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Amal assobei proverbs
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Amal assobei proverbs

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  • 1. Translate20 Proverb About ''Heart" from Arabic into English by Amal F. Assobei 1. ‫أَحْ سن إلي الناس تستعبد قلوبهم‬ ْ ِ "27sin ila annas tasta3bid globahom" Literal meaning: Do good to people and you'll enslave their hearts. Metaphoric meaning: People sure will love you, If you deal with them as proper. 2. ‫أدنى من حبل الوريد‬ "2dna min 7abl 2lwareed" Literal meaning: Closer than the carotid artery. Metaphoric meaning: As close to a person as is humanly possible. 3. ‫إذا فرغ الفؤاد ذهب الرقاد‬ " Itha fra3' 2lfu2ad thahab 2lroogad" Literal meaning: If heart became empty, sleep gone. Metaphoric meaning: If the heart is empty, the rest will soon abandon you too. 4. ‫العتاب صابون القلب‬ " 2l3itab sapoon 2lgalb" Literal meaning: Admonition is the soap of heart. Metaphoric meaning: Honesty (saying why you are upset with a friend) clears the heart of hatred and malice. 5. ‫عمى العين وال عمى القلب‬ " 3ama 2l3een wla 3ama 2lgalb" Literal meaning: Blindness of the eye is better than blindness of the heart. Metaphoric meaning: being blind is more preferable than being unknowledgeable. 6. ‫ربك رب قلوب‬ " rabak rab glob" Literal meaning: Your lord is the lord of hearts.
  • 2. Metaphoric meaning: God doesn't know the apparently only, but he knows what the breasts conceal of intentions. 7. ‫البعيد عن العين بعيد عن القلب‬ " 2lba3eed 3an il3een ba3eed 3an 2lgalb" The English Proverb : Out of sight , out of mind Metaphoric meaning: keeping away for too long makes you lose friendships and relations. 8. ‫قلبي على ابني نار وقلب ابني عليه حجر‬ "gabi 3ala ibni nar wi galb ibni 3alia 7ajar" Literal meaning: My heart goes out for my son like fire, and my son's heart goes out for me like stone. Metaphoric meaning: Describes how deep mothers (parents) feel about their sons, and how, in return, sons don't show many signs of love. No matter how ungrateful the son is , the mother would prefer remain cares about him. 9. ‫البشر يعقد القلوب على المحبة‬ " 2lbeshr ya3gid 2lglop 3ala ilma7abah" Literal meaning: Cheerfulness hold hearts on love. Metaphoric meaning: A call for smile. 10. ‫الغنى غنى القلب ال غنى المال‬ "2l3'ina 3'na 2lgalb la 3'ina 2lmal" Literal meaning: Richness is richness of heart not of money. Metaphoric meaning: The real richness and poverty is the heart's not money. Because of that if someone heart is poor then he commits bad doings. 11. ‫قلب المؤمن دليله‬ "galb 2lmu2min daliluh" Literal meaning: Believer's heart is his guide. Metaphorical meaning: The heart of true believer guides and help him to differentiate between rights and wrongs. 12.‫القلوب عند بعضها‬ "2lglop 3ind ba3ha" Literal meaning: Hearts towards each other. Metaphorical meaning: When there is a consensus between the two met on the same thing. 13. ‫القلب و ما يهوى‬
  • 3. "2lgalb wmaiehua" Literal meaning: what heart loves. Metaphoric meaning: when you like things that are meaningless, people use this proverb to mock you. 14. ‫الشوارب تبوس والقلب فيه السوس‬ "2shawarib tbos wilgalb fih 2ssos" Literal meaning: Mustaches are kissing, and the licorice is in the heart. Metaphoric meaning: One may greets you as perfect as he can, be his heart is full of hatred. 15. ‫ما فيه قلب‬ "mafih galb" Literal meaning: He doesn’t have as heart. Metaphoric meaning: It describes the dumb people. 16. ‫ما يشوف إال القلب‬ "ma yshof ila 2lglb" Literal meaning: Nothing sees excepts heart. Metaphoric meaning: You notice and see what you care about only. 17. ‫قلبه كبير‬ "galbh kbir" Literal meaning: His heart is big. Metaphoric meaning: It describes the generous man. 18. ‫فضة قلبها أبيض‬ "Fidah galbaha 2biad" Literal meaning: Fidah's heart is white. Metaphoric meaning: It is used when they describe someone is very kindhearted. 19. ‫المرء بأصغريه‬ "2lmar2 bi 2s3'araih" Literal meaning: A man is by his two smallest. Metaphoric meaning: A man's worth depends on his two smallest organs: his heart and his tongue. 20. ‫قلبه قلب أسد‬ "galbh galb 2sad" Literal meaning: His heart is a heart of lion Metaphoric meaning: Describes strong men, who even death is afraid of them.