How to market the translation service


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How to market the translation service

  1. 1. Practicum in Translation<br />BasmahMahdi AL-Bogami<br />Basmah Mahdi AL-Bogami<br />
  2. 2. What are the translation skills ?<br />Basmah Mahdi AL-Bogami<br />
  3. 3. In order to be a good translator ,the translator should master these skills:<br />Information technology, The translator must be aware of: <br />Hardware and software used in producing translation.<br />Electronic file management so, that he can manage his file. <br />E-commerce in order to market his translation .<br />cultural understanding: the translator should know the culture of both the source language and the target language to produce an efficient and effective translation ,he must asks himself :<br />What influence the development of the source language ?<br />National characteristic where the language is spoken.<br />Hazard of stereotyping <br />Project management:<br />Resource coordination<br />Administration<br />Quality management<br />Add value service such as DTP<br />Basmah Mahdi AL-Bogami<br />
  4. 4. 4. Terminology Management :<br />Terminology research.<br />Terminology database maintenance <br />Translation memory management <br />Interaction with customer<br />The translator should be acquainted with the term whether its literacy or medical term and so on .<br />5. Language and literacy: <br />Understanding of the source language<br />Writing skills in the target language<br />Editing and proof- reading <br />6. Communication<br />Clarity of expression <br />Establishing rapport<br />Giving and receiving feedback <br />Observing and checking understanding <br />The translator should ask his client about their opinion of his translation.<br />Basmah Mahdi AL-Bogami<br />
  5. 5. 7. Making Decision:<br />Consulting <br />Reflecting <br />Analyzing and evaluating<br />Establishing facts <br />Making judgment<br />The translator assess his translation to chose the best among them. <br />Basmah Mahdi AL-Bogami<br />
  6. 6. How to market the translation service?<br />Basmah Mahdi AL-Bogami<br />
  7. 7. Marketing translation is very hard since there are many people competing for the same job, to marketing translation service the translator should follow these step:<br />Work as freelance translator at website such as, Translation and Translators Cafe to gain experience. <br />The key to a successful translator career is CV, therefore the translator should have an effective and organize CV, he/she should Create a list of projects he/she has done in chronological order including details on: <br />project name<br />topic/area<br />language pairing (source and target)<br /> duration and the reference. <br />The translator should make sure to update them regularly.<br />People hire via recommendation so the translator could seek his family and friend help to advertise his translation <br />Basmah Mahdi AL-Bogami<br />
  8. 8. Another good means for marketing is to make his/her own site or blog where he/her can present himself as a translator.<br /> Give as many details as he can about his skills.<br /> Some translation samples or a list of his/her most important and relevant projects<br /> Feedback from clients satisfied with his/her work will make him gain potential clients' trust. <br />Basmah Mahdi AL-Bogami<br />