Teaching translation as a method. by shahad f. al nemari


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Teaching translation as a method. by shahad f. al nemari

  1. 1. Teaching Translation as a Method By: Shahad F. Al-Nemari Instructor : Dr. Shadia Y. Banjar LANE 462
  2. 2. Brainstorming Videotapes Common Worksheets Panel of Experts Teaching Method Index Card Lecture with Exercise Discussion Lecture
  3. 3. 1- Lecture : Needs clear introduction, summary, examples and time to presents factual material in direct, it contains experience which inspires and it’s useful for large groups. But it has some limitations such as: learning is difficult to gauge and communication in one way. 2- Lecture with discussion : Involves audience at least after the lecture and they can question, clarify and challenge. It requires that questions be prepared prior to discussion, but time may limit discussion period. 3- Panel of Experts : Allows experts to present different opinions in briefs panel and it can provoke better discussion than a one person discussion, but the experts may not be good speakers and subject may not be in logical order.
  4. 4. 4- Brainstorming : Is listening exercise that allows creative thinking for new ideas it must have some ideas if group needs to be stimulated , it encourages full participation because all ideas recorded so, one idea can spark off other ideas. But it needs to be limited to 5-7 minutes and it can be unfocused. It must have some ideas if group needs to be stimulated. 5- Videotapes : Are entertaining way of teaching content and raising issues, keep group’s attention looks professional and stimulates discussion. It can raise too many issues to have a focused discussion and discussion may not have full participation. It is effective only if facilitator prepares questions to discuss after the show.
  5. 5. 6- Worksheets : Are allow people to thing for themselves by preparing a handouts without being influences by others and then individual thoughts can be shared in large group. But it can be used only for short period of time. 7- Index Card Exercise : It uses to explore difficult and complex issues by preparing a questions, but people may not do exercise.
  6. 6. Thank You Have a Nice Lecture Reference Text book LANE 462