Body language


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A good way of creating impression

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Body language

  1. 1. Body Language -Fardin Shaikh (I335)
  2. 2. Agenda What is Body Language? The Importance The Ingredients How can i evaluate myself? How can i interpret body language? Video My View
  3. 3. What is body Language? The combination of often subconscious gestures, postures, and facial expressions that send out messages about a person's feelings and emotions.
  4. 4. Importance Learning to use confident body language can improve our job opportunities. Using appropriate body language can increase our dating prospects. Recognizing the significance of non-verbal gestures can help us better understand our own feelings or the feelings of others. Learning to interpret body language correctly can prevent misunderstanding . Body language can convince others to accept what we have to say.
  5. 5. Importance contd..
  6. 6. Ingredients prox·e·mics Spatial requirements ki-ne-sics The study of body movements, gestures, facial expressions, etc. ocu-les-ics Study of eye movements and contact chro-ne-mics Study of time in non verbal communication Study of…
  7. 7. How can i evaluate myself?
  8. 8. How can i interpret body language? Read Gestures in Clusters Look for Congruence Read Gestures in Context
  9. 9. How can i interpret body language? contd.. Read Gestures in Clusters Scratching a Head can mean number of things – sweating, uncertainty, dandruff, forgetfulness or lying. Like any other spoken language, body language has words, sentences and punctuation. Each gesture is like a single word and one word has many other information. E.g. the word “Dressing” has so many meaning in English. It can be addressed to clothing, fooding, application for wounds, grooming for horse etc. Its only when you put word into sentence with other words that only you can fully understand meaning
  10. 10. How can i interpret body language? contd.. Look for Congruence For instance, if you as a speaker were to ask your listener that “Do you agree on what I say”. If the gestures are not matching with the word he speaks. It is easily understood that he is lying .
  11. 11. How can i interpret body language? contd.. Read gestures in Context All gestures should be considered in the context in which they occur. If someone was sitting at a bus terminal with arms and legs tightly crossed and chin down and it was a cold winter day, it would most likely mean that the person is feeling cold. But on a similar ground if a person is sitting similarly in a meeting, it means he isn’t interested.
  12. 12. Areas in Body Language Hand shake Smiles Arm Signals Cultural Differences Hand gestures Eye signals How Legs reveal what’s on your mind Seating Arrangements
  13. 13. Hand shake Dominance Equality Submission
  14. 14. Worst Hand shake The Wet Fish The Bone Crusher Finger Tip grab Socket-Wrencher
  15. 15. Video You can take it from Youtube
  16. 16. My View Be Confident Be Tidy Be open for any conversation Be on Ground
  17. 17. Thank You Questions ?