How to plan a wedding on a small budget


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How to plan a wedding on a small budget

  1. 1. How To Plan A Wedding On a Small Budget - Part 2 Posted by Andrew Prince on 27th, September 2012 Welcome back to part two (2) in our two parts article series on ' How to plan a wedding on a small budget' in part one (1) we covered    engage your friends Set some touchstones that may or may not affect your budget and Allocate the funds today we will continue with more interesting items and suggestions to keep your budget in line: Get estimates and customer feed backs for a better deal Do some research in your geographic area and find out who provides the services you are looking for and get some estimates and customer feedback. Talk to friends, co-workers, and family members who have had their own wedding experiences and get first hand recommendations that you can consider when looking at your own options. How to Plan a Wedding for Cheap | Planning an Inexpensive Wedding Affordable Beach Weddings Try to create your own invitations If you and your fiancé are tech savvy, you may choose to purchase a much cheaper do it yourself invitation kit that you can design using your own computer as opposed to spending four or five times the amount on professionally printed invitations. The products on the market today are of very high quality and when done well, can look even better than the similar products done by professionals. If you choose to create your own invitations, be sure to spell and grammar check them diligently before pressing print!
  2. 2. Have more than one person proof read the draft before you print them out in mass to ensure that the details of time, date, and location are correct. It will not prove to be as significant a savings if you have to purchase multiple packages because of errors. Try home made favors Homemade favors can be a wonderful, personal touch to add to your wedding. If you choose to do a “do it yourself” favor for your wedding, ensure that it is something you enjoy doing (because you are probably going to have to do more than one or two of them!) you have enough time to do it properly and have it done in a timely manner. You do not want to find yourself scrambling to finish a project the night before your wedding. Rushing at those times can lead to sloppy workmanship which will not be the reflection you want on your wedding! Weddings on a Budget | Planning an Inexpensive Wedding Perfect Wedding Budgeting is really not a very fun task at any time, but especially when you want to ensure that your big day is going to be the beginning of your “Happily Ever After” story, and you want it to be perfect. It can still be perfect when you operate within a budget. You will need to prioritize your wants and renegotiate your budget if necessary. Your wedding day is about the two of you, so be true to yourselves and make it a day to remember. ** Here are some great wedding resources for you and yours success: 1. Father of the Bride Speech
  3. 3. 2. Wise Wedding Planning: The Perfect Theme Wedding 3. Best Man Wedding Speech How to Plan a Wedding for Cheap, Planning an Inexpensive Wedding, Weddings on a Budget