Islandora : Managing digital assets with a best-practices framework
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Islandora : Managing digital assets with a best-practices framework



The objective of this presentation is to provide an overview of Islandora and its solution packs for the management of digital assets.The ppt will present the concept of Islandora, example solutions ...

The objective of this presentation is to provide an overview of Islandora and its solution packs for the management of digital assets.The ppt will present the concept of Islandora, example solutions packs for digital assets, activities, the benefits of being part of the Islandora community and achievements of Islandora.



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Islandora : Managing digital assets with a best-practices framework Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Islandora Melissa Anez - Project & Community Manager Mark Leggott - Founder and Board Chair Islandora Foundation
  • 2. What is Islandora? ๏ A Digital Asset Management system to manage and archive large amounts of digital data, no matter what the format. ๏ Drupal on the front-end, Fedora on the back-end
  • 3. What is Islandora? ๏ Free and Open Source ๏ Released under a GNU General Public License
  • 4. What is Islandora? ๏ Flexible UI on top of Fedora + other apps ๏ Out-of-the-box support for books, PDFs, small and large images, audio, video, newspapers, and WARC ๏ Virtual Machine Images, sandbox, documentation, listservs, Camps
  • 5. Why Islandora?
  • 6. History Mark Leggott, then University Librarian at U of Winnipeg, had bad experiences with commercial software, and increasing interest in open source. “I felt OS software had become as good, or often better, than proprietary systems and I was determined to move in that direction at UPEI.”
  • 7. Source: Seventh annual Future of Open Source Survey
  • 8. Evolution ๏ Developed @ UPEI (2007) ๏ Core team at discoverygarden/UPEI Library ๏ Developed to meet the diverse needs of digital asset management in all areas ๏ Assumption of need to change all or some components over time a key requirement ๏ Integration with other systems as well
  • 9. Conceptualizing Initializing Creating/ Analyzing Reporting Formalizing Popularizing Research Institutes Libraries & Archives Museums Media Organizations Health Centres Government Agencies Private Companies Universities & Colleges NGOs & Non- Profits Other Access Collaboration Preservation E-Mail, Letters, Published Research, Requirements Meeting Minutes, Grants, Data Collection, Acquisitions Forms, Data, Cataloguing, Findings, Discussion Reports, Theses, Datasets, Visualizations Articles, Curricular Content, Policies, Exhibits Blogs, Twitter, Newspapers, iTunesU, Flickr
  • 10. Features & Tools
  • 11. Solution Packs ๏ Image, Large Image, Audio, Video, Book, PDF, Newspaper, Scholar/IR, WARC, Compound ๏ Includes Metadata Object Description Schema (MODS) form, Dublin Core (DC) mapping, sample data, viewer(s), TechMD extraction, etc. ๏ Solution Pack modules makes it easier to create new ones, by modifying existing SPs
  • 12. Form Builder ๏ Create a rich form for any XML schema ๏ Multiple forms for specific schemas - present different forms to different users ๏ Multiple schemas in a single form ๏ Add advanced functions, such as look-up fields using indexes for other objects ๏ Control access via security policies
  • 13. Administrative Functions ๏ Each release adds new access to Admin functions via GUI ๏ Exposed as standard Drupal modules ๏ Can be defined as part of Solution Pack or added to Tool modules
  • 14. Preservation Services ๏ Fedora provides robust service framework ๏ New modules designed specifically to support preservation: ๏ BagIt ๏ Checksum ๏ Checksum Checker ๏ PREMIS ๏ Islandora Preservation Interest Group formed April 2014
  • 15. Tools Modules ๏ File Information Tool Set (FITS) Extractor creates technical metadata ๏ Batch Import (RIS, EndNote, PubMed, DOI, OAI) ๏ Optical character recognition (OCR), Tesseract with OCR/HOCR ๏ MARCXML to ingest and view MARC data ๏ Others: Open Archives Initiative (OAI), Bookmark, Solr Metadata, XML Sitemaps
  • 16. Suite Modules ๏ Islandora Sync ๏ Treat Fedora objects as Drupal nodes ๏ Leverage massive list of available Drupal community modules ๏ Islandora Scholar ๏ Use Islandora as an institutional repository ๏ Attach additional data files to citations ๏ Bibutils, Citation Exporter, CiteProc ๏ Importers (DOI, PubMed, RIS, Zip, etc.), Islandora Batch Importer ๏ Sherpa/Romeo
  • 17. Ongoing Development
  • 18. Islandora 7.x-1.3 ๏ Latest Islandora release; 3rd for Islandora 7 ๏ Code freeze March 17th ๏ Release set for April 24th ๏ Community-driven release model ๏ Volunteers from more than a dozen institutions ๏ Release Manager, Component Managers, Testers, Documentation Gurus
  • 19. Islandora 7.x-1.3 ๏ 10 new modules: Sync, Solr Metadata, WARC SP, PREMIS, Checksum, Checksum Checker, Scholar, Image Annotation, XML Sitemaps, BagIt ๏ Updated documentation, Virtual Machine, sandbox, one-click Chef install ๏ Readme normalization, licence audit, more community contributed modules than any previous release.
  • 20. Fedora 4 & Drupal 8 ๏ Fedora Futures project to review & rebuild Fedora for next major release. ๏ Islandora Community members actively involved with Fedora development ๏ Active assessment of Drupal development, Drupal Camps, experimentation with alphas. ๏ Targeting Drupal 8/Fedora 4, migration tools from Drupal 7/Fedora 3
  • 21. Islandora Community
  • 22. Islandora Growing ๏ Estimated 150+ sites worldwide ๏ Mostly libraries + museums, archives, a few private companies ๏ 500+ members on Google Groups ๏ Increasing contributions from larger community ๏ Provider community growing ๏ Multiple Islandora Camps/Year (PEI/, Eastern & Western US, Europe and Pacific
  • 23. Islandora Camps ๏ Formerly yearly, now 4 or 5 per year, worldwide. ๏ Two days of sessions, one day of workshops. Training from experienced Islandora instructors. ๏ 20 - 40 people. Developers, current users, new users, prospective/interested adopters. ๏ Upcoming Camps in 2014: London (May 7 - 9), Toronto (August 6 - 8), Denver (October 13 - 15). Maybe Boston in December.
  • 24. discoverygarden inc. ๏ Commercial UPEI spin-off - full service ๏ Installation, Configuration, Customization ๏ Support, System Audit, Consulting ๏ Hosting, Platforms, Vendor partnerships ๏ Primary codebase contributor
  • 25. LYRASIS ๏ Non-profit membership organization ๏ Provides members with a range of services, including Islandora hosting/setup ๏ Shared/Individual/Group repositories ๏ Working with discoverygarden to provide customization services when desired
  • 26. Consortial Implementations ๏ Increasing number of consortia offering Islandora to members ๏ METRO NY, Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries, Florida Virtual Campus, Council of Atlantic University Libraries ๏ Ability to serve multiple requirements and branding in a single framework ๏ discoverygarden soon to release Islandora OnDemand Consortia
  • 27. Robust Development Approach ๏ Islandora code is managed using best- practice open source tools ๏ GitHub code repository ๏ Jenkins and Travis CI continuous integration ๏ JIRA ticket management ๏ Confluence Wiki for documentation
  • 28. Community Contributions ๏ WARC SP & Checksum (Nick Ruest, York) ๏ Windows Patches (Stefan Langer, Worthington Libraries) ๏ Relationship Editor/Ontology Management (Giancarlo Birello and Rosie Le Faive) ๏ PREMIS (Mark Jordan, Nick Ruest, Don Moses) ๏ Checksum Checker &BagIt Module (Mark Jordan, Simon Fraser University) ๏ Sync Module (UCLA & discoverygarden) ๏ Solr Metadata (Jordan Dukart, discoverygarden) ๏ One-click Chef install (MJ Suhuons, Ryerson University)
  • 29. Islandora Foundation ๏ Non-profit Islandora Foundation: help maintain code, documentation, training, community participation and more ๏ Writing documentation, planning camps, updating social media, facilitating connections, developing training material
  • 30. Islandora Foundation ๏ Founded in July, 2013 as a member supported soliciting non-profit ○ Partner: $10,000 ○ Collaborator: $4,000 ○ Member: $2,000 ๏ 15 members: 2 Partners, 5 Collaborators, 8 Members ๏ Membership benefits: Committee nominations, reduced/free camp registrations, printed documentation, website listing
  • 31. Islandora in Agriculture
  • 32. Current Use Cases ๏ USDA ๏ Managing National Agricultural Library catalog (Agricola) workflow, 15 million+ records ๏ Biblioteca CNR-Ceris / Plant Virology Institute and Plant Protection Institute ๏ Data repository (focus on unpublished) on plant-microorganism-virus interactions ๏ Integrating FAO’s AGROVOC controlled vocabulary ๏ UPEI ๏ Emerging solution for Biology/BioTech wetlab data management and collaboration ๏ Integration of the Taverna science workflow engine for microservice integration
  • 33. Relevant Tools ๏ Islandora Scholar - Manage citation data, attach supplemental research ๏ Tabular Data module (SFU) - Module to display and edit csv and other tabular data formats with DDI metadata record and desktop sync ๏ Chemistry Solution Pack - Islandora 6 SP for chemistry data using OpenBabel ๏ Compound Solution Pack - Link and display objects with complex relationships ๏ File Storage Solution Pack (dgi) - Ingest supplemental files through the Islandora interface
  • 34. Questions? Melissa Anez - Project & Community Manager, Islandora Foundation
  • 35. Links ๏ General:,,,, wiki.duraspace. org/display/FF/Fedora+Futures+Home,, ๏ Code:,,, wiki.duraspace. org/display/ISLANDORA/Islandora, ๏ Institutional Repositories:,,, ๏ Digital Library Collections:,,,,,,,, ๏ Research Data:,,,,,,, ๏ Consortia:,