Marketing, Get Real! No More Bullshits


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Simple marketing techniques

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Marketing, Get Real! No More Bullshits

  1. A cura di Farhad Alessandro Mohammadi is proud to announce... Marketing, Get Real! No More BULLSHITS
  2. What's “Marketing”? Getting exposure? Being talked about? Selling the own product or service? Getting new clients? Investing substantial amounts of money in advertising? ... I don’t care, my aim is a viral project.
  3. Marketing is… “a social process through which singles and groups may obtain what they need, by means of creation , offer and free trade of valuable products and services." Philip Kotler
  4. Marketing evolution What it was: - Marketing is advertising - how do I sell my product to customers? what it has been: - Marketing is appearance -How do I pack the product for customers ? what It should be: -Marketing is an integral part of productive process.
  5. Focusing on value “Marketing is that social and managerial process carried out to satisfy needs and requests through processes of production and trade of products and services. It’s the art and science of identifying, creating and providing value to fulfill requests of a specified market , thus generating a profit.” Philip Kotler
  6. In substance … Are you providing value to your clients? To get value you should provide value. Do your clients perceive its importance? Otherwise, they will offer nothing in exchange. The primary goal you have to take care of is to provide and get value.
  7. Manifested and unexpressed needs: we must consider the real market needs; what we perceive as valuable may be unattractive for the market.
  8. Have you caught your clients’ needs? Bakeka’s top list: Product – The ad automatically regains the first position. Suitable for business categories that publish lots of ads (estate agencies, car dealerships..) Reasonable costs Actual and measurable results So, why doesn’t it sell?
  9. Product redefinition - Addition of Premium ads - Addition of posters and showcases - Highlighting of showcase SEO component The three products above mentioned are not changing the amount of visits per ad (especially posters) , but the customer perceives a higher value of the product itself and he is willing to purchase the top list. The small dealer is affected by posters, because of their positive results over the years.
  10. Product communication: Marketing is selling How do you sell your product? Are you employing suitable words? What kind of levers are you using? “Give me a place to stand, and I shall move the world” Archimede
  11. Product communication: Publimedia Srl is an advertising agency based on offline commerce. After they had entered the online field, they still continued to adopt old selling methods, referring to visibility and contacts.
  12. Creative Marketing In case of considerable amounts of money, it’s easy to get noticed. But a good marketing campaign can be carried out even without investing a lot: we can opt for “creative Marketing”. Marketing is abstraction; it’s the ability of finding out suitable connections.
  13. Practically…. Let’s start by setting what do we need. How could we get it? Do we compulsorily buy it? Is there an alternative? Then we ought to analyze what could we offer in exchange. Have I anything other than money?
  14. How could we apply those theories? A principle applied to On-line commerce can be: I made up an app that has attracted a large user base, but I've failed in making it profitable. Does anyone need this sort of user base? Indeed, all users are aware that: “If you are not paying for it, you’re not the customer; you’re the product being sold”.
  15. The clever bit “”, a couponing website almost unknown, had a brilliant idea: they have launched a facebook page labelled “free gasoline” (highly viral) and 1000€ have been raffled for people enrolled in the competition. What about the result? Lots of new users to whom sending emails, achieved by means of a quite ridiculous investment.
  16. Long life to cooperation! Are you taking a look around? Are you speaking with people around you? Are you listening as well?
  17. Partnership with various Entities. A possible method to get users is the one applied by Groupalia group: they signed agreements with several associations composed of suitable members, thus they've considerably increased their sales.
  18. What’s the value of what I do? Have you deeply analyzed your project? Are you aware of who and what could be attracted by your idea? As Andy Warhol argued: “You must guess what people consider amazing in you in order to sell it”. Obviously, you must consider the social utility of your product, and, consequently, its possibility to get free resources and funding.
  19. The marketing of recycling Ruzzle, the current word-game! Ruzzle has satisfied the need of gaming and inventing simultaneously. That's why it works: – competition – socialization – non-simultaneous players – never ending game – playing time – use of social networks.
  20. Conclusion Another strategy is represented by a combination of perseverance with an attentive analysis of our own failures. “It doesn’t matter how many times you fail. It doesn’t matter how many times you almost get it right. No one is going to know or care about your failures, and neither should you. All you have to do is learn from them and those around you because… All that matters in business is that you get it right once. Then everyone can tell you how lucky you are." Mark Cuban
  21. FarAhead Consulting Via Po,52 Torino 011 196 664 59 @gofarahead