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Job resume

  1. 1. Useful Tips for Writing a Job Resume
  2. 2. Useful Tips for Writing a Job ResumeWhen it comes to applying for a job, you should pay close attention to writing your job resume. Some applicants fail to get the job interview not because they do not meet the qualifications but because their resumes did not attract the employer’s attention. However, this does not mean that you have to print your resume on an orange paper that glows in the dark or write your resume using a large font size. You just have to write it in such a way that employers would want to know more about you as an applicant.Writing a resume is not as difficult as it seems even for the new graduates as long as you follow the tips below.
  3. 3. Include only relevant details in your job resume. Relevant details are details that are related to the position that you are applying for. For example, if you are applying as a computer programmer, you do not need to include your experience as a cashier in a fast food chain when you were still in college.This may seem tempting to others because it will show how resourceful and independent you are in supporting yourself but this will only waste your employer’s time.You can probably mention this during the interview if the question calls for it. You also do not need to include your religion, parents’ names, grade school achievements, and other minor details.
  4. 4. • It is better to write your job resume in bullet form than in paragraph form. Bulleted information is easier to read that if it is in paragraph. Remember that there are a lot of applicants for one job position and the human resource personnel only have time to browse through the numerous resumes. Do not write a short novel about your life as a student and your experiences in your previous companies. Include only the highlights of your education and career. And if you really cannot stop yourself from writing in paragraph, you have to at least make sure that the paragraphs are short and concise.• Include a cover letter with your resume. The cover letter gives you an opportunity to introduce your resume and to tell the employer how your skills match the job description. This also includes how you found the job opening and why you are interested in applying for the position.
  5. 5. • Make sure that all the details are correct and updated. Check for spelling errors especially when it comes to proper names. Make sure that your contact details are updated. This will ensure that the employer will be able to contact you in case they want to have you for an interview. Correct details are also important because most companies do background check. If they find out that your details are wrong, even if it is unintentional, they might think that you are a fraud and will instantly dismiss your application.• You have to follow these useful guidelines if you want to write a good job resume that can help you land the job that you are applying for.