The Chief Data Officer's Quest for Data Quality and Data Governance


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Keynote presentation I have delivered at DGIQ 2014 conference in San Diego. Video and audio can be found at

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The Chief Data Officer's Quest for Data Quality and Data Governance

  1. 1. Mario Faria 1 The Chief Data Officer’s Quest for Data Quality and Data Governance Mario Faria June 24th, 2014
  2. 2. Mario Faria 2 Who am I ? •  Recognition as one of the 1st Chief Data Officers in the world •  Well recognized thought leader in Data Management, Data Science, Analytics, CRM, Supply Chain and Operations Management •  20+ years working with Information Technology, Management Consulting, Financial Services, Retail, CPG and Private Equity •  Regular speaker at conferences throughout the world •  Contributor to magazines and publications •  Helping companies cross the Data & Analytics Chasm
  3. 3. Mario Faria 3
  4. 4. Mario Faria 4 Objectives •  Understand the CDO role •  Develop a strategy to manage your team •  Mobilize a cultural change inside your company with a Data Quality and Data Governance perspective
  5. 5. Mario Faria 5 “We kill people based on metadata” General Michael Hayden Former Director of the NSA and the CIA
  6. 6. On  the  Chief  Data  Officer  
  7. 7. Building  the  bridge   between  business  and  IT  
  8. 8. Mario Faria 8 Chief Data Officer / Chief Analytics Officer Data Architect Data Quality Data Scientist Data GovernanceData Operations
  9. 9. Mario Faria 9
  10. 10. Mario Faria 10 My first CDO role
  11. 11. Mario Faria 11 My second CDO role
  12. 12.   Pu:ng  together  the  best  data   team  you  can  find  
  13. 13. 1-­‐Defining  the  mission  
  14. 14.   Create  a  long-­‐term     Data  Strategy  with   regular  short  term   deliverables      
  15. 15. Mario Faria 16
  16. 16. 2-­‐SelecDng  your  team  
  17. 17.  Find  the  individuals  who  their   personal  interests  are  aligned  with   your  defined  mission  
  18. 18. Mario Faria 19 People Management Data Management Domain Expertise Technology Skills for a Data Team
  19. 19. Mario Faria 20 Some important soft skills required •  Communication skills •  Curious •  Versatile •  Adaptable •  Comfortable in dealing with ambiguity
  20. 20. √  
  21. 21. 3-­‐ImplemenDng  the  change  
  22. 22.   Data  &  AnalyDcs  is  quite  easy       Changing  behavior  and  culture   is  extremely  hard  to  achieve  
  23. 23. Gartner  :  “By  2017  the  CMO  will   Spend  More  on  IT  Than  the  CIO”  
  24. 24. Mario Faria 27 “Enterprise Information Management is putting together the right people at the right time to manage the right data using the right technology” Robert J. Abate Global Director, Enterprise Information Management & Analytics at Kimberly-Clark
  25. 25. Right  People   Right  Data   Right  Technology     Data  Quality  &     Data  Governance  
  26. 26. Conclusions  
  27. 27. 31 Chief Data Officer CEO CFO CIOCMO CAO Provides actionable customer data to better manage risk and drive improved business performance with marketing & sales. Minimizes a company’s risk and cost inefficiencies by better managing, optimizing, and creating transparency of business processes and outcomes. Provides actionable customer data to marketing which justifies spend on marketing activities, and improves digital performance in the marketplace Enhances technology’s ‘seat at the table’ and provides strategic insights into how to best support the companies business objectives Standardizes data across a company in order for Analytics to run complex algorithms and analysis Chief Data Officer – Everyone’s Best friend
  28. 28. The Data Quality & Data Governance Leader is the CDO best friend
  29. 29. How prepared is your business to have someone managing data quality and data governance programs ?
  30. 30.   Accessing  the  data  maturity   level  of  your  organizaDon  
  31. 31. It will take some time for the results to show up
  32. 32. An upside investment in technology is needed
  33. 33. It will require a dedicated team to implement, manage and operate the quality and governance programs
  34. 34. Everyone in the organization is responsible for Data Quality and Data Governance
  35. 35. Mario Faria 41 Thank you Mario Faria Chief Data Officer and Analytics Strategy Advisor Twitter : @mariofaria +1 (425) 628-3517