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National AgrAbility Workshop power point. Social Networking, reaching you clients in new ways

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  • National workshop powerpoint

    1. 1. Farm Safety and Social Networking Just another Farmers’ Market conversation
    2. 2. Reaching our clients in new ways With Alexandra Jump Farm Safety Educator UVM Extension VT AgrAbility Project And Emily Morehouse Program Specialist National Institute of Food and Agriculture Any reference to commercial products, trade names, or brand names is for information only, and no endorsement or approval is intended.
    3. 3. A social network is a social structure made of individuals having something in common.
    4. 4. Social Networking using the internet allows us to reach individuals with information.
    5. 5. There are many platforms to choose from…… Twitter Blogger My space Facebook Wordpress
    6. 6. The Social Networking Platforms we use Facebook Wordpress
    7. 7. Additional Platforms Video Sharing through and linked services
    8. 8. ●Founded in February 2004 and by December it had 1,000,000.[2] ●It began as an internet student directory, much like a year book. ●Initially for Harvard students, it expanded to other colleges. ●Next it expanded to include high school students. ●Finally opening to everyone. ● Founder Mark Zuckerburg just turned 27 on May 14th.
    9. 9. Why do it at all? Facebook passed the 400 million user mark on Feb 5, 2010 [3] As of September 28th, 2010 We have over 590 friends A 41% increase from June
    10. 10. Who are our Friends? • Farmers • Vermont legislators and policy makers • Media • Other network groups
    11. 11. How do we know it works? ●People are asking to be friends. ●We are having conversations. ●We are reaching our targeted population
    12. 12. We link Facebook Wordpress
    13. 13. Wordpress is a blog platform • Write stories • Post photos • Add links • Layer pages of information
    14. 14. Total views on 9.28.2010 15,061 62.5% increase
    15. 15. How Do we know it works? We can check the stats on the blog site
    16. 16. Now share the message • Using share platforms like You Tube and Share This helps get the word out. Can you It? Why yes we can!
    17. 17. What AgrAbility means to me Bambi Freeman Tom Younkman, VCIL Michael Cotroneo stand by a finished project.
    18. 18. Bottom line… social networking Information and ideas Helps us reach the people we strive to serve
    19. 19. Reference and Resources 1. Wikipedia, Social Network (2010). Retrieved electronically 2. Wikipedia, Facebook (2010) retrieved electronically 3. Ibid.