Video analysis 1


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Video analysis 1

  1. 1. Research and AnalysisEquipments used when creating main task and subsidiary tasks.
  2. 2. Nikon D3000 When completing the subsidiary tasks required for our A2 coursework which consisted of a promotional poster and DVD album cover I used the NikonD3000 mainly due to the fact that the camera produced images of rather highquality therefore it was only logical to use this ideal piece of media technology as I want my work to look as professional as possible with the available equipment provided by the school.
  3. 3. H2 Handy Recorder I will also be using the H2 Handy Recorder for any additional recordings I may need for my music video whether that be any essential Diegetic or Non Diegeticsounds, research and analysis presentations, constructionand evaluation process. From past experiences using this piece of equipment I have come to learn that it is highly sensitive therefore would need to be used in quiet environments to achieve best outcome.
  4. 4. Apple Macbook The Apple Macbook is a vital piece of media equipment when compiling my music video, the laptop itselfcontained a programme called Final Cut Express which is a compulsory part of the process as this would be where all the extracts would be fixed together to create a finished music video. I have not previously hadany experience using this programme therefore I will have to research further in order to get a better insight in how to achieve maximum potential from the programme. The programme itself is known to be used by professional producers therefore it was only logical to use this programme when creating my video as I aimed to make the final product professional and realistic.
  5. 5. Sony Handycam DCR SR- 57E The Sony Handycam is a vital piece of media equipment when recording most of the scenes for my musicvideo. I have previously had experience using this programme and from previous uses I have found that thequality of image is of a very high standard and of a good quality hence I thought it would be most beneficial to use the camcorder as it would add to the appeal and professionalism of the finished product when completed. I will also be using this piece of equipment when filming other elements of my research andplanning, construction and most importantly my visual evaluation which I hope to record in person using the Sony Handycam.
  6. 6. Tripod The tripod is a vital piece of equipment when it comes to actually filming the music video footage, the tripod willenable me to film steady and consistent footage without anyunwanted jerking, the tripod will hold both the Nikon D3000 and Sony Handycam when filming. The tripod can beadjusted to a variety of different angles and heights through the adjusting bars on either side at the top of the tripod.