Jeddah festival brand


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Jeddah festival brand

  1. 1. JEDDAH FESTIVAL Brand Architecture
  2. 2. [BRAND ARCHITECTURE MODEL] Branded House House of Brands Hybrid Master Brand Associated products Situational/ CombinationBrackets @2010 All Rights Reserved
  3. 3. [OUR HOUSE] [Pros] House of Brands  Offers clear, logical paths to new brands and extensions Associated products  Value of master brand preserved and transfered easily [Cons] Dependent upon the health of the master brand  Sometimes makes it harder to micro-segmentBrackets @2010 All Rights Reserved
  4. 4. [ONE HOUSE, MANY BRANDS] [Pros] Branded House Insulates and “protects” individual brands  Communicates breadth Master Brand  Allows for competing brands within the same category [Cons] Expensive to promote and maintainBrackets @2010 All Rights Reserved
  5. 5. [SOMETHING IN-BETWEEN] [Pros] Hybrid Flexible–provides option to use master brand, or not Situational/ Combination Allows for segmentation through endorsement [Cons] Difficult to manage Rife with “slippery slopes”Brackets @2010 All Rights Reserved
  6. 6. WHEN IN DOUBT, DEFAULT TO THEBrackets @2010 All Rights Reserved BRANDED HOUSE
  7. 7. [MOTOization CREATED COMPLEXITY FOR MOTOROLA] Proliferation of Names Extending to business platforms And Consumer ProductsBrackets @2010 All Rights Reserved CASE STUDY
  8. 8. [MOTOROLA’S NEW BRAND ARCHITICTURE] Masterbrand Welcome to the brand HELLO MOTO Experience the brand MOTOME Strategic sub-brands MOTO + 1 to 4 easy-to- pronounce characters or short word Products, Services, Technologies Trademark names Motorola +Suggestive NameBrackets @2010 All Rights Reserved Descriptive names Motorola + Generic name or Alphanumeric CASE STUDY
  9. 9. [ARCHITECTURE DECISION TREE] Create a version Extend an existing Create a descriptive name Create a trademark name Create a strategic name sub-brand Innovation Unique value The Motorola Naming Game Powerful Substantial Is this a new proposition brand resources changing marketing revenue product, and Is the offer so Is Motorola + Is there time, Is this a game Will there be Will the offer not a unique that it descriptor budget and changing offer, significant generate modification of cannot live under insufficient? resources to create, upon which the marketing significant an existing the umbrella of manage, market and success of support over revenue? product? an existing name? extend a trademark Motorola the name? depends? long-term? No No No Yes Yes No NoBrackets @2010 All Rights Reserved Yes Yes No Yes No Yes Yes CASE STUDY
  10. 10. [BRAND ARCHITECTURE DRIVERS] Alignment  Does your portfolio reflect and reinforce your brand and The optimization of individual business strategy? brands with the corporate strategy  Is there a clear relationship between your brands?  Do your brands invite the customer relationships you want?  Are your branding practices cost-efficient? Loyalty  How well do customers understand what you sell? How the marketplace feels about  How loyal are customers to your brands? the current brands and how they  What are the risks and rewards of change? are likely to react to change  Can you learn from competitors or peers? Financial  Are you getting your money’s worth from current brand How much change will cost and investments? what return should be expected  Can you afford to move to an ideal scenario?Brackets @2010 All Rights Reserved  What return should you expect from different models? Obstacles  Will brand change create unacceptable cultural The human and operational disharmony? barriers to change  Do legal or regulatory obstacles stand in the way of change?  Are your current operations and technology able to accommodate brand integration?
  11. 11. Brackets @2010 All Rights Reserved ARCHITECTURE SIMPLIFY THE FESTIVAL
  12. 12. [JEDDAH FESTIVAL –BRANDED HOUSE] Jeddah Gateway Jeddah [sub-brand] Jeddah Summer Shopping [sub-brand] [sub-brand] Jeddah Jeddah Tourism JeddahBrackets @2010 All Rights Reserved Treasure Festivals Fashion [sub-brand] [Mother [sub-brand] Brand] Example
  13. 13. [STEAKEHOLDERS] Government Body Corporate Tourists Sector Jeddah Tourism Community Festivals MediaBrackets @2010 All Rights Reserved Industry Sponsors Association Example
  14. 14. Brackets @2010 All Rights Reserved OUTCOME
  15. 15.  To put Jeddah into the consideration set  To facilitate door opening for stakeholders  Create an awareness of the city  To create consistent messaging  To handle cross functional areas (Bus accident is Dept of Transport, but affects Tourism)  Increase media exposure  Create alignmentBrackets @2010 All Rights Reserved  Build national pride
  16. 16. Brand Jeddah Tourism Trade & Investment We Are All Jeddah Making the impossible possible Unlimited Business Opportunities Provincial Brand Tourism Trade & InvestmentBrackets @2010 All Rights Reserved Local Level Brand Tourism Trade & Investment
  17. 17. Brackets @2010 All Rights Reserved AND SO ON TO 2010
  18. 18. Jeddah pre 2010 Jeddah post 2010 Unprofessional Welcoming Fun Efficient Unfriendly Friendly Not united United Infrastructure BoomingBrackets @2010 All Rights Reserved
  19. 19. Brackets @2010 All Rights Reserved THANK YOU