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Advertising online

  1. 1. Some Websites You Can Use for Advertising Online
  2. 2. Advertising online has gotten much easier and more effective.Everyone who needs to advertise online can choose from a widearray of websites that offers an ad space in exchange for a littlefee. Some of them follow a pay-per-click system wherein theadvertisers pay only when their ad gets clicked by users. If youhave plans on advertising online, here are some of the websitesthat may help you.GoogleGoogle is one of the largest search engines today. Most peoplewould go to Google whenever they need to look for somethingonline. Whether it is a product or a piece of information, thesearch engines prove to be very useful as they rank websitesaccording to keyword match, relevance, and popularity.
  3. 3. Aside from organically ranked websites, Google puts somesponsored links or paid ads on top of the search results. You canchoose from several advertising programs of Google includingGoogle AdWords and Google AdSense.Google offers a pay per click system for advertisers who have alimited budget. It is a good way to ensure that you are paying forsomething. If an ad doesn’t get to be clicked then you havenothing to pay but must signal you to review and modify yourcampaign.YahooIf you are determined to reach consumers who use searchengines when looking for products and services, you might wantto include Yahoo advertising as well. Like Google, Yahoo offers apay per click system.
  4. 4. Advertising online using Yahoo allows you to take a space fromits front page. You can choose to use rich media formats orfloating ads. You can also opt to use video for online advertising.They also let the advertisers specify region, position of the adand its size.FacebookFacebook is currently the leading social networking site in mostcountries today. It is a good place to advertise. However, itscharges are higher than that of the said search engines.Recently, Facebook announced their new analytics that let theadvertisers track not only the likes or clicks, comments andmentions but also other actions on Facebook downstream. Theadvertisers could also indicate the actions that they want totrack.
  5. 5. When advertising online using Facebook, you can specify yourtarget consumers by gender, age bracket, etc. You can also usethird party metrics to measure your campaign’s success. Plus,Facebook offers some space as sponsored stories that come witha higher click through rate.YouTubeYouTube is another website that can be utilized for advertisingonline. It is the top video-based website. People go to YouTubefor educational, entertaining and even nonsensical videos.YouTube advertising can be done using display ads and in streamads. You can also opt to have your video listed as a promotedvideo. The display ads and stream ads will be available on othervideos uploaded by YouTube users who opt to monetize theirvideos.
  6. 6. TwitterTwitter is another website that’s good to be used foradvertising online. However, advertisers should refrainfrom posting only advertisements. It is best to shareinformation and communicate with your followers.The Twitter and other social networking sites wereproven to benefit advertisers by gaining fans orfollowers, improving search engine ranking, andreducing the costs.