Searching with an integrated ontology
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Searching with an integrated ontology






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    Searching with an integrated ontology Searching with an integrated ontology Presentation Transcript

    • Searching with an Integrated Ontology Floor Verdenius, Jan Top, Nicole Ketelaars ATO B.V. P.O. Box 17 6700 AA Wageningen The Netherlands [email_address]
    • Content
      • Introduction
      • Principles
      • Examples
      • Realisation
    • Introduction
      • Goal of the pilot
      • Illustrating the power of an Agricultural Ontology Server in identifying relevant information
      • Objectives
      • Easy to realize pilot
      • Using real world cases
      • Providing actual illustration of the concept
    • Introduction
      • Benefits
      • Illustration of AOS potential
      • Preparation of full AOS proposal
      • Improved search quality in A/OL
      • Search service for Combase domain
      • Technology
      • Ontologies are developed in Protégé
      • The AOS pilot is a prototype web application
      • The AOS pilot calls an external search engine
    • Introduction
      • Results
      • Dedicated domain ontology for Combase,
      • Common A/OL-Combase ontology consisting of the shared concepts
      • Demonstration of improved search capacity for at least 3 queries; for each query:
        • search without an ontology
        • search with A/OL ontology
        • search with integrated AOS ontology (A/OL & Combase)
        • search both deep and wide in the ontologies
    • Principles
      • Domain ontologies:
        • A/OL: Structured knowledge on Anti-microbial Compounds
        • Combase: Structured knowledge on Microbial Growth
      • A/OL ontology
      • Anti-microbial compounds
      • Food substrates
      • Experiments
      • Measurements
      • Micro-organisms (list)
      • Combase ontology
      • Microbial growth
      • Biochemistry
      • Micro-organisms (taxonomy)
      Cross-domain ontology Reconciled & unified concepts (e.g. micro-organisms)
    • Searching using an ontology
      • Searching is more efficient, because concepts have a meaning and a relation with respect to other concepts.
      • Example: beer
        • lager, stout and ale are types of beer (child of)
        • beer is an alcoholic beverage, like wine (type of)
      deep search wide search
    • Realization
      • A/OL Ontology
        • Formulating the ontology for Anti-microbial compounds
        • (part of the A/OL project)
      • Combase ontology
        • Formulating the ontology for Microbial Growth
        • Formalizing knowledge that fills the Combase simulation system
      • Mapping A/OL & Combase ontology
        • Identification of shared concepts in ontologies
        • Reformulating ontologies based on cross domain ontology
      • Search demonstration
        • Demonstration of search performances on 3 representative search queries