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Deep Inner Game 1

Deep Inner Game 1



An in-depth analysis to human psychology helping to shape & build one's character.

An in-depth analysis to human psychology helping to shape & build one's character.
Link To Deep Inner Game 2 (http://www.slideshare.net/fard1999/deep-inner-game-2)



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    Deep Inner Game 1 Deep Inner Game 1 Presentation Transcript

    • FOUR PARTS OF PSYCHOLOGY1. Personal Boundary2. Decision Making Power3. Intellect/Ideas4. Emotional Energy
    • DURABLE FULFILLMENT1. Happiness (Self-Esteem)2. Success (Reach A Goal)3. Freedom
    • PSYCHOLOGY - FULFILLMENT• Personal Boundary Makes You Strong• Decision Making Gives You More Freedom • Wiser Your Decisions, More Freedom Society Bestows You To Make Even Bigger Decisions (Rise In Leadership Ability)
    • PSYCHOLOGY - FULFILLMENT• Proper Use Of Intellect Gives You Success • The Way You Arrange Ideas And Manage Time Gets You To Your Goals Efficiently• Mastering Emotional Energy & Self- Esteem Gets You To Happiness
    • LEARNING CURVE IN LIFE1. Lack Of Strength (Durableness)2. Lack Of Freedom (Feeling Trapped)3. Failure4. Happiness Or Unhappiness
    • ANATOMY OF A PROBLEM Hurts Emotional Stresses Losses Conscience LackDecision Trapped Problems Self Based Intuition Lack Boundary Educational Lack Failure & Intellectual Rejection Experiential Lack
    • DEFINE YOUR BOUNDARY1. Control (Things Within Your Personal Boundary Of Control)2. Suffering (Things Outside Your Personal Boundary Of Control) a. Don’t Burn Energy On Things You Do Not Control3. How Strong Is Your Personal Boundary? 1. What’s Your Identity? 2. What Are Your Preferences?
    • UNDERSTAND YOUR BOUNDARY1. Patch Holes In Your Boundary First Before Patching Holes In Others’ Boundaries2. Avoid Narcissism As It Leads You Into Complete Self-Obsession3. Avoid Perfectionism As It Is A Hole Within Your Boundary For An Image Of Yourself Showcasing You Have Reached Every Milestone Without Putting Any Effort
    • TYPES OF FALLIBLE BOUNDARIES1. Thin Skinned (Not Able To Differentiate Between The Good & The Bad)2. Thick Skinned (Not Willing To Exchange Any Views Due To Preconceived Notions Or Personal Traumas)
    • MATURE BOUNDARY1. A Boundary With Doors2. The Doors Are Controlled By Your Decision Powers3. Make Sure The Door Handle Is On The Inside & Not On The Outside4. Every Decision You Make Is Either Constructive Or Destructive
    • WHAT IS STRESS1. Stress Results From Either A Hurt Or Loss Situation2. It Is A Negative Emotional Energy3. A Strong Personal Boundary Thwarts Off Any Negative Emotional Energy4. Do Not Burn Energy On The Past/Future5. We All Get The Same Amount Of Time But Its Our Energy Which Is Our Most Valuable Resource
    • WHAT IS TRAUMA1. Trauma Is A Negative Energy Which Penetrated Your Personal Boundary Despite You Saying No To It2. If Hurt Gets In It Takes The Form Of Anger3. If Loss Gets In It Takes The Form Of Anxiety4. The Various Negative Energies Are Now Your Wounds
    • TYPES OF PROBLEM & CURE1. Biological Cured By Medicine2. Psychological Cured By Education Or Therapy3. Stress Cured By You Making A Decision Relating To The Stress
    • SYMPTOMS OF PROLONGING APROBLEM• By Not Dealing With Stress, It Will Start Affecting Your Psychology• Your Psychology Will Affect Your Character & Personality Causing Regression• Negative Psychology Affects Your Brain Chemistry Inherently Hurting Your Biology
    • HOW TO DEAL WITH STRESS• A Thin Line Exists Between Your Psychology & Stress• Learn To Master Your Inner Psychology To Deal With Outer Stress
    • CURRENCIES• Invisible Psychological Trade Keeps Taking Place All The Time• Each Trade Has A Currency• Currencies Get Exchanged Across Your Borders (Personal Boundary)
    • CURRENCIES• Strength For Your Boundary • When You Protect A Woman• Freedom For Decision Making • When You Give Up Decision Making Power From Inside You Have Given Up Your Personal Freedom
    • CURRENCIES• Time For Your Intellect/Ideas • Its What You Pay To Fill Up On New Ideas • Eg: Education, A New Experience• Love For Self-Esteem
    • WHAT IS VALUE• Value Relates Directly To The Kind Of Deals You Are Open To In Life• It Can Be Win-Win Or Win-Lose Deals• If You Accept Too Many Win-Lose Deals Wherein You Are The Loser It Can Hurt Your Personality• Do Not Always Be A Giver
    • WHAT IS VALUE• But Do Learn To Create Value For Others• The More You Create Value For Others• The More Rich The Returns Will Be For You
    • INDEPENDENCEEMOTIONS Qualities That Are Personal IDEAS To You As An IndividualDECISIONS
    • INTIMACY EMOTIONS EMOTIONS IDEAS IDEAS DECISIONS DECISIONS MAN WOMAN Intimacy Takes Place When You Share Your Inherent QualitiesWith Another Individual Which Matches Both Of Your Personalities (Illusion Of Falling In Love)
    • CODEPENDENCE• Stage Where You Get Trapped In Intimacy• No Protection Between Two Individuals• Lack Of Ability To Say No• Unable To Agree To Disagree• Somebody Else Controls You• No Protective Boundary Between The Two
    • INTERDEPENDENCE• Most Mature Mode To Use Your Boundary• Switching Back & Forth Between Intimacy & Independence• Staying Too Long In Codependence State Will Eventually Lead To One Person Dominating Over The Other
    • INTERDEPENDENCE• Asserting Your Independence Does Not Mean An End To A Relationship• Commitment Need Not Be A Closed Boundary Encircling All These States
    • KNOWLEDGE OF A WOUND• Not All Wounds Are To Be Taken Negatively• Your Wound Is Full Of Knowledge From The Difficulties You Have Faced In Life• Wounds Are Valuable & Make Up Part Of Your Identity
    • KNOWLEDGE OF A WOUND• There Is Energy In A Wound• In Your Wound Is Knowledge That Nobody Else In The World Has• But The World Needs This Knowledge From You
    • SUCCESS• Success Is Related To Reaching Your Goal• Reaching A Goal Allows You To Expand Your Personal Boundary• Achieving Success Does Not Equate To Achieving More Self Esteem
    • CREDITS• Dr. Paul Dobransky & His Research• David DeAngelo & His Workshop