Holidaying in turkey


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Holidaying in turkey

  1. 1. Holidaying in Turkey- Recharge your Mind, Body and SoulPosted by Elizabeth D’Costa on 13th, July 2012Holidaying in Turkey- Recharge your Mind, Body and SoulAre you looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of your work and routine and set off on aholiday that would inspire you with a land rich in its history, diverse in its culture and modern in itsoutlook. Imagine yourself walking through the bustling streets of a country that is probably one of theoldest inhabited regions on the globe.As per historians, the Anatolian Peninsula that holds most of modern Turkey today, is the place wherethe earliest human settlements existed. The Republic of Turkey is a Eurasian country surrounded byeight countries that include Bulgaria, Greece, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Iran, Iraq and Syria. In acountry where Asia converges with Europe, the landscape is studded with scenic mountains in the East,golden beaches, mysterious rock formations and the famous Turkish Riviera in the southwest.CITIES TO VISITThe most important cities to visit while in Turkey would obviously include those in the TurquoiseCoast like Antalya, Alanya, Bodrum and Marmaris. Others include Istanbul, Ankara (the capital),Ephesus, Ayvalik, Cappadocia, Goreme, Konya, Pamukkale, Selcuk, Izmir and Bursa.Turkey HolidaysIn this two (2) part article series, I will take you to the best Turkey Holidays spots from Istanbul toBursa. We will provide a travel compass to guide to the best in Holidaying in TurkeyTURKISH RIVIERA AND THE BLUE VOYAGEThe Turquoise Coast as it is popularly known is the other name for the Turkish Riviera. It has the headycombination of beautiful weather, warm sea, and a coastline that stretches beyond the horizon along the
  2. 2. Mediterranean and Aegean seas. The architectural and natural beauty of this place attracts many touristsevery year to soak in the sun and sights. It is believed that during the Roman era, Marc Anthony hadpresented the Turkish Riviera as the most beautiful wedding gift to Cleopatra. The internationallyacclaimed Blue Voyage is a week long trip for tourists to take on Gulets ( a traditional Turkish sailingboat) along the Turquoise coast. They sail away to ancient harbors, cities, mausolea and cozy beacheshidden away in the small coves, among the lush forests and sunlit streams that lace the coast.ISTANBULIstanbul has the modern chaos of a city booming in its economy. Shops and skyscrapers, streets busywith taxis, people and public transport are all the regular sights you would see in any city. But with amap to guide you, drink in the sights of ancient architecture found in the mosques and palaces that havestood the test of time. Istanbul is the cultural and economic hub of Turkey.Art, entertainment, tourism, shopping, education, commerce and trade all begin here. It offers a mixedbag of entertaining delights in the form of jazz, rock concerts, theatre, opera, ballet, musicals, classicalmusic and finally good Turkish and International cuisine. The blend of Byzantine and Ottoman empiresand culture is evident in the architectural wizardry. The Blue Mosque built in the 17th century, gets itsname from the colored tiles that are placed in the interior upper level.Investing in Turkey | Buying Property in TurkeyIt was built during the rule of the Ottoman Empire and is one of the most popular sights that silhouetteagainst the horizon. The Byzantine Hippodrome was the scene of all games during the Ottoman history
  3. 3. that scaled 500 years. The monuments that surround the Hippodrome are worth visiting. They includethe 3500 year old Obelisk of Theodosius made of Egyptian granite bought in 390 AD byConstantinople from the Emperor Theodosius.Also worth visiting are two important places- the Hagia Sophia which is a basilica turned mosque andone of the most impressive buildings here. The Topikapi Palace housed the Ottoman sultans for nearly400 years of their rule where they lived in hundreds of rooms and harems with their concubines,servants and children.Turkey HolidaysOther attractions include the Kapalicarsi, which is the Grand Bazaar that forms a covered labyrinth atmany levels. You would find bargains on Turkish carpets that assure you of everything except a flightout of Istanbul, glazed pottery and tiles, meerschaum pipes, expensive alabaster lamps and ashtrays,copper and brass ware and…well, possible everything you have on your shopping list!While you shop and bargain, a good walk to the market is better than taking a taxi that runs througharduous routes. Besides, when you walk, you see more…who knows, you may even find Aladdins lostlamp! Beware of pickpockets and bag snatchers.The market closes at midday for ritualistic prayers and is closed on Sundays. Take your pick from the4000 odd shops and walk through a maze of colors and treasures that you may never know the real
  4. 4. worth of until you buy one!ANKARAIt is the capital city and falls in the Anatolian Valley. It offers a host of inexpensive but good restaurantsand cafes for the traveler to relax and enjoy the sights and sounds of the city. Ankara houses theMuseum of Anatolian civilizations and Mausoleum of Kemal Ataturk. Near Ulus square lie the ruins ofthe Temple of Augustus and Rome.Joint me in part two (2) of this two part article series on the Best Turkey Holiday spots,next stopEPHESUS and SELCUK