Plastic pop


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Plastic pop

  2. 2. Plastic Pop is stereotypically associated with thegenre Pop and specifically "Bubblegum Pop" and"Teen Pop", this emphasises the feminine factorwhich mainly appeals and influences to the femalehalf of the larger target audience. As mentionedearlier, Plastic Pop generally appeals to ayouthful audience mainly young teenagers. Thisappeal usually consists of simple "cheesy" lovesongs that are a modern twist on old classics.
  3. 3. Plastic Pop has had a significant amount of influence from many othermainstream genres such as classical and rock music for example, this hasled to the development of the genre Pop being stereotypically associated with young, attractive Pop groups, who generally appeal to the opposite sex for example One Direction, a teenage boy band consisting of five members who have a large female fan base worldwide despite only being placed together on a TV singing competition two years ago.
  4. 4. Plastic Pop can easily be identified through several different microelements, these include features such as bright colours like neon based colours and sometimes pastel colours like blue and pink, this image is a fixed stereotype that audiences are familiar with, the colours and house themes that are used symbolise several different ideologies and theories one of the most common being “the ideal life” and perfect characteristics. The bright and bold house styles commonly used represent youth and an almost fresh culture, the bright colours tend to attract and appeal to a young teenage audience ranging from 9 to 18.
  6. 6. Several programmes on television influence aspiringpop artists to come forward and express theirtalents through different visual interpretationsthe two most common being song and dance. They areable to express their raw talents through auditionsin which they need to surpass in order to catch amere glimpse of stardom, due to the amplifiedcharacteristics the media is known for, the luckyhopefuls have their “tough” and “tiring” journey tostardom filmed and broadcasted on the TV show. Dueto the hopefuls being “plastered” across all formsof media, when the winner is announced they willalready be familiar amongst audiences and maybeeven a large fan base, examples of this processhappen on shows such as Britain’s Got Talent andmost commonly the XFactor.
  7. 7. Little do we realise but as audiences arethe people that fund these programmes, we dothis when we voice our opinions when votingfor our favourite acts that appear on theshows, this simple process not only makesmoney for the programme but simplyeliminates those contestants who have notyet “connected with the audience and viewersat home”. From each call the audiences maketo vote for their favourite the programmepocket a certain percentage of the cost thecall charges, the pricing of the call variespending on whether it is made from a mobiledevice or BT landline. As a result of themost “popular” act amongst the audiencestaying in the competition works in favourof the artist who wins the competition asonce the programme is finished the artist isguaranteed to already have a large fan base.
  8. 8. Along with TV programmes such as the XFactormarketing the modern genre “Plastic Pop” otherfranchises such as Disney also market and influenceaspiring young artists. The TV programme within thefranchise itself encourages undiscovered artists topursue their dreams and aspirations of making anestablished career in the music industry. Disney doesthis by launching exclusive singing competitions andschemes that gives entries the opportunity to maketheir dreams come true.
  10. 10. Influential artists within the Plastic Pop cultureBefore After tend to be artists themselves, they lure media consumers into finding the genre appealing and getting involved in the music, they also create this aspiration amongst the target audience that they could be just like these “famous celebrities” if they follow their dreams. These dominant Pop figures within the music industry influence audiences whilst appearing on TV programmes that consist of plastic pop singing competitions for example, appearing as main judges on the panel. A great example of this is Tulisa Contostavlos who was previously a member of N Dubz, despite being well known amongst the British public for her incredibly successful singing career, by appearing on the show as a main judge, not only did she boost her own profile but also encourages this ongoing cycle of discovering new stars.
  11. 11. Simon Cowell is another example of a highlyinfluential figure within this newly found culture.This man is known for being one of the most powerfulmen on TV, Cowell is head judge on both the XFactorand Britain’s Got Talent, featuring on both these wellknown programmes makes him incredibly well knownamongst the larger target audience along with alsobeing a huge figure within the music industry. Beingknown for his harsh opinions and exaggerated commentson the show his “constructive criticism” earns him ahuge amount of popularity amongst all audiences,despite being the rudest judge on the panel, theaudiences opinions about him fail to change as he isstill idolised amongst consumers. Audience gainpleasure from his sometimes rude comments and seek tohear what Simon has to say once an act has performedwhich enhances his role and position amongst theremaining judges as well as the music industry.However Simon is not all talk as he has createdseveral well known and globally successful artiststhrough the process of his shows, these include artistsuch as Leona Lewis and most recently One Direction.
  13. 13. A great example of an existing PlasticPop artist includes Pop princess BritneySpears whose music most certainly comesunder the category of Pop judging by herfirst ever single back in 1999, “Hit mebaby one more time” which debuted atnumber one on the U.S. Billboard 200.Despite Spears’ music being categorisedunder the genre of Pop this however didnot mean that she was an ideal role modelwithin the industry, however her pastsuccess in the music industry does.Britney Spears began her journey tostardom by joining the cast of Disneychannels “The Mickey Mouse Club” at theage of 10, by joining a large franchisethat marketed Plastic Pop Spears not onlypromoted her talents through theprogramme but also gained a larger fanbase, as a result of the show having alarge Plastic Pop audience.
  14. 14. Whilst partaking in the Disney programme,Spears met a fellow cast member JustinTimberlake who is also an incrediblysuccessful and well known figure withinthe music industry. Once both potentialpop stars were comfortable with theircareers, they decided to become a coupleand started dating. Once the media heardof this great news, the couple thenbecame centre of this Hollywood craze asfellow Plastic Pop fans of both artistwanted to delve into the couples personallife and find out more about the gossipthat revolved around the newly formedcouple. This worked as an advantage forboth stars as not only did it boostSpears’ career but also Justins.
  15. 15. Once Spears’ singing career took of shebegan her journey as this very modest andinnocent character with this “BarbieDoll” appearance, as a result of herappearance she was stamped as this goodrole model for Plastic Pop audiences.This is evident through her first musicvideo in which she is wearing very“average teenager like” and appropriateclothing, within her video she isportrayed as this naive school girl with“blonde piggy tails” this in itselfsymbolises innocence and the pink bobblesthat she wears reinforces this idea ofPop. However she also wears her shirt asa sort of “belly top” which is done tobroaden her appeal to her fan base and istargeted towards a larger teenage andmale audience and at the same timekeeping the codes and conventions of thePop genre in stilled.
  16. 16. However as Spears’ career progresses, asa fan you see a more “adult” side toBritney who begins to advance on her once“mild nudity” when she first began andbegins to show a lot more skin within hervideos and public appearances, her dresssense become slightly more provocativeand slightly inappropriate for youngeraudiences. This clearly demonstrates howPop artists change as their careerprogresses and develops, modern day Popartists have begun to appeal to a largermale audience through very mild sexualreferences maybe through dance or lyricsfor example, nevertheless artists stillremain with this bleached blonde and pinkaccessories look which will associatesSpears with the genre Pop.
  21. 21. As the proliferation of hardware develops, weaudience consumers are becoming significantlymore influenced by the worldwide media thatexists in the modern society today, the mediahas almost become part of our everyday dailyroutine, from watching TV to searching theinternet for information, we almost feeldeprived if we do not have access to some form.However one of the most powerful form of mediagoes by the name “Internet”, this form can nowbe accessed from several different forms ofmedia technologies such as Smart Phones, gamesconsoles, you very own TV for example, as aresult of this, it is easier for individualswithin the music industry to advertise theirproducts and promote unknown artists, thisincluding potential Plastic Pop artists. Popartists like Justin Bieber tend to use forms ofthe internet to promote and market themselvesand their products, one of the most popularbeing through official artist sites and fan clubwebsites and forums, for example Justin Bieberhas his own new website that he has justlaunched called -“ also gained success and popularitythrough posting video’s of himself singingcovers of existing artists within the musicindustry on YouTube which is also a worldwidevideo sharing website on the internet.