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  • Emailvision offers a fully integrated marketing solution called Campaign Commander Enterprise Edition. With one SaaS product license, users of Campaign Commander have access to customer intelligence plus email, mobile and social campaign management. Our product is designed to give marketers visibility and control of their client data so they can create targeted marketing campaigns with higher response rates and campaign profitability. Our product strategy is focused on making campaign execution across these channels faster and more successful. Additionally we want to enable companies who are operating across boarders to expand their global online marketing with international product support. Campaign Commander Enterprise Edition features three integrated components, plus a marketing dashboard: Customer IntelligenceCustomer Intelligence enables marketers to rapidly explore and visualize their client data. Millions of records can be analyzed in seconds with drag and drop features that make data analysis easy-to-use and highly accessible for online marketing teams.  Email and Mobile MarketingThe intuitive features in Email and Mobile Marketing move marketers from the basics of campaign execution to more advanced tactics in online relationship marketing. Now fully integrated with Customer Intelligence, campaigns can be executed with targeted ‘smart segments’ that generate higher response rates with every campaign. Social Media MarketingSocial Media Marketing allows marketers to execute synchronized marketing campaigns across all of the major social media channels. Marketers can accelerate their social activities, manage highly dynamic communities and measure the business impact from social campaigns. Campaign Commander DashboardDesigned specifically for users of Campaign Commander, this innovative marketing dashboard provides a single view of key performance indicators coming from customer data plus email, mobile and social campaigns. Fully customized widgets display real-time views on all activities.
  • These are actual campaign results from a new user of Enterprise Edition. They were looking at the before and after of campaign performance with Customer Intelligence.
  • These are actual campaign results from a new user of Enterprise Edition. They were looking at the before and after of campaign performance with Customer Intelligence.
  • Tsl digital

    1. 1. Powering Smarter MarketingEmailvision2012Fareita UdohChannel Sales Manager www.emailvision.com
    2. 2. Agenda● About Emailvision● Product Capabilities● Platform & Deliverability● Global Support● Client Focus● Your Questions www.emailvision.com
    3. 3. Who is Emailvision?● International leader in email, mobile and social marketing● Offices in 19 countries● 620 employees● 3200 clients● 100 new clients / month● $90M annual revenues● Sending 500K global campaigns / month● The 1st company to deliver SaaS Customer Intelligence● The 1st company to integrate CI and Campaign Management● Recognition as a technology leader by:
    4. 4. What’s behind our growth? 67% of organisations expect to increase their email budgets in 2012 MarketingSherpa Investments made in email marketing will grow from $1.3B in 2010 to $2B by 2014 Forrester Research For every $1 invested in email marketing in 2012, the ROI is $39.40 Direct Marketing Association www.emailvision.com
    5. 5. Some of our 3000 + clients www.emailvision.com
    6. 6. Our mission Integration Emailvision APIs powers smart Emailemail, mobile andsocial campaigns Customer that deliver Intelligence results Custom Applications Custom Apps www.emailvision.com
    7. 7. Technology Alliances We’re integrating with a growing list of complementary Marketing, eCommerce & CRM Solutions www.emailvision.com
    8. 8. Technology Partners www.emailvision.com
    9. 9. Enterprise Edition Video
    10. 10. Deliver smarter online marketingDevelop more intelligence Build ‘smart segments’ about subscribers, for more targeted followers, fans marketing campaigns Customer Intelligence Send integrated social Send email and campaigns across mobile campaigns the major social with 2x the open networks rates www.emailvision.com
    11. 11. Customer Intelligence Marketers rapidly visualise their customer data, identify high value segments and immediately integrate them in marketing campaigns
    12. 12. Customer Intelligence● Query hundreds of millions of records and display customer segments in seconds● Explore detailed profile data including purchase behaviour and responsiveness to past marketing campaigns● Test and adapt strategies „on the fly‟● Instantly create and execute campaigns with campaign management integration● Increase customer lifetime value with insight that maximises acquisition and retention, as well as cross-sell and up-sell
    13. 13. Enterprise Edition Customer “We have now started to use Emailvision’s Customer Intelligence and within a couple of weeks we had access to our data. We were easily able to start applying information about our customers directly into our campaigns. With access to deeper insights into our data, we have quadrupled our conversion rate; significantly improving our customer marketing lifecycle and Customer Intelligence engagement and it’s just the beginning.” helped Republic increase their conversion Laura Henderson rate by 4 times Online Marketing Manager UK
    14. 14. Customer Example0.450% 2.000%0.400% Hard Bounces % 1.800% Soft Bounces %0.350% 1.600%0.300% 1.400% Non-CI Non-CI 1.200%0.250% CI 1.000% CI0.200% 0.383% 0.800% 1.725%0.150% 0.600%0.100% 0.400%0.050% 0.025% 0.200% 0.08%0.000% 0.000% 100.50% 100.00% Delivered % 99.50% 99.00% Non-CI 98.50% 99.90% CI 98.00% 97.50% 97.89% 97.00% 96.50% www.emailvision.com
    15. 15. Before / After CI20.00% 5.00%18.00% Opened % 4.50% Click Throughs %16.00% 4.00%14.00% 3.50%12.00% 3.00% Non-CI Non-CI10.00% 2.50%8.00% 17.69% CI 2.00% 4.43% CI6.00% 1.50%4.00% 7.95% 1.00%2.00% 0.50% 1.39%0.00% 0.00% www.emailvision.com
    16. 16. Before / After CI0.0500% 0.0600%0.0450% Conversion % Purchases % 0.0500%0.0400%0.0350% 0.0400%0.0300% Non-CI Non-CI0.0250% 0.0300% 0.0472% 0.0502% CI CI0.0200% 0.0200%0.0150%0.0100% 0.0100%0.0050% 0.0118% 0.0136%0.0000% 0.0000% www.emailvision.com
    17. 17. Email & Mobile Marketing Reports & Campaign Analytics Planner Portfolio Manager The main features of & User Rights List Management Campaign Commander & Segmentationautomate daily execution of email and mobile Integrations & APIs Split Testingcampaigns and increase success rates through Email, Social advanced capabilities & Mobile Deliverability Monitoring Triggered Transactional Marketing Marketing
    18. 18. Email and Mobile Customer “With Campaign Commander‟s intuitive and easy-to-use interfaces, we manage all our email marketing campaigns in- house. The Emailvision Service team is always available to understand our problems and give us accurate solutions. Since we have been working with Emailvision, our deliverability rate is excellent and our open and click-thru rates have increased by 20%.” Campaign Commander helped VoyagePrive.com David Bastien increase open and click- CEO of VoyagePrive.com thru rates by 20% France
    19. 19. Enterprise Dashboard Fusion Dashboard • Establish a single view of key performance indicators across all data and campaigns • Closely monitor activity and success across all online channels • Take responsive action in real time and observe the results www.emailvision.com
    20. 20. Social Marketing Reports & Campaign The main features of Analytics Management Campaign Commander enable social media Portfolio Community Management marketing to be Manager & User Rights organised by initiative, scheduledacross all major channels Team Integrations Collaboration and measured for & APIs business impact Branding Content Management
    21. 21. Social Marketing Multi-Channel Social Campaigns • Reach across all major global social networks • Campaigns align activities to real business initiatives • Campaign goals measure success against user KPIs • Amplify your existing business programs using social media www.emailvision.com
    22. 22. Social Marketing Segmentation and Campaign Reporting • Global campaigns dashboard including geo-location of clicks • Campaign overview dashboard based around user KPIs • Over 10 different reports across all social networks • Identify social media influencers and segment on „Klout‟ scores www.emailvision.com
    23. 23. Social Marketing Message Targeting and Scheduling • Segment your communities by language or geo-location • Powerful message scheduling options across social networks • Excel template for scheduling high volumes of messages • Bookmarks in browser for real- time messages on-the-fly • Editorial calendar www.emailvision.com
    24. 24. Social Marketing Amplify Brand Awareness • Keep your brand identity in everything you do via social networks • Shortened URLs and application names with your brand identity • Customisable landing pages connected with your links • Traceable URLs integrated with web analytics www.emailvision.com
    25. 25. Social Customer “We use Campaign Commander Social Edition to help us manage social media marketing at Cisco Live events where we send out event related updates to encourage audience participation and awareness before, during and after each event. We rely on Campaign Commander‟s scheduling, campaign management and reporting features. Campaign Commander enables me to Campaign Commander analyse the effectiveness of my updates helped Cisco Live Events and better craft our messaging to best double their number of meet our audience‟s needs.” participants in Social Kathleen Mudge Media in 12 months Marketing Manager at Cisco USA
    26. 26. Global Support● Sales and Client Services located in 19 countries● Employees include more than 40 nationalities● 30 Languages spoken inside Emailvision● Product available in 16 Languages● Product integration with 10 social networks● Relationships with over 150 ISPs globally
    27. 27. Client Testimonial “The added value of Emailvision is not only defined by its Campaign Commander software. The expertise of the support team, high value services on a partnership basis together with advanced technical consulting skills and Unilever Europe uses best practices is a great relief to us. It Campaign Commander for enables us to focus more on the 37 different brands coordination of our Brand-Online- Activities. Well done!” Jens Geisler IT Partner Manager at Unilever Germany
    28. 28. Global Customer Examples Toshiba ● Campaign execution in Germany, France, UK, Belgium, Luxemburg ● Supporting the laptop and storage device divisions ● Fully integrated with their CRM application Unilever ● Campaign execution for 37 brands plus B2B campaigns for Unilever Food Solutions ● Managing some campaigns directly and others through an agency ● Fully integrated with their ERP and CRM applications Hermes ● Campaign execution in English, French, Spanish, German, Flemish, Italian, Chinese, and Japanese ● Complete transactional support for all online account creation, orders and shipping confirmations, password reminders, order cancellations, and refunding confirmation