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ECMSHOW 2013 -  Construindo uma Organização Gerida por Dados
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ECMSHOW 2013 - Construindo uma Organização Gerida por Dados


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Apresentação realizada em São Paulo no dia 08-Outubro-2013 como keynote speaker no evento ECMSHOW 2013, promovido pela Guia Business Media e Revista Information Management

Apresentação realizada em São Paulo no dia 08-Outubro-2013 como keynote speaker no evento ECMSHOW 2013, promovido pela Guia Business Media e Revista Information Management

Published in: Business, Technology, Education

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  • 1. Construindo uma organização gerida por dados Mario Faria Twitter : @mariofaria São Paulo, 11 Outubro, 2013 1 Mario Faria
  • 2. #fariamario  
  • 3. Who am I ? 3 Mario Faria
  • 4. 4 Mario Faria
  • 5. 5 Mario Faria
  • 6. 1963     50  years  ago  
  • 7. In  
  • 8. In  
  • 9. 1977     36  years  ago  
  • 10. The  Voyager  1  had   3  computers  with   68Kb  of  memory   and  8K  operaAons   per  second    
  • 11. First iPhone had a thousand more computing power than the Voyager 1
  • 12. The  NSA's  Utah  Data  Center,  25  miles   south  of  Salt  Lake  City  
  • 13. How  is  NSA  storing  /   accessing  /  analyzing  /     combining  /  making   sense  of  all  this  data  ?  
  • 14. How  long  will  it  take   unAl  we  have  all  the   power  in  our   companies,  homes  and   mobile  devices  ?  
  • 15. 2014  will  the  year     of  the  wearable   computer  and  sensors  
  • 16. Data is the oil of the 21st century 23 Mario Faria
  • 17. Big  Data  will     fade  away     to  AnalyAcs  
  • 18. The 4 driving factors that are changing the technology industry as we know it •  Social •  Mobile •  Cloud •  Information 26 Mario Faria
  • 19. A   morte   do  CIO  
  • 20.   Data  access  is  quite  easy  to   achieve     Transforming  data  into   something  useful  in  a  Amely   manner  is  tough    
  • 21. The problem : data is an abstract concept 30 Mario Faria
  • 22. The solution : find a real object that people can relate to 31 Mario Faria
  • 23. The Data Life Cycle
  • 24. The Data Value Chain 33 Mario Faria
  • 25. Analytics is transforming data assets into competitive insights, that will drive business decisions and actions, using people, processes and technologies 34 Mario Faria
  • 26. On Analytics Statistics Domain Expertise People Data Management 35 Mario Faria
  • 27. Data  Science     The  process  of  taking  raw  data,   producing  informaAon  from  data,   and  using  this  informaAon  to   guide  acAons  that  will  bring   financial  benefits  to  business  
  • 28. Data  Mining  is  the   exploraAon  and  analysis   of  large  quanAAes  of   data  to  discover   meaningful  pa[erns     and  rules  
  • 29. The Data Mining Goals •  Explain the past •  Predict the future 38 Mario Faria
  • 30. Machine  learning,  part  of   arAficial  intelligence,  is   about  the  construcAon   and  study  of  systems   that  can  learn  from  data  
  • 31. Machine Learning is the "Field of study that gives computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed" Arthur Samuel, 1959 40 Mario Faria
  • 32. Machine  Learning  is  about   predicAon  and  learning   from  data     Data  Mining  is  about     finding  unknown  properAes   of  the  data    
  • 33. The 3 Architectures a Company needs to succeed Business Architecture Data Architecture Technology Architecture 42 Mario Faria
  • 34. 43 Mario Faria
  • 35. Data Scientist Data Architect Data Quality Data Operations Chief Data Officer / Chief Analytics Officer Data Governance 44 Mario Faria
  • 36. The roles of an Analytics organization The insight is operationalized in BI/DW products, by data architects A data scientist is the one who looks for insights The Chief Data/Analytics Officer is the executive responsible and accountable for the data life cycle inside the organization, managing the people involved in the data activities, such as acquisitions, analytics, processes, governance, quality, technology and budget The insight is shared with the enterprise 45 Mario Faria
  • 37. Foundations of the Data responsibilities •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  Data Strategy Data Analytics Data Insights Data Architecture Data Governance Data Quality Data Acquisitions Data Operations Data Policies Data Security Data Protection 46 Mario Faria
  • 38. Does  your  organizaAon   need  a  CDO?  
  • 39. “Organizations are about to be swamped with massive data tsunamis. The Chief Data Officer is responsible for engineering, architecting, and delivering organizational data success” – Peter Aiken, PhD 48 Mario Faria
  • 40. O  Nascimento  do  CDO  
  • 41. The Best of the Breed Data & Analytics Leader •  Knows business and technology •  Runs his/her team as a business unit •  Has multi-discipline skilled people (technologists, mathematicians, statisticians, business people as well) •  Manages quite well the back office and front office functions 50 Mario Faria
  • 42. What  does  it     take  to  be  a   Chief  Data  Officer  ?  
  • 43. “Hiring good people with high emotional IQ and business sense is much more effective than hiring people based on skills and experience. That's because good people help define the strategy, while specialists become obsolete when the business strategy changes” – Jim Collins, from Good to Great 52 Mario Faria
  • 44. How  to  promote   Business  Maturity   through  AnalyAcs  ?  
  • 45. Is it possible to promote Business Maturity using Analytics, or is it the other way around? 54 Mario Faria
  • 46. The Hawthorne Effect (1924-1933), at a Western Electric factory outside Chicago 55 Mario Faria
  • 47. “Measurement drives behavior, and if we don’t understand how, it drives behaviors in mysterious ways” by Frank Buytendijk, Beingfrank Research, Sept 2012 56 Mario Faria
  • 48. Good  KPIs  will  not  save   your  business,  but  they   will  be  able  to  tell  how   screwed-­‐up  your   business  is  
  • 49. The 3 ingredients to make Advanced Analytics work •  Choosing the right data and managing multiple data sources •  Having the capability to build advanced models that turn the data into insights •  Management must undertake a transformational-change program so that the insights translate into effective action 58 Mario Faria
  • 50. Technology alone will not change the previous results 59 Mario Faria
  • 51. It takes more than just data and analytics for results to be achieved
  • 52. People Data Management Processes Data Architecture Programs Analytics
  • 53. Where  de  we  go  from  now  ?  
  • 54. Which companies will thrive in the near future ? Is your company going to lead, influence or follow when using data and analytics to drive results ? 63 Mario Faria
  • 55. Some     take  aways  
  • 56. Take Aways •  •  •  •  •  •  Technology is cheap Cloud makes it even cheaper Data is available everywhere Humans are social animals Mobile is more than phones and tablets Start your data and analytics journey soon 65 Mario Faria
  • 57. Lessons to Analytical Success •  People •  Change Management (on going program) •  Culture •  Organization Model •  Processes •  Architecture •  and Analytics, of course 66 Mario Faria
  • 58. Data  Thinking   Analyze Synthesize Research Present Motivation
  • 59. Q&A
  • 60. Thank you Mario Faria Chief Data Officer and Analytics Strategy Advisor Founder of the Digital Mad Men Twitter : @mariofaria +1 (425) 628-3517 69 Mario Faria