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  • 2.  CAPHD  is  the  na.onal  voice  for  dental  public   health  in  Canada  that  is  dedicated  to  improving   oral  health  and  assuring  oral  health  equity  for   Canadians.     It  is  a  non-­‐profit  organiza.on  of  public  health   den.sts  and  community  oral  health   professionals  from  across  Canada.  
  • 3. Dr.  Gerry  Uswak   President     Dr.  Albert  Adegbembo   President-­‐Elect     Dr.  Douglas  Brothwell   Past  president   Ms.  Maureen  Connors     Secretary/Treasurer   Ms.  Kimberley  Laing   Director   Dr.  Asef  Karim   Director   Ms.  Andrea  Doiron   Director   Ms.  Brenda  Currie   Director   The  CAPHD  is  also  comprised  of   volunteer  opera.onal   commiNees  including:     •  Membership   •  Communica0ons     •  Policy  and  Advocacy   •  Scien0fic  Conference   The  Board  of  Directors  govern  the  associa.on  with  the  pivotal  responsibility  of   developing  a  long-­‐term  vision  for  members,  governments,  ins?tu?ons  and   agencies,  and  Canadians  with  a  special  emphasis  on  vulnerable  popula?ons.   Board  of  Directors   Ms.  Andrea  Richard   Execu.ve  Director  
  • 4. Accountable  stewardship  of  public   health  resources.   Strategic  and  collabora.ve  efforts   between  public  and  private  prac.ce,   academia,  and  oral  health  professions.   Disease  preven.on  through  health   promo.on,  while  working  with  others   to  achieve  best  results.   Well-­‐being  of  communi.es  and   social  jus.ce  for  vulnerable   groups.   Oral  health  as  a  component  of   overall  health.   Our  Values  
  • 5. In  Canada,  general  oral  health  care  is  not  included  in  the  Canada  Health  Act  (CHA).     Most  Canadians  receive  oral  health  care  through  privately  operated  dental  clinics   and  pay  for  services  through  insurance  or  by  paying  for  it  themselves.       According  to  the  Canadian  Health  Measures  Survey  (2007-­‐2009):   6%  of  Canadians   have  public   insurance   whereas  32%   are  not  covered   by  private  or   public  insurance.   Lower  income   Canadians  are   TWICE  AS  LIKELY   to  have  cavi?es  that   need  fillings   compared  to   Canadians  from   higher  income   groups.   17%  of   Canadians  report   that  they  did  not   visit  a  dental   professional  due   to  cost  in  the  past   12  months.   96%  of  adults   have  had  a  history   of  cavi?es     59%  of  12-­‐18   year  olds  have  or   have  had  a  cavity.   Health  Canada.  2010.  Summary  Report  on  the  Findings  of  the  Oral  Health  Component  of  the  Canadian   Health  measures  Sruvey  2007-­‐2009.  source:  www.fptdwg.ca/English/e-­‐documents.html   Why  Dental  Public  Health?  
  • 6. Dental public health is the  science  and  the  art  of  preven.ng   and  controlling  disease  and  promo.ng  dental  health  through   organized  community  efforts.   It serves the community as the patient rather than the individual through research, health promotion, education and group dental programs. Dental  Public  Health   (American  Associa.on  of  Public  Health  Den.stry,  2006)
  • 7. Oral  Public  Health   Sciences   Oral  Health   Assessment  and   Analysis   Oral  Health   Program  Planning,   Implementa.on       and  Evalua.on   Oral  Health  Policy   Planning,   Implementa.on   and  Evalua.on   Partnership,   Collabora.on  and   Advocacy   Communica.on   Leadership   Diversity  and   Inclusiveness   Did  you  know  there  are  8  Discipline  Competencies  for  Dental   Public  Health  in  Canada?       These  are  the  skills  you  need  to  work  in  dental  public  health  in  Canada.   These  set  a  standard  for   dental  public  health  in   Canada,  provide  a  founda.on   for  enhanced  educa.on  and   professional  development,   and  will  ul.mately  strengthen   the  public  health  capacity  in   Canada.       DPH  Competencies   (CAPHD,  2008)  
  • 8. Dental  Public  Health  Human   Resources  in  Canada,  full  ?me   equivalents  2007/2008   Dental  Public  Health   Specialist   47.32   Den.sts  in  Community   Prac.ce   66.51   Dental  Therapists   152.6   Dental  Hygienists   453.21   Dental  Assistants   236.23   Other   148.12   Dental  Public  Health  consists  of  clinical  and   non-­‐clinical  careers  such  as:     •  Oral  epidemiologists   •  Oral  health  program  advisor/consultant   •  Health  policy  officer   •  Public  policy  advisor   •  Faculty  members   •  Researchers   •  Dental  professionals  working  in  community  oral     health  programs   Public  Dental  Care  Programming  and  Human  Resources  in   Canada  2007/2008.   Degree,  diploma  and  graduate  programs  that  specialize   in  dental  public  health  exist  in  several  academic   ins.tu.ons  across  Canada  and  North  America.   Careers  &  Educa.on  
  • 9. “  Dental  Public  Health  means  using  your  scien6fic  training  and   crea6ve  talents  to  help  make  healthier  communi6es...     …This  profession  allows  you  to  grow  and  expand  your  horizons,   and  involves  you  in  a  community  of  intelligent  and  dedicated   people  across  the  country."   -­‐  Dr.  Luke  Shwart,  DMD,  MBA     Dental  Public  Health  Officer,  Popula.on  &  Public  Health  
  • 10. “Working  for  the  Government  of  Nunavut,  I  traveled  from  and  to   isolated  communi6es  delivering  rou6ne  and  emergency  dental   services….”   …  I  have  the  privilege  of  working  with  a  diverse  group  of  people  at   a  community  level  and  work  as  a  member  of  a  mul6  -­‐disciplinary   team.  It  has  been  rewarding  on  many  levels  and  I  see  many   opportuni6es  in  the  future.”   -­‐  Ms.  Faye  Souter,  Dental  Therapist  
  • 11. “I  love  that  my  career  offers  life  long  learning  opportuni6es   and  has  taken  me  to  different  parts  of  the  country  where  I   have   had   the   opportunity   to   influence   health   at   the   community  level.”   -­‐  Andrea  Richard,  Registered  Dental  Hygienist  
  • 12. Our  membership  is  comprised  of  primarily  dental  public  health   clinicians,  scien.sts,  educators,  administrators,  health  promoters   and  policy  makers  from  across  Canada  and  abroad.     Public  Health  Den.st   Researcher   Denturist   Dental  Therapist   Policy  Advisor   Dental  Assistant   College  Educator   University  Professor   Den?st  Graduate  Student   Undergraduate  Student   Dental  Hygienist   Community  Health  Worker   Epidemiologist   Health  Promoter   Health  Professional   Membership  is  open  to  any   person  who  demonstrates  an   interest  in  the  advancement   of  dental  public  health.     JOIN  TODAY     visit  www.caphd.ca   Dental  Public  Health   Public  Policy  Officer  
  • 13. Na?onal  Email  Forum   Members  Only  Area   •  Subscrip.on  to  the  CAPHD  listserve:    a  na.onal  email   forum  on  dental  public  health.   •  Monthly  discussion  topics.   •  E-­‐News  bulle.n.   •  Password  to  the  members  sec.on  of  the  website.   •  Access  to  past  conference  presenta.ons,  member’s   publica.ons  and  other  documents.   Conference  Fee  Discounts   •  Member  rate  for  the  Annual  Scien.fic  Conference.   Oral  Health  in  LTC   Fluorida0on  in  Canada   Dental  Therapy   Social  Media  &  Oral  Health   Recent  Discussion  Topics   Health  Promo0on  Campaigns   Oral-­‐Systemic  Research   Access  to  Dental  Care   Changes  in  Public  Health  Policy   …and  more!   Con6nuing  Educa6on  Resources   Member  Benefits  
  • 14. Newsleaer  Subscrip?on   •  Mosaic  NewsleNer  emailed  to  members  twice  a  year.   Gain  A  Voice  for  DPH  in  Canada   •  Gain  the  opportunity  to  influence  CAPHD  advocacy  efforts  and  dental  public   health  in  Canada!   •  The  CAPHD  Commiaee  on  Policy  and  Advocacy  monitors  data,  government   poli.cs,  changing  legisla.ons  and  policies  that  may  impact  dental  public   health  prac.ce  or  oral  health  care  in  Canada.  (Ex.  Access  to  care,  water   fluorida.on,  SDOH).   •  Any  member  can  request  development  of  a  posi.on  paper  and  are   encouraged  to  provide  input  on  policy  and  advocacy  ini.ates  developed  by   the  CAPHD.   …  More  Member  Benefits  
  • 15. Student  Bursaries   Mentorship  and  Networking   •  The  Dr.  James  Leake  Student  Bursary  is  awarded  to   two  CAPHD  student  members  each  year.   •  Connect and develop relationships with members of diverse backgrounds. •  Learn more about careers in dental public health through personal interaction with leaders and educators in Canada.   To  find  out  more     visit  www.caphd.ca   Only  $35/year   for  students   Student  Benefits   Get  Involved   •   Volunteer  opportuni.es  to  build  your  professional  resume  and   pornolio  of  experience.  
  • 16. “CAPHD  has  given  me  access  to  valuable  resources  about  dental  public  health   in  Canada  to  expand  my  knowledge,  and  has  also  allowed  me  to  get  to  know   professionals  in  the  dental  public  health  field  with  whom  I  plan  to  work  in  the   near  future.”    –  Dr.  Michelle  Budd,  BA,  DDS,  MPH  (cand)   ”The  email  listserv  is  a  great  way  to  get  informed  on  many  issues  relevant  to   dental  public  health  and  community  health.  I  have  stockpiled  all  the   publica6ons  in  my  own  library,  which  provides  me  with  a  good  star6ng  point  in   searching  for  evidence  based  research.“   -­‐  Kim  Laing,  DipDH,  BDSc(DH),  PID  (cand),  RDH,  MPH  (cand)  
  • 17. "Receiving  the  Dr.  Leake  Student  Bursary  allowed  me  the  opportunity  to  aUend   the  CAPHD  conference  in  CharloUetown,  PEI.  The  conference  was  informa6ve,  fun   and  I  was  able  to  meet  a  variety  of  people  working  in  dental  public  health,  many   of  whom  I  work  with  now.”   -­‐Dr.  Alyssa  Hayes,  BDent(Hons),  MSc  DPH      Assistant  Professor,  University  of  Saskatchewan;  2012  Recipient     “This  bursary  will  assist  me  in  showcasing  the  work  done  during  my  DPH  specialty   training  at  the  University  of  Toronto  and  elsewhere,  so  that  I  may  challenge   myself  to  excel,  engage  and  take  full  advantage  of  the  valuable  opportuni6es   afforded  by  the  CAPHD."   -­‐  Vinay  Pilly,  BDS,  MPH,  MSc  (Candidate);  2011  Recipient  
  • 18. Each  year,  CAPHD  holds  a  scien.fic  conference  in   various  loca.ons  across  Canada.  It  is  the  only   na.onal  dental  conference  dedicated  to  dental   public  health  and  provides  par.cipants  with  the   opportunity  to:   •  Network  with  dental  public  health  professionals  from   across  Canada   •  Learn  about  new  ini.a.ves  &  research     •  Enjoy  the  many  great  communi.es  that  Canada  has   to  offer   SAVE  THE  DATE:  SEPTEMBER  27-­‐29,  2013  IN  TORONTO,  ONTARIO   CAPHD  ANNUAL  CONFERENCE  
  • 19. Thank  you!   Please,  visit  our  website  for  more  informa.on   hNp://www.caphd.ca   OR     E-­‐mail  us         info@caphd.ca