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a presanation on beximco ceramics by the students of Bangladesh Universuty of Professionals (BUP)

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Beximco (bup)

  1. 1. Nawshin Tabassum 1304025 Noushin Tabassum 1304083 Salsabil Rahman 1304115 Farizma Hossain 1304023 Shubhajit Majumdar 1304091
  2. 2. The Group’s corporate mission is “Taking Bangladesh to the world”. Today the BEXIMCO Group (the “Group”) is the largest private sector group in Bangladesh. As the Group has grown over the years, Bangladesh Export Import Company Limited (“BEXIMCO” or the “Company”), the flagship platform now has operations and investments across a wide range of industries including textiles, trading, marine food, real estate development, hospitality, construction, information and communication technologies, ceramics and aviation. BEXIMCO encompasses one of South Asia’s largest vertically integrated textile and garment companies.
  3. 3. Well Written Goals: •Review the organization’s mission •Evaluate available resources •Determine the goals individually or from others •Write down the goals and communicate them to all who need to know •Review goals and whether goals are being met:
  4. 4. Management System BEXIMCO is a decentralized company. Each BEXIMCO division is managed by an independent, professional team with significant depth of experience. Management teams have established a clear strategic plan that will further strengthen the overall platform
  5. 5. Organizational chart of Be board of directors managing director chief executive officer (CEO) DMG HP and adminstration * policy farming and implimentation *recruitment *training & stuff development * HR controll GM operation QC and maintanence * operation * quality control * maintenance * inventory manager (R & D) * process research * product planning and development manager (accounts and finance) * general accounts & MIS * pay roll * share issues manager (marketing and procurement) * market research * input * procurement * product selling chairman
  6. 6. Mission & Vision
  7. 7. "The Group is the largest ceramics exporter in Bangladesh“ Shinepukur Ceramics Limited (SCL) is a member of BEXIMCO Group. BEXIMCO produces high quality porcelain (15 MT per day) and bone china (3 MT per day) tableware. Types of Ceramics Products: There are three types of ceramics that Shinepukur manufactures. They are: Bone China Ivory Line Porcelain
  8. 8. Beximco while taking decisions think about its external and internal facts. BEXIMCO thinks logically and at the same time it also thinks of the internal feelings and insights. In BEXIMCO the important decisions are taken by the higher level managers but everyone takes part in decision making even the employees. The workers give suggestions, solutions of a problem. If it’s effective their manager approves it. Decision Making
  9. 9. Quality Policy: •Seeking customers need and expectation and striving to satisfy and to exceed them, •Simultaneous improvement of productivity and cost reduction, •Involving employees of all levels and providing knowledge and training and •Maintaining a high standard of safety, health and environment.
  10. 10. Quality Control •State-of-the-art quality control Laboratory •Highly qualified and experienced Technicians •Continuous on-line Quality Assurance •Microwave and Dishwasher safe •Resistance to Acids and Detergents •Heavy metal release Testing - Compliance within the Lead & Cadmium release
  11. 11. Strategy: “DO IT RIGHT FIRST TIME” Many companies are producing ceramic products but very few are producing ceramics tableware products. And Shinepukur took this advantage as their strategy “Quality comes first profit will follow” Consumers prefer the products of Shinepukur for high quality, brand image and nice-looking design.
  12. 12. Strong Foot-hold in Domestic Market• Shinepukur is very well known for its premium quality • Working with the World’s top-ranked customers • The Company has been maintaining more than 100 dealers to promote, sell and distribute Shinepukur products • In the hospitality sector e.g. international hotels and top institutions in Bangladesh, Shinepukur products have become a priority choice.
  13. 13. Complementing its superb range of Bone China, Shinepukur also offers Porcelain, Ivory China and High Alumina tableware for all different market segments. From Dinner to tea Plates, from Soup Tureens to Soup Spoons, from Retail tabletop to Industrial, Hotel ware and Airline in-Flight items, SCL offers a multifaceted choice of refined product lines, catering to the Omni changing market trends for novel shapes and patterns, setting new standards, and raising the Quality bar for the top end of this industry.
  14. 14. Thank you