Translation skills


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Translation skills

  1. 1. Translation Skills and How to marketing myself By, Shahad F. Al-Nemari 0879099 Instructor, Dr. Shadia Y. Banjar LANE 462 Shahad F. Al-Nemari
  2. 2. Cultural Understanding Information Project Technology Management Translation Skills Making Language and Decisions Literacy Communication Shahad F. Al-Nemari
  3. 3. • Project Management ; *Translation needs to provide resources coordination as product and services, materials, manufacturing and production . * It needs also to administration and quality management. the aim of the administration is to give the administrators overall control of the entire project management application. Consider quality management integral to project work; ensure project team understands role in achieving quality goals. Shahad F. Al-Nemari
  4. 4. • Language and Literacy : *The translator needs to understand the source language, and he needs also to get writing skills in the target language. *The translator needs to be good editor and proofreader to scanned the text for grammar, syntax and spelling errors. • Communication : * The translator should clarify of expression, giving and receiving feedback, observing and checking understanding, and establishing rapport. Shahad F. Al-Nemari
  5. 5. • Making decision : * The translation should be reflecting, analyzing, evaluating, establishing facts and then making judgment. • Information Technology : * The translator needs to hardware and software programs such as: Microsoft office translation, to produce good translations. * And he needs electronic file management and e-commerce. Shahad F. Al-Nemari
  6. 6. • Cultural Understanding : * The translator should consider the differences in cultures between source language and target language. For example : In Europe culture they say girl friend and boy friend and these terms it doesn’t exist in Arabic culture. * And he should consider the national characteristics where the language is spoken. Shahad F. Al-Nemari
  7. 7. • How to Marketing My Translation Skills : Here are 5 steps for marketing my translation skills : 1- I need to be confident about my translation skills and reviewing what others have said about my it. 2- Decide what sort of work I am looking for. 3- Write a strong resume or CV that focuses on my achievements as a translator. 4- Use my personal contacts to advertise my services. 5- Setting up my own website is relatively easy to do. It should look as professional as possible. Shahad F. Al-Nemari