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Covering letter

  1. 1. Some of the Major Mistakeswhen Writing a Cover Letter
  2. 2. Writing a cover letter requires careful planning to increase your chances of getting your desired position in a company.You have to know exactly how to write its major components including its header, introduction, body and closing.You should also avoid the major mistakes committed by other applicants when writing their cover letters.These mistakes include the following:
  3. 3. 1. Creating a weak start. The opening of your letter shouldbe written in an impressive manner to ensure that itimmediately captures the attention of your prospectiveemployer.This means that it instead of following the usual openingsentence saying “I am applying for the _______ position”, youshould consider rephrasing it into something that is alreadycapable of stating your professional and educationalbackground. Make sure that your experience and youreducational background perfectly match the position that youare applying for.This is a major help if you want your cover letter to stand out andencourage the hiring employer to continue reading it.
  4. 4. 2. Not writing the most ideal length for a covering letter.This means that you should write a letter which is not too shortto make an employer think that you are not serious aboutgetting the position or too long to bore him.If you are planning to submit an e-mail cover letter, then youshould make it a part of the body of your e-mail message andlimit it to only two paragraphs.Cover letters sent through fax or direct mail should be between 3to 5 paragraphs.
  5. 5. 3. Sending the same letter to different companies. Avoid makinggeneric cover letters if you are planning to apply for different positionsin different companies as this may only ruin your chance of gettinghired. Conduct a research about a specific company, as this will makeit easier for you to customize your letter in a way that can help you getahead despite the fierce competition. You can show a prospectiveemployer that you are really interested in the position if you spendtime learning more about his company.4. Using clichés such as having the ability to multitask, excellentwritten communications skills, excellent verbal communications skillsand thinking out of the box. The content of your coveringletter should never be filled with overused words and ideas so you cancontinue impressing the hiring employer. Make an effort to come upwith creative ideas when writing your letter. This is a major help inshowing your creativity and your broad vocabulary.
  6. 6. 5. Including your salary requirements and previous salaryinformation in your cover letter. Keep in mind that this is not thebest place for you to discuss about things related to yoursalary. If an employer asks for information about your previoussalary or your remuneration requirements, then make sure thatyou present this in another document.6. Omitting contact details. Although it is true that resumeand cover letter usually come together, there is still a greatchance that the two will become separated so you have to makesure that your contact details are listed in these twodocuments. This will give your potential employer a way tocontact you in the absence of your resume.