information.From the moment that the products are entering the back door as raw materials. Via all manufacturingprocess steps. Until the moment that the products leave the loading dock as finished products.Mapping out the activities in the manufacturing process with cycle times, down times, in-process inventory,material moves, information flows, helps to visualize the current state of the process activities and guidestowards the future desired state.The process usually includes mapping the "Current State" and the "Future State". These then serve as thefoundation for other Lean Manufacturing strategies.
  2. 2. HISTORY OF VALUE STREAM MAPPINGThe use of waste removal to achieve competitive advantage inside organizations, was pioneered in the1980s by Toyotas chief engineer, Taiichi Ohno, and sensei Shigeo Shingo and is oriented fundamentallytowards productivity rather than towards quality. The reason for this is thought to be that improvedproductivity leads to leaner operations which help to expose further waste and quality problems in thesystem. Thus the systematic attack on waste is also a systematic assault on the factors that are underlyingpoor quality. And on fundamental management problems. The seven commonly accepted wastes in theToyota production system were originally (reformulation by Jones between brackets): 1. Overproduction (faster than necessary pace). 2. Waiting. 3. Transport (conveyance). 4. Inappropriate processing. 5. Unnecessary inventory (excess inventory). 6. Unnecessary motion. 7. Defects (correction of mistakes).Peter Hines and Nick Rich have suggested the following tools (Article: "The seven value stream mappingtools" - International Journal of Operations & Production Management, Vol. 17, No. 1, 1997, pp. 46-64.).SEVEN VALUE STREAM MAPPING TOOLS 1. Process activity mapping. Origin: Industrial Engineering. 2. Supply chain response matrix. Origin: Time compression/logistics. 3. Production variety funnel. Origin: Operations Management. 4. Quality filter mapping. 5. Demand amplification mapping. Origin: Systems Dynamics. 6. Decision point analysis. Origin: Efficient Consumer Response/logistics. 7. Physical structure mapping..VALUE STREAM MAPPING FORUM Recent User CommentsHarshada - Ind Value Stream "Is there any training program to implement VSM in 0ia Mapping any organization? Preferably VSM in Automobile Training Industry..."Farooq Value Stream "Hi everyone, I use a value stream process for design 0Omar - Pakist for Design engineering that also works in conjunction with PMIsan Engineering project management principles. and PMI For those who arent familiar with these principles, they incorporate "project" fundamentals that initiate, plan, execute, monitor & control & close a project. Through my value stream there are a set of requirements for each major phase. At least for the teams I manage, this seems to be a good process for the design engineers to follow."Michael Value Stream "Hi, Im currently looking in to the "cost and benefits" 1Lundgren - Sw Management of implementing value stream management in aeden in IT Services global IT function. We have gone through a period of cost cutting and
  3. 3. have further needs to reduce cost. Hence value stream management seems like a potential approach. Im looking for companies (preferably in the service sector) that are using VSM to discuss experiencies. Appreciate your comments."Bernie - USA Changes in "Note that the realization of the action plan in VSM 1 Behavior typically requires changes in activities and processes, but may also require changes in behavior."Prakash Value Stream "In what way will a software program help with value 4Saitwal - India Mapping stream mapping? What are the criteria of selecting Software the most suitable software program. Please provide help in getting answers to these problem."Prakash Defining Value "I am in process of implementing "value stream 3Saitwal - India Stream mapping" as a tool to serve industries. I am facing Mapping constraints in the implementation. Areas After documenting the process under review and charting the present value stream, what is the process to identify the areas having least value addition and are on highest priority of value stream optimization."Dana Mappping "Hi everybody, I would need an advice concerning the 0Kristova - Cze Outsourced mapping of an outsourced activity in the productionch Republic Activities in of one company where Im working on my thesis. I VSM havent found any information about how to map the value stream when the production isnt all done in one company. In my case, the original company starts to work on the product and because its the smaller one, the product is then transported to another company which has the needed equipment for the operation needed. Then the product is transported back to the original company. I would like to know how to map this flow. If you have any experience with some similar case or if you have any ideas concerning how to map this, I would be very grateful for them. Thanks for your comments!"Van The Idea "Basically VSM is done to map the set of operations, 9Hooijdonk - Th Behind Lean required for a product to launch from order to deliverye Netherlands VSM to the market, considering both value-added and non value added operations. This mapping method is often used in lean transformations to find and eliminate waste in the value stream. A lean transformation can be compared to a river stream, in which you want your boat (the product) to flow without getting stuck on rocks (problem causers). To ease the flow, the water level (stock level, lead time) could be increased; the boat will not get stuck. Though it would create a rough stream (high costs)
  4. 4. and eventually even abandonment of the ship (rejected sales). Better is to keep a minimum water level (lean) and to clear all the rocks (uncertainty, unreliability, scarcity and more) in the stream. VSM is used to constantly identify the rocks, clear them, and lower the water level again."Juan VSM Plan "I need to compare a VSM plan example. Please 11Cruz - Mexico Example share a case if you can."Farooq Omar 4 VSM Phases "The 4 Phases in VSM are: 4– Pakistan 1. Current State Map of material flow and activities 2. Future State Map 3. Action Plan 4. Implementation" Best User Commentsharshil - INDIA VSM in a job "I am currently working in a company where I have 10 shop been told to implement VSM. But the problem is that its manufacturing activities are like a job shop and there is no repeatability.. Is VSM possible in this environment??"Joe VSM in "Always remember to use "Common Sense " in your 8OBrien - US general VSM."James - Richa VSM within "I am currently in the process of mapping the supply 4rds Logistics chain within our facility. Having read both Value Operations Stream Mapping (Tapping, Luyster & Shuker) and Learning to See (Rother & Shock) I should be focusing on a product family to assess the value and the waste rather than the overall material flow within the said process. What I wish to capture is the waste within the logistics support functions. For example good receipt into store and engine dispatch from store rather than the flow of material throughout the internal process. Any ideas in the right direction would be greatly appreciated." Reproduced form a live webinar for the audience to give them a better ‘creative’ tool to open directional mindset. Autorization : Farooq Omar. International Executive Fast Track Association., USA Course coach : Mr. Hussnain Javed