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Music institutions

  1. 1. Research and AnalysisMusicInstitutions The Big Four Record Companies
  2. 2. “The Big Four” are the largest recording companies in the current music industry, “The Big Four” consist of the following institutions -The Big 1 “The Universal Music Group” which is currently the largest of the four institutions. Four “Sony Music Entertainment” which is the current second largest of the four. 2 3 “Warner Music Group” which is the third largest recording company. “EMI Music Publishing” which is the fourth largest company and is the smallest out of the four institutions. 4 The Big Four are owned by Live Nation Entertainment, which currently stands as the largest promoter along with music venue owner hence as a result has control over live music industry. The Big Four however does not only promote music but also promotes other forms of media entertainment for example TV, Film and Magazine. The Big Four also has authority over several smaller companies which provide media entertainment of all different forms which targets a variety of audiences and consumers like yourself and I.
  3. 3. UniversalMusic GroupUniversal Music Group is a multinational music company and currently thelargest business in the music industry thus is a part of “The Big Four”by its leading market share and its multitude of global operations. Thecompany itself was founded in 1934 as DECCA Records USA howeverdeveloped in 1990 and formed MCA Music Entertainment Group. Six yearslater the first UMG incarnation was created and was further developed towhat it its current title as “The Universal Music Group” [UMG]The main headquarters for UMG are located in New York City in the UnitedStates.UMG share a large amount of music labels some of whichinclude, Interscope Records, Polydor Records and Geffen Records.The Universal Music Group have helped many current and successfulartists within the music industry at the moment some of which includeKanye West and ABBA.Website -
  4. 4. Sony MusicEntertainmentSony Music Entertainment is the second largest global recorded music companythat makes up the Big Four record companies, it is a joint business enterprisebetween the Sony Corporation of America and Bertelsmann AG in 2004. The mergeraffected both companies in a negative way worldwide however did not affectJapan, as a result of this on August 5th 2008, the Sony Corporation of Americadecided to purchase the other half that belonged to Bertelsmann AG and becamethe ventures successor for $1.2 billion. Sony Corporation of America now owningall shares of the business decided to change the name to Sony MusicEntertainment Inc which it presently stands as.Like the Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment are also based andhave a main headquarter set up in New York City in the USA.Sony Music Entertainment also have control over several other labels, some ofwhich include, Syco Music [Co Owned TV Personal Simon Cowell], Columbia Recordsand Epic Records.Sony Music Entertainment have also helped many current and successful artistsalong with past artists within the music industry some of which include artistslike Michael Jackson to more current artists like JLS.Website –
  5. 5. WarnerMusic GroupWarner Music Group is the third largest recording company therefore making it apart of the Big Four. The company was founded in 1958 and was recorded asWarner Bros Records however was purchased by Seven Arts Production in 1967.1970 saw the Warner Group built up a strong reputation and status within themusic industry and within the same year gained its first overseas bureau inboth Canada and Australia. With the growing success of the Warner Group in 1972the company changed their name to WEA Corp which represented its three mainlabels, Warner Bros, Elektra and Atlantic. In 2004 the company changed theirname once again to the Warner Music Group as it has become an independentholder.The Warner Music Group also have a central headquarter situated in New York inthe USA .The WMG also own several other music labels such as Warner Bros Records,Electra Records and Bad Boy Records.Here are some examples of artists who have worked alongside the WMG, AshleyTisdale, Paramore and Coolio.Website -
  6. 6. EMI MusicPublishingEMI Music Publishing is the smallest of the Big Four record companiesand is a British Music Company. 1931 the EMI was founded as the Electricand Music Industries LTD and has a merger of the UK Columbia GraphophoneCompany, the company during that time period was well known for one ofits record labels, His Masters Voice. EMI remains on top of its gameand continues to flourish and develop its name within the musicindustry.EMI stands apart from the other four institutions due to its mainheadquarters not being situated in New York, USA but in London, England.EMI share a large amount of music labels some of which include, AngelRecords, Circa Records and Blue Note Records .EMI have helped many current and successful artists within the musicindustry at the moment some of which include the likes of Jay Sean andRobbie Williams.Website -
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