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New evaluation blogger

  1. 1. “In what way doesyour media product use, develop orchallenge forms and conventions of real media products?”
  2. 2. I personally believe that my magazine conforms most of the typical codes and conventions of a music magazine, this isclear through a top strip, I was meant to add a bottom strip however I felt that I wanted only a top strip as I thought itlooked more attractive, the most important barcode and price as well as the date and issue, there is also a very large andeye catching central image on both the cover and contents which covers most of the A4 area I was given, most of themodels in each image all maintained eye contact except from the contents page, I did this to ensure that the reader oraudience felt welcomed and on a personal level with the model in the image, I also made sure that I included a third leftlayout as this is an essential convention of a music magazine, if I had not included this it would have not been easilyidentified as a music magazine. By placing a central image on the cover, contents and double page spread it allowed readers or audiences to easily identify the magazine being of music genre. The main genres I was aiming my magazine to feature were Hip Hop, UK Grime and R&B etc. I included well known artist names from all these genres to ensure that all audience could easily identify the magazine as being a mixture of all these types of music.I have tried challenging the typical format of a magazine by using mass variety of different fonts on my cover, someaudiences may say that they could find it confusing however I have used it in such a way that it adds to the attractivenessand style that I was going for, I have used about 10 different fonts on my cover and contents to give it a more funky look.
  3. 3. “How does your media product representparticular social groups? .....and also attract/address your audience?”
  4. 4. In the beginning I intended my magazine on having a similar layout as a well known R&B and Hip Hop magazine called “Vibe”. Looking at a recent audience profile for Vibe magazine it stated that there target audience for the magazine was predominantly “Young, Urban followers of the Hip Hop culture”. To support this reference I have listed the website below for further research and proof. Reference - magazine For my central imaged I used a fellow classmate to model as a new and upcoming artist called “Preeya Kalidas” who previously played “Amira Shah” on Eastenders, I found that it would be interesting andAs I intended on using Vibe as an example of what I wanted my conventional if I used her as she is a actress aspiringfinished magazine to look similar to. When handing out my singer/artist trying to make it big in the musicquestionnaire I handed out my questionnaires to more female industry, as my magazine was based around thethan male audiences as I found that looking and observing many concept of loads of different sub genres of musicof the Vibe front covers that most of the artists that were featured bonded and mixed into one cost efficient magazineon the cover were more female than male so I just assumed it was called “Original” and was targeted to mainlycommon sense that I should hand it out to more female than male aspirers I found that it was only common sense andaudiences, however only a couple more as I wanted my audience meaningful that I used her as an example as manyto be wide spread and not biased or one sided. I only gave my audiences after looking at the cover couldquestionnaires out to those audiences who were aged between 12 automatically relate to the image and aspire to beto 25+ as I wanted to identify and see what my target audience like her. I believe that my audience would be ably towanted and then act upon it to create a magazine that was connect and relate to this , and I hoped they wouldaccurate from my results from the questionnaire as well as the key understand the new and fresh approach I wasobjective which was being appealing to the audience. attempting to incorporate on my front cover.
  5. 5. “How does your media product represent particular social groups? And also attract/address your audience?”
  6. 6. The genre I had chosen for my magazine was Urban which was made up of several other sub genre’s such as Hip Hop, R&B, Reggae, UK Grime etc. For my central image I have used a young and youthful model to play the part of a upcoming, current Urban artist on the market at the moment, I have used a young and youthful model to make the audience feel welcomed and comfortable and feel like they could some how relate to the model on a personal level, also as Urban is a fresh and new mixture of many other sub genres it was only logical that the models I used were also as young and fresh similar to the genre. Whilst researching and looking at existing and current magazines on the market at the moment from a similar genre, I looked closely at the types and groups of people that were featured on the cover and on majority of the magazines only one artist or model featured on each cover, for example a magazine that demonstrated this was Vibe magazine [Below] who only predominantly feature one person and one person only on their covers, looking through the many thousands of covers not one had featured more than one model on the cover, I then decided to continue this trend of only featuring one model as well to ensureBy doing this it would ensure that ifmy magazine was on a shelf or that I kept with the style and layout of a well known and realistic magazine tostand, it would instantly catch the ensure mines looked similar and realistic looking too.eye of audiences both young and audiences would possible feel attractedeven old along with my chosen to the bright and unusual colour andtarget audience, this would result to elder audiences may be intrigued ora wider target audience and would aware about the unusual colour schemecome as an advantage as it would and then may purchase the magazine toincrease the popularity and read more, an elder audience may alsoreputation. I also believe that the become attracted to it as the magazinecolour scheme I have included talks about very mature topics such aswould also catch the eye of “Celebrity relationships”, and an elderaudiences all ages as it is both audience could some what relate tobright and unusual, younger this.
  7. 7. [Continued]Also after taking all the aspects that would have been expected and considered whencreating a realistic magazine, I personally believe that in general my magazine mainlyrepresents the youthfulness of our generation which is basically something new, fresh,funky and different. Looking back at my audience demographics I had decided to aim mymagazine mainly towards 3 main social groups, these consisted of Aspirers, Constrainedand Creators. Looking back at my magazine I feel that maybe I have not appealed somuch to Constrained audiences as I put quiet a high price on my magazine which was£2.95, as this group of people tend to be poor and sometimes struggling I feel that Ihavent appealed to them on a whole as £2.95 is quiet an expensive price to pay for anormal magazine that in this case isnt even well known or branded.However on the other hand looking at the remainder two social groups, I feel that“Aspirers” would remain and continue to read my magazine as the magazine featuresnew upcoming artists who are people to look up to and as that what aspirers are allabout I think it would come as and advantage, and as for creators it would appeal tothem as they are basically viral distributers in the form of readers, as the magazine hasits own website, creators would find this interesting and appreciate the website whichthey could then further distribute and spread the news about, this would come as anadvantage as creators would distribute and spread the word of the magazine in a costefficient manner.If the popularity and reputation of the magazine increased as well as the funding for themagazine increased slightly then the possibility of advertising clothes, shoes and latestgadgets like headphones or designer clothing for example would increase massively.
  8. 8. The masthead is large, instantly visible and identifiable, it is almost the 2nd[Front Cover] largest specimen on the page, this is to ensure that the audience can instantlyLike many magazines the central image is identify and tell the difference to the masthead to the rest of the text on thethe main thing that catches the readers cover.eyes, this is simply because it sets a sort of The text going around the image ofatmosphere for the reader through many the model also adds to the feel ofelements within the central image such as the magazine, it adds a sort ofthe quality of the image, mise – en – scene, “sexy” feel to the cover, I includeduses of colour, feelings and expressions on this as the sub genre R&B which isthe models faces, this enables to reader to included in Urban is mainly focusedinstantly identify the genre of the magazine. around sex symbols and portraying women and men is a sexualThe word “Preeya” is in bold and is the 2nd manner, I thought I would add thislargest font on the cover, this is to ensure to ensure that it had a bit of eachthat audiences such as Aspirers easily see genre contained within it.this and become attracted and persuadedby the word, they read this and feel an The model retains eye contactinstant urge to go on ahead and purchase with the audience making themthe magazine and read on to find out more feel welcomed and on a personalabout the gossip it briefly talks about on level with the model.the cover. It also adds to the attractivenessof the magazine as it would be the 2nd thingthat would catch the audiences eye andwould then trigger them into buying themagazine and reading more. I priced my magazine at £2.95 as most of the people that completed my questionnaire were willing to pay anything between £2.50 and £4.00 (Left) and as I was aiming my magazine towards a constrained social class I then decided to place it at the bottom end of the price range to ensure all my audience were able to have access to the magazine, I also did this to ensure that if the magazine was to actually be distributed then the company should make a small profit out of it too this is another reason why I increased the price a little.
  9. 9. The third left layout is large, bold and eye catching, the third left on my cover takes up The right side of my magazinemost of the A4 space I was given, I did this to ensure that all of my audience were able to contains lists the names ofsee this and it would be the maybe the first or second thing that caught the audiences numerous well known urbaneye, on the third left I have included my own twist to the lyric of a song written by a well artists that are a similar age toknown urban group called the Pussycat my target audience who are onDolls, I have done this as audiences will see the market at the moment, thisthis and automatically identify what it is makes my magazine, overallabout and find interest in it and then want content along with features allto maybe purchase the magazine. the more reliable.I have added a “Tip – on” or “Freebie” I decided to include theconsisting of a free iTunes download, magazines very own onlineaudiences would instantly become website where audience couldattracted to this as on iTunes a reader keep track of the latest gossipwould have to pay maybe a pound at the and movement in the urbanleast to purchase this magazine, therefore music industry, I also includedby putting this freebie on audiences would this as one of my target socialinstantly find it useful and “worth it”, this group the creators would see thiswould trigger the audience into then and instantly become aware andpurchasing the magazine. appealed by it, as they tend toI have included a puff that is over market the magazine across aexaggerative and in most cases placed on mass audience it is a cheap andthe cover to catch the audiences eyes, by cost efficient for the institutions,reading this puff it would trigger them into my looking at the audience thethinking what is said is true and actually Creators in my target group willjust as good as it sounds, these are one of I have used a simple rhetorical questions then target my magazine across athe very few conventions that institutions to show the audience that they have an mass audience using maybeuse to psychologically adjust audiences option, I did it to make the audience feel YouTube or social networkingminds into purchasing the magazine. like they are in control and have power. sites such as Facebook or Twitter, For my cover I decided to include the date, issue and barcode as it is one of the this would come as an advantage vital codes and conventions of a magazine, I also decided to include it as it as the news of my magazine gives the cover a more realistic and believable look. would be advertised for free.
  10. 10. One mistake that I had made in my magazine was the fact that on the contents page the[Contents model does not retain eye contact, this mistake would have made the difference betweenPage] whether a reader purchased the magazine or not as my the model maintaining eye contact it give the reader a weird sense of comfort and connectivity as they feel that they are on a sort of personal level with the model as the image looks more inviting and welcoming, by my model not maintaining eye contact it could put certain readers off buying the magazine and could also make some audience feel uncomfortable and out of place when there reading the magazine. My masthead is large and bold, it is positions in an unusual and attractive way, I did this to make sure it is the second thing that catches the readers eye, it is something new and not something you would typically see in any other magazine.Looking back at the feedback I had The position of the word is what makes itreceived form my questionnaire I tried so attractive and appealing.including all the things that most people I included quotes with extra largechose, the most popular features that quotations marks, I did this sopeople wanted were exclusive interviews, readers can easily see the quote andevents or gigs and latest artist gossip, find some sort of interest andthese are the three main things I included attractive towards it triggering themto ensure that all my audiences were to some how become attracted andhappy. lured into purchasing the magazine,I have put both the features and regulars this would appeal to a lot of Aspirersin two separate columns to avoid my as they would see this and wouldaudience becoming confused, I also did want to then purchase the magazinethis to appeal to the needs of my and find out more about what theaudience as it helps them as it makes it particular artist is up to, they wouldeasier for them to access what type of want to purchase it to read the articlenews and gossip they want easily. and some how find comfort andI have included large and clear page numbers that are in a simple and bold fonts, I interest out of it as they are the socialincluded page number to help my audience to navigate around my magazine easily, group that tend to want to findthis would make the audience feel slightly less confused and almost feel like they belonging in a social group aboveare in control of what they can read. themselves.
  11. 11. I put the word “exclusive” I have used a brick wall as my main background image, I did this as I believe it represents thein bold and italics, I then youthfulness and originality (similarly to the name of the magazine) of the magazine, as brickput a white glow around walls in art tend to get associated with the word Urban, I only felt that it was appropriate to useit to make it eye catching this, I also felt it gave the magazine a more rough and edgy feel, it also added to theeasily caught by the attractiveness of the contents on a whole as well. I also used this as a background as it representsaudiences eye, the reason “the streets” and instead of using something more modern and sophisticated I have insteadwhy I chose to put a glow manipulated that and used something more simple yet meaningful and effective, it symbolises allaround it was because the young audiences of todays is the main thing that most audiences By incorporating the “urbanlook at first thing, it is something the language” on my contents pageaudience desire and look forward to along with my cover and double pagereading, as exclusive in media means spread, by doing this I have made thesomething new and something no body audience feel more comfortablehas read or even seen before this whilst reading it as they can relate totriggers audience into thinking that they it and also understand it betterare one of the very few that after whereas if it was in formal Englishreading the article will know more about some audience could find greatthe specific subject or artist, by reading difficulty understanding what the textthe exclusive article audience somehow is trying to say. I have done this tofeel more important than other people make sure my magazine is relatableas they believe they are the only person to the relatively young targetthat knows something that very few audience.others know, it makes the audience feel I have use individual thin square likespecial and wanted, it puts them in such boxes to separate each article toa position that they just cant resist the avoid the audiences becomingtemptation and result to finally confused about what’s what, I put apurchasing the magazine. Institutions white outline around it to make ituse these so called technique to stand out and easily seen.psychologically make audiences feel asthough they are important and actually I have made use of personal pronouns such as “your” within myworth something. I included a competition to make the audience feel as though contents page and front cover , to further interact with my target they can gain something out of purchasing the magazine. audience or reader on a more comfortable and personal level.
  12. 12. [Double Page Spread] I included key maybe influential quotes from the interview and placed them on the opposite page on top of the large central image, I did this as audiences will instantly see this and maybe find attraction to this and by reading what is quoted they might find that it is something interesting and then may find that they then want to purchase the magazine to find out more, the large quotes on the opposite page also add to the style I was aiming my magazine for as well as adding to the attractiveness of the double page, it also compliments the central image as well, I made sure that I did not overlap the central image too much as I did not want to take the audiences eye and focus away from my main “” image. I made sure that my central image was large and took up most of myI made sure that I laid my main article in right side page to ensurecolumns, however in the beginning I started that it caught myby placing the individual questions and audiences eyes, as it is theanswers in carious different sizes, however central image it is meantmy teacher than told me that I was unable to be the dominantto do this as she said it was not a code and feature of the page so Iconvention of a music magazine so if I did do ensured I followed thethis I would loose marks as it does not meet convention correctly mythe requirements that were asked for for the making the image extramagazine, another problem that it would large, when I started Icause was that if it was actually publishedthan the audiences would find great decided to put a couple of smaller images underneath however once I placeddifficulty finding their way around which them where I wanted I found that it made the page look slightly toorder the magazine was meant to be in, it overcrowded and crammed, I found that it took away the focus from thewould cause a great deal of confusion for main image so I then decided to remove them as I felt that it could put somemany audiences and this may then put some of my audiences of buying the magazine, after removing the images I foundaudiences of buying the magazine as well as that the page looked better however I wanted something to fill in the emptytaking the attraction and appeal away from space so I decided to place a star that was also featured on my front cover tothe audience and the look of the double show a link between both the cover and double page spread showing thepage spread. audience that both pages belong to the same magazine.
  13. 13. Looking back at my final media product now I can clearly see the continuous “house colour” that runs through the magazine where it begins with the colourpurple on the cover and then the contents being both purple and blue which then leads to the double page spread which is blue, the contents page is basicallya mixture of both the font cover and double page spread colour scheme, I did this as I personally felt that it worked well. I did this simply as it makes all thepages seem as though they are meant to go together as well as allowing the reader to identify what he/she is reading all belongs to the same magazine.My magazine generally uses a lot of bright colours purely because the target audience were young and youthful and “bright colours” are stereotypically knowto attract a younger audience, i have used some dark colours like black for example however this is purely because I wanted specific words to stand out morecompared to others. Looking at my colour scheme overall it is easy to identify that my magazine is not aimed at an older audience. Another way that you cantell that it may not be aimed at an elder audience is the use of “new” urban words and language used throughout the magazine. The use of colours not onlymakes the magazine stand out but also makes it look unusual and in some cases maybe slightly unrealistic.The simple yet effective structure of the cover, contents and double page spread adds to the clarity of my product which in this case was actually requestedand chosen by my chosen target audience [who were aged between 12 and 25] within the feedback of my questionnaires, and by meeting my audiences needsit would have hopefully made my magazine slightly more attractive and appealing.The simple yet effective structure and the continual use of house colours and clarity has added to the realism and professionalism of my magazine. The image Ihave used for my magazine to generally represent the genre Urban are images that are in some cases appealing, original and different, all the images in mymagazine are different in one way or another for example my cover features an image of a model who has a reflection , the contents an image of a model whohas been airbrushed and the double page spread a model who is in black and white, all the images I have used some what go against some of the typical codesand conventions however this just adds to the whole idea of it being original and different , the images also represent youth and fun, something funky andfresh and I believe all my images represent this one way or another.
  14. 14. “What kind of media institution might distributeyour media product and why?”
  15. 15. The media institution that would distribute my music magazine wouldbe the InterMedia and IPC Media (International Publishing Company),however the main institution that would distribute my magazine wouldhave to be IPC Media. This is purely based around the fact that this wellknown institution distribute and produce over 60 different iconic mediabrands which include nearly 26 million adult readers. I personallybelieve that they would distribute my magazine simply because mymagazine is aimed towards a target audience aged anywhere between12 and 25 however I want any audience to find attraction to my magazine regardless what age. I alsofound that InterMedia was an ideal institution to distribute my magazine as I researched the differenttypes of magazines they actually distributed and I had found that they distributed a wide range of differentwell known music magazines that are on the market at the moment, I had discovered that they distributedthe magazines Vibe which is a well known urban magazine on the market at the moment, I found that itwould be reasonable for me to want this institution to distribute my magazine as the chosen genre for mymagazine was also Urban so I found that my magazine fitted well with the genres of magazine that theinstitution distributed. The type of retail shop I would like my magazine to be sold at would be book stores such as Waterstones and WHSmith as these are well known stores which distribute a wide range of different magazines including a variety of music magazines as well as the fact that thousands of audiences will visit stores everyday and will see the magazine and then will hopefully purchase it. [Reference] :
  16. 16. “What have you learntabout the technologies from the process of constructing this product?”
  17. 17. Once again I was required to use both Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign when creating thecomponents I needed for my music magazine and similarly to before I also once again used theNikon D19 to take my images for the magazine. During the time I was slowly building my magazine I had further developed a betterunderstanding and knowledge since the production of the school magazine on how to use bothInDesign and Photshop better, and more efficiently, unlike the time when I first began usingInDesign when I began putting my school magazine together this time round when putting mymusic magazine together I felt more confident using the programme by my self and I personallyfelt that I came across fewer problems and issues, I felt I had made lesser mistakes than when Ifirst began and as for Photoshop I felt more confident using the programme independently and I had found that this time round I had experimented more with tools I might not have even looked at twice before, as a result of experimenting I discovered new tools and applications that I could use to make my images slightly more attracting and appealing, I felt that as I used the more tools the outcome of my images were greater. As a result I believe that my knowledge, understanding and ability on how to use these programmes independently and with confidence has strengthened, this is purely based around the fact that I was prepared to experiment and take a risk and as a result them risks were rewarding. As I was constantly looking at existing magazines I learnt that the codes and conventions played a significant part in the magazine as the codes and conventions are what gives the magazine its identity, it is what helps audiences become attracted to them and it also helps during the planning process and basically helping a magazine become as successful and profitable as it possibly can. For my magazine I had to do quiet a bit of editing in regards to my images which consisted of my central images for my cover, contents and double page spread, my back ground image for my contents page and also the small image that was on the left hand side of the title of my article on the double page spread. Whilst editing these images I specifically learnt the importance of layering a certain image if a effect needs to be added ( from personal experiences), looking at both my preliminary task and my final product I can honestly say that the power of technology has a massive impact during the productions steps of the final product.
  18. 18. “Looking back at you preliminary task, what do you feel you havelearnt in the progression from it to the full production ”
  19. 19. hool Magazine.Music Magazine.School Magazine.Music Magazine.School Magazine.Music Magazine.School Magazine.Music Magazine.School Machool Magazine.Music Magazine.School Magazine.Music Magazine.School Magazine.Music Magazine.School Magazine.Music Magazine.School M
  20. 20. [Looking back at both my school and music magazine I can identify to significant differences between the two.]It is very clear that there has been improvements from when I began creating my school magazine to the end of finishing mymusic magazine, I personally believe that it wasnt simply down to my improved knowledge on the typical codes andconventions of magazine but my improved knowledge, understanding and familiarisation on using professional softwaresthat are used by real media institutions.By correcting and analysing the mistakes I had made on my preliminary task, it helped me better my current knowledge andI also learnt about what a significant and crucial role the typical codes and conventions of a magazine played whenattracting a specific target audience and also whilst portraying the objective of the magazine clearly to the target audience.After completing my research for my preliminary task, I observed and noticed that school magazines tend to bend to rulesand usually didnt really abide by the typical codes and conventions of a magazine this was simply down to the mere factthat school magazines tend to be published and distributed within the school and within the school only except parents,carers or guardians, school magazines tend to have to commercial pressure, as in the actual world of magazines everythingtends to have a specific image or subject that is then usually manufactured and finally presented as reality to the audienceor readers.The improvement and development in technology also plays a BIG part in helping magazine institutions create a “fake”image and lifestyle and portray it as something realistic, the power of technology place a massive part in this process ofselling a very unrealistic image and then manipulating it to create a so called realistic and “plastic” image that is thenultimately sold to the audience under false pretences.This can sometimes lead to certain audiences becoming some what “mislead”, the image that magazines sometimes sell canproject a certain way of thinking and believing into some specific audience for example Aspirers who tend to be people thatwant to be in the social class above them, there are certain elements of the magazine that can be incredibly influential in theway they can manipulate the choices and actions audiences take when in certain situations. Another key thing is thatsometimes style choices can also affect audiences behaviour towards society for example, a social class that are the mostvulnerable to this are followers.