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  2. 2. HOW OLD ARE YOU?11-16 YEARS 17-25 YEARS 26-40 YEARS 40 + YEARS I DO NOT WISH TO SAY 1% 9% 5% From this graph I can identify that the majority of the people I asked were between the ages of 11 and 16 years, thus all the results I receive for this questionnaire will be mainly based on the opinions of audiences around this age, this 23% will give me a better idea of what appeals to this particular audience, this works as an 62% advantage towards me as this particular age category is my target audience.
  3. 3. WHAT GENDER ARE YOU? MALE FEMALE From this graph it is clear that the participants I asked consisted of more female members than male members, this also adds to the fact that the 32% results I will receive may be biased or one sided and the opinions that I receive from the feedback may mainly appeal to a larger female audience. For instance if I receive feedback stating that performance is preferable then I will assume stereotypically that this may be68% the opinion based around the larger female audiences.
  4. 4. DO YOU ENJOY VIEWING MUSIC VIDEOS? YES NO SOMETIMES 6% From this graph I can identify25% that the majority of the people I asked enjoyed viewing music videos as the figures I received were 69% claiming they do enjoy viewing music videos, 25% of participants stating they do not enjoy viewing music videos and 69% the remaining 6% claiming they enjoy viewing video’s sometimes.
  5. 5. What type of music/social tribes do you follow and listen to? Rocker’s Emo’s Goth’s Punks Urban Listeners Pop Listeners 1% 1% Indie Listeners Contemporary Folk Listeners Other This graph clearly shows that the participants I 6% 7% asked enjoyed a variety of different music genres 7% however from this clear 10% pie graph I can easily identify that 63% of the participants I asked 3% enjoyed listening and 2% followed the Urban genre which consisted of a variety of different genres including R&B, Soul and Jazz in comparison to participants whom enjoyed listening to contemporary folk and Punks whos figures were low at a mere 1% and 2%. This 63% graph creates a clear portrayal of what genre I should choose to use when creating my music video and in this case it would have to be Urban Listeners as this had the highest percentage of all 9 categories.
  6. 6. Whilst watching a music video, what type of emotions and moods within the video do you enjoy watching?HUMOROUS SERIOUS ROMANTIC EXAGGERATED HORROR OTHER From this graph it is clear 1% that a large proportion of the 7% participants that took part in the questionnaire found viewing music videos of a different nature interesting at a massive 50%, however at 36%, participants found that romantic videos were nearly as interesting coming in second place. From looking at this graph, the figures clearly indicate the overall taste of 50% 36% my larger target audience, however one set back would be that the largest percentage of the participants found a different nature interesting when viewing a video that was not previously listed, this will work against me as I am unaware of what this nature may be making it harder for me to create a product that will appeal to my 4% 2% larger target audience as I have no specific indication of what it may be.
  7. 7. What type of videos do you prefer; video’s that are accompanied with the lyrics to the song (parallel sound) or abstract videos? ABSTRACT ACCOMPANIED WITH THE LYRICS 14% 86% of participants found “video’s that are accompanied with the lyrics to the song” more interesting with only a minor 14% who didn’t. This gives me a clear indication of what type of layout I should have within my video and how much I should have of this particular feature, as the 86% clearly overweighs the mere 14%. Thus after looking at this graph I believe it would be most suitable to create a “Narrative” based video that will contain 86% both lip synching in several sections along with a clear and realistic storyline or anecdote in order for it to appeal to my larger target audience.
  8. 8. Do you enjoy watching music video’s containing any sort of animations or special effects? YES NO IT DEPENDS A small minority of my participants found that special 22% effects and animations were unappealing at a mere 6% in comparison to 72% of participants who in actual fact do enjoy viewing music videos that contain special effects or animations. This gives me an even clearer6% idea of what type of video I 72% should consider creating when I come to the planning stages of my music video, by looking at this I can create a video on the bases of creating something that will lure my target audience and add extra appeal to the product on a whole.
  9. 9. When you are watching a music video what pace do you prefer the music to be at? Calm/Slow music videos Loud/Fast/Upbeat music videos Mid Tempo Don’t mind, it varies really Other From this graph I can identify that a larger percentage of 29% participants found that music video’s that are calm and slow more appealing in comparison 47% to a video that is loud and fast paced, this is clearly evident through the slow music option being 47% in contrary to the fast and loud option being only a mere 10%. This6% gives me a clearer idea of what paced music I should select when arriving at the 8% planning stages of creating my music video, and instilling 10% these criterias to create a suitable product for my larger target audience.
  10. 10. Do you enjoy when the video contains some form of dance routine or performance? YES NO SOMETIMES IT DEPENDS 12% From this graph it is clear that the larger percentage of participants enjoyed viewing video’s that contained some form of dance routine or performance, this is evident through the fact that a large16% 72% found this feature both interesting and appealing. This gives me a deeper insight into the several elements and feature’s my 72% larger target audience will prefer viewing when watching a professional music video thus will give me a clearer indication of what I should include within my video whether that be some form of dance or performance.
  11. 11. What would you expect to see in an RnB video? PERFORMANCE NARRATIVE OTHER 40% of the participants found that a narrative should be included when creating a stereotypical R&B video, this33% 27% creates a clearer image of what type of video I should think about creating in order for it to appeal to my target audience, in this case it may be that for the benefit of my product it would be most suitable for me to create a video that it narrative based and is also assisted with the 40% artist singing along to the lyrics of the song in certain areas during the course of the song.
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