Non-verbal Communication
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  • 1. GROUP 8Nik Nur Shuhada Bt Nik RasidiNurSyahira Bt BaharudinNurul ‘Aqilah Bt ZakariaNor Farahana Bt Sidek
  • 2. What is nonverbal communication?
  • 3. Nonverbal communication is a process ofcommunication through sending and receivingwordless messages. Nonverbal Communication = Communication without words
  • 4. Difference between verbal &Nonverbal communication
  • 5. Verbal and non verbal are all types ofcommunication. But the difference betweenthem is that we use our voice in verbalcommunication and we use body signs innon-verbal communication.
  • 6. Form of nonverbal communication • Eye Contact • Facial Expressions • Posture • Gestures
  • 7. Eye Contact Eye contact, a key characteristic of nonverbal communication, expresses much without using a single word.
  • 8. Eye contact Do’s Don’ts1- Made eye contacts with all 1- Focus only at one place audience2- Look at the person you are 2- Look at the bored audience comfortable with
  • 9. Facial Expression Facial expression can communicate numerous feeling E.g : sad anger happy
  • 10. Facial Expression Do’s Don’ts 1- Always smile at 1- Over-do the smile appropriate time 2- Adapt facial expression accordingly to the matter and audience
  • 11. PosturePosture and how you carry yourself tells a lot about you. How youwalk, sit, stand or hold your headnot only indicates your currentmood, but also yourpersonality in general.
  • 12. Posture Do’s Don’ts1- Tap the shoes slowly while 1- Walk too fast to or too slow walking 2- Walk properly 2- Leg cross/slouches while walking @ sitting 3-Shoulder shrug
  • 13. Gesture A gesture is a characteristic of nonverbal communication in which visible body actions communicate particular message. Gestures include movement of the hands, face, or other parts of the body.
  • 14. Gesture Do’s Don’ts 1- Gripping hands 1- Gripping hands 2- Rubbing hands 3- Appropriate hands movement
  • 15. Gripping hands
  • 16. Thank You