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Social tribes1

  1. 1. Research and AnalysisSocialTribes
  2. 2. EMO’SEmo’s have a stereotypical appearance, this image consists of several key features which helpdifferentiate them from other social tribes within this music culture.MAKE-UP : Consists of very dark and bold shades, consisting ofmainly black and white cosmetics. One of the most common stylebeing heavy eye make up including fairly thick bottom liner andblack eye shadow, along with very dark lips and thick eye brows.HAIR : Very large and flamboyant styles, stereotypically verylarge and “Puffed” at the top achieved through mainly backcombing roots and then fairly straight and long at thebottom, sometimes achieved through long extensions, this ismainly a common hairstyle amongst female Emo’s. Usually verydark toned hair colours most commonly jet black, and sometimeswith neon streaks like hot pink or baby blue for example.CLOTHING : Very outrageous and flamboyantclothing, stereotypically very bright neon colours includingpink, yellow and traffic green skinny jeans and t-shirts.ACCESSORIES : Very large and eye catching hair accessoriesincluding large bows or flowers, may be black to match make-upor bright neon colours including yellow and pink. Along withsometimes very dark hand bands and straps usually black withfitted studs along with bags and belts of a similar design.
  3. 3. ROCKER’S Within modern society Rockers are often misunderstood as being Emo’s however within the micro elements of their individual style of clothing there are a substantial amount of difference between both that help differentiate between both.MAKE-UP : Typically very dark make-up usually thick eyeliner and black eye shadow etcHAIR : Within this genre hairstyles come in all shapesand sizes, typically very outrageous and flamboyant.Usually a Mohawk style chop. However hair lengths canvary from very long hair to short hair.CLOTHING : Clothing which is typically associated withRockers is jeans and leather material, the most commontype being leather biker jackets, ripped denim jacketsand boots. Other types of clothing include studded bootsand jackets to represent this tough exterior which istypically associated with the genre. Another type ofclothing which is common amongst those who follow thegenre Rock is tight, leather pants or black jean with aripped effect.ACCESSORIES : There are several elements within thestyle of Rockers, some of the most predominant featuresincluding medal studded bags, bracelets and belts aswell as printed, dark bandana type scarves. Amongst somewomen, ripped fishnet tights are also a common trend.
  4. 4. HIP HOP The stereotypical dress sense of audiences who follow the Hip Hop culture share a similar style that of the 1980’s. These unique features are significant when differentiating Hip Hop listeners to anyFOLLOWERSMAKE-UP : Make-up varies pending on the individual other mainstream tribe for example.follower, this may range from very little make up to veryflamboyant eye make-up including long eye lashes and the mostcommon and recent eye shadow style being the “Smokey eyes”effect.HAIR : Within this genre hairstyles vary also pending on theindividual, hairstyles range from very short hair to very longhair consisting of long extensions. Most recently a new trendhad been set of having a certain area of the head shaved, mostcommonly either a small area on the further left or right handside, this has become a common style due to a large percentageof well known celebrities adapting to the newly found style.CLOTHING : Stereotypically very “sporty” leisure wear, mostcommonly tracksuit based clothing and trainers mostly well knowndesigner brands like Nike and Addidas, however this varies alsopending on the individual as clothing can sometimes range fromskinny fitted jeans to short cocktail dresses, however thistrend is a more modern and contemporary approach in comparisonto the more traditional “baggy clothing” trend.ACCESSORIES : Can very pending on the individuals approach, thiscan include a variety of different paraphernalias such asdiamond jewellery and silver based bangles and rings. Inaddition this may also include the traditional bandana andbaseball cap.
  5. 5. PLASTIC POP When analysing Plastic Pop style clothing, it is stereotypically associated with very “girly” and feminine clothing. FOLLOWERSMAKE-UP : Consists of very feminine, pastel colours such as baby pinkand lilac type purple coloured eye shadow, this tends to be very campand flamboyant. Most recently long eyelashes and thick eyeliner havealso become a popular trend amongst budding Plastic Pop followers.HAIR : Very large and flamboyant styles, stereotypically very largeand “Puffed” at the top achieved through mainly back combing roots andthen fairly straight and long at the bottom, sometimes achievedthrough long extensions, this is mainly a common hairstyle amongstfemale Plastic Pop followers. Usually very light toned hair coloursmost commonly blonde, and sometimes brunette. However a new trend hasbecome popular which consists of a short “pixie” style bob, which hasalso become endemic amongst A List stars who are also adapting to thenewly found style.CLOTHING : Very pink and “fluffy” clothing, usually consisting ofmulti coloured fitted jeans and bright pumps or “dolly shoes”. PlasticPop followers tend to wear a combination of clothing from severaldifferent social tribes however putting their own outrageous twist onthem. Or in other words, bright colours.ACCESSORIES : Very large and eye catching hair accessories includinglarge bows, flowers and headbands, may be pastel and “girly” coloursto match make-up or bright neon colours including yellow and pink. Inaddition, floral printed bags, shoes and belts which add to thiscolourful and eye catching image that followers tend to create.
  6. 6. R&B FOLLOWERSMAKE-UP : Consists of very sophisticated and “clean” make upwhich matches with the type of clothing. Colours that are worninclude dark eye shadow, most commonly “The Smokey Eyes Effect”which has been adapted by many well known artists within theindustry such as Beyonce and Keri Hilson.HAIR : Very large and flamboyant styles, stereotypically verylarge and “Puffed” at the top achieved through mainly backcombing roots and then fairly straight and long at thebottom, sometimes achieved through long curly extensions, thisis mainly a common hairstyle amongst female R&B followers. Thetypical hair colours are usually dark tones such as black andbrunette.CLOTHING : Very smart and sophisticated clothing such as fittedsuits and waistcoats with male audiences, however femalefollowers tend to wear bodycon style dresses that fit the bodyperfectly and effectively showing body figure.ACCESSORIES : Stereotypically gold and silver based jewellerysuch as hoop earrings, bangles and rings. Simple leather typebelts and bags are also common when looking at audiences whofollow and dress according to the R&B genre. Other forms ofaccessories include heeled boots for women and leather loafersor smart shoes for men.