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Examples of ontology applications

Examples of ontology applications






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    Examples of ontology applications Examples of ontology applications Presentation Transcript

    • Examples of Ontology Applications Seventh Agricultural Ontology Service Workshop Bangalore, India Gauri Salokhe { [email_address] }
    • Outline
      • FAO examples
        • Food safety
        • Fisheries
        • Food Nutrition and Agriculture Journal
      • External examples
        • Crop-biosecurity Ontology
        • Crop-pest Ontology
        • Vivo
    • FAO Examples in Agriculture Domain
    • Food Safety
      • International Portal on Food Safety, Animal & Plant Health
      • a domain ontology for food safety, animal health, and plant health of 1600 concepts in English
      • Starting from the AGROVOC Thesaurus and specific terminology from web sites and documents
      • Ontology was modeled using the KAON tools.
      • http://www.ipfsaph.org/
    • Food Safety 1600 concepts
      • Information Resources
      • Codex Alimentarius
      • Agreements
      • Brainstorming
      Ontology Ontology Editor (OI-Modeler) subject specialists Agrovoc Food Safety Documents Generic Documents
    • Food Safety
    • Food Safety
    • Fisheries
      • Goal
      • Making information interchangeable between ASFA, FIGIS, OneFish and AGROVOC
      • Approach
      • Creating an ontology, integrating or mapping the 3 different systems + AGROVOC
      • Linking of the Ontology through wrappers to the different Information Systems
      • 25000 concepts – English
    • Fisheries ASFA OneFish FIGIS AGROVOC Aquaculture Resource Water Area land strains Species life cycle Farming system management system Production center Spawning technique Breeding technique Hatchery technique Expl. form Regulation Farming technique Environment Institution Health monitoring technique diseases suppliers
    • Fisheries
    • Fisheries
    • Fisheries “ navire de p ê che”, “fishing vessel”, “ embarcaciones de pesca” AGROVOC or ASFA or other “ fishing vessels,” “ fishing boat,” AGROVOC: “ships” ASFA: “fishing vessels”
    • String based search
    • Closer look at the results Concept-based search - Did you mean vessels (fishing) or vessels (blood) ?
    • Example
      • “Japanese fishing vessel”
        • The system searches for documents related to Japan and fishing vessel
        • If 0 results are retrieved, the system searches for Asia and fishing vessel
      Japan Asia
    • Food Nutrition and Agriculture Journal
      • Bibliographical Metadata Ontology: 14 ‘metadata’ concepts + 1800 instances – 3 languages
      • ontology was created, as follows:
        • A “meta”-metadata ontology was created containing relationships between resource attributes such as title, author, keyword.
        • Metadata from 2 different sources combined and converted to RDF.
      • use existing semantic relationships between, for example, author and keyword, that are not normally exploited in bibliographic databases allowed for more meaningful and hence user-friendly browse experiences.
    • Food Nutrition and Agriculture Journal Ontology Ontology Editor (OI-Modeler) FAOBIB DOCREP XSLT
    • Food Nutrition and Agriculture Journal
    • Food Nutrition and Agriculture Journal
    • External Examples in Agriculture Domain
    • Crop-biosecurity Ontology
    • Crop-biosecurity Ontology
      • Cataloguing existing training resources and searching by ontology.
      • Ontology
        • 215 concepts related to Crop-bioscurity
        • ~100 properties that relate the concepts to each other
      • Training material are instances of the ontology
      • Metadata created by merging NAL, AgNIC, E-extension and Extension Disaster Education Network (EDEN)
      • Contact: Howard Beck {hwb@ufl.edu }
      • http://www.minuetto.net/soonho/cropbiosecurity/web4
    • Crop-pest Ontology
      • Using Crop-pest ontology to facilitate image searching and browsing
      • http://orb.at.ufl.edu/CropPest
      • Contact: Howard Beck { [email_address] }
    • Crop-pest Ontology
    • ViVo: Virtual Life Sciences Library
      • information about courses, genomics services, faculty, departments, undergraduate majors, graduate fields --- anything related to the Life Sciences at Cornell.
      • Underlying architecture is an ontology
    • ViVo : Virtual Life Sciences Library
    • Thank you ! Many more on... http://www.fao.org/aims/onto_domains.jsp