When to Visit Argentina


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Argentina appeals to different travelers on different levels. Some come for the urban delights of Buenos Aires, while others long to explore the wildlife of Patagonia

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When to Visit Argentina

  1. 1. When to Visit Argentina Posted by Lisa Marie Mercer on 01st, September 2012 When to Visit Argentina Argentina appeals to different travelers on different levels. Some come for the urban delights of Buenos Aires, while others long to explore the wildlife of Patagonia. Winter sport enthusiasts arrive in Argentina in June, July and August, happen to extend their ski season for as long as possible. Figuring out the best time to travel requires a careful planning strategy. When Is the Best Time to Visit Argentina? The best time to visit Argentina depends on where you want to go, what you want to do, whom you want to do it, and how much you want to spend. Argentina's climate ranges from scorching hot to freezing cold, so factor your tolerance for varying weather conditions into your decision. This multifaceted South American Country hosts a potpourri of special events throughout the year. If any of these celebrations or events spark your interest, add them to your itinerary and plan accordingly. When To Visit Argentina | Visiting Argentina Adventures in South America Best Time to Be in Buenos Aires Buenos Aires experiences autumn conditions from March to May. After a damp and chilly winter, spring arrives in September and lasts through November. Visit during spring or fall if you enjoy comfortable temperatures, and if you would like a chance to meet some true "portenos" – citizens of Buenos Aires. The native population disappears to the beaches when summer arrives,
  2. 2. leaving their city to the tourists who arrive in droves. Tango aficionados should visit in late August, when the city hosts the Tango Buenos Aires and World Cup event (tangobuenosaires.gob.ar). February brings Carnival to Buenos Aires. While not as big as the ones held by its neighbors in Montevideo and Brazil, the Buenos Aires Carnival is still worth a visit. It's a busy season, so book your vacation rental as soon as possible. When to Go to Mendoza and the Wine Country Locals call Mendoza Argentina "la tierra del sol y del buen vino,” or, "the land of sun and good wine." Vivid fall colors and mild temperatures make autumn the ideal time to visit Mendoza and the Argentine wine country. The Vendimia (mendoza.gov.ar/vendimia) or wine harvest festival, takes place in March, and entices wine lovers from Argentina and all points of the globe. When To Visit Argentina | Argentina Places To Visit How Much You Should Tip Parties, parades and pageantry characterize this event, which Fodor's describes as a mix of the pompous and the provincial. Mendoza Vendimia sits at the top of many a wine lover's bucket list, so expect hotels and vacation rentals to fill up quickly and charge higher rates to reflect the popularity of the event. Optimal Time to Explore Patagonia Glaciers, rugged mountains, fjords and windswept steppe characterize Argentine Patagonia. A tendency toward strong winds and spontaneous storms triggers unpredictable weather patterns. Trails gain accessibility over the summer months, but crowds swell and prices rise during this season. September to November delivers sunny and mild weather.
  3. 3. This is the peak season for sea life viewing on Peninsula Valdes. The charismatic Magellanic penguins nest in October and November, and the newborns arrive from December to March. Holiday In Argentina Making the Most of the Argentine Ski Season The South American ski season begins in June and lasts until September or October. Dates are approximate, depending on Mother Nature's mood. A South American school holiday takes place during the last two weeks of July, making the slopes and the lodging venues more crowded than usual. There's a legend that surrounds early September ski season in all of South America. Mind you, it's just a legend, but many skiers are avid believers. Apparently, in 1615, a ship of Dutch pirates were planning an attack that would ransack Lima Peru. A young lady named Isabel Flores de Oliva prayed for a storm that would sink the ship. Her prayers were answered, and she was granted saint status. From then on , she was known as Santa Rosa. A festival in her honor is held in September, but almost every year, in the end of August, a massive snow storm occurs, which affects all of South America – especially the ski resorts of Argentina. Many people thus believe that early September is the best time to ski. Spring skiing happens at a small resort called La Hoya (cerrolahoya.com), located in Esquel, Patagonia. In September, the resort holds a ski festival, which features a costume party and live music.