Development of Integrated Technological Systems to Support Land Management Projects in Portugal
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Development of Integrated Technological Systems to Support Land Management Projects in Portugal






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Development of Integrated Technological Systems to Support Land Management Projects in Portugal Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Development of Integrated Technological Information Systems to Support Land Management Projects In Portugal Rui Paulo Coito Paula Ermelinda Duarte Vila Real, 26.Jul.2005
  • 2.
    • Introduction
    • Brief description of the land consolidation in Portugal
    • The role of EUROPOF in the land consolidation process
    • General description of EUROPOF
    • Conclusions
    CENTRAL SUBJECT OF THIS PRESENTATION : Software EUROPOF, developed as a technological information application to be used in land management projects, namely in land consolidation
  • 3. Introduction Agriculture Forest Dominant land use (>80% of the territory) SERIOUS STRUCTURAL PROBLEM !
    • Excessive propriety fragmentation and dispersion
      • average area per farm – 8 to 9 ha
      • average farm structure – 5 to 6 blocks
  • 4. Introduction
    • The demand for land consolidation arises from similar sources in Portugal and other european countries:
      • the need for readjusting unfavourable land division
      • promoting the appropriate use of the real property without changing the status of ownership
    In this context, land consolidation means a comprehensive reallocation procedure of a rural area consisting of fragmented agricultural or forest holdings or their parts. (Vitikainen, 2004)
  • 5. Introduction
    • To minimize this situation in Portugal, we are trying hard to :
            • simplify the proceedings
            • improve the process efficiency
    MODERN INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES Regarding its development, land consolidation projects expanded into oversized in the workload and costs and overlong duration
  • 6. Brief description of the land consolidation process in Portugal GENERAL CONCEPT : realization of a property reallocation through land exchanges to form consolidated plots that are better adapted to their use – i.e. larger and/or better shaped – which concentrates the ownership and/or farming units, implementing in addition other necessary functions (road and water management infrastructure, irrigation, environmental management and nature protection, landscaping, etc.) MAIN STAGES OF TRADITIONAL LAND CONSOLIDATION PROJECTS New reallocation !!! ELABORAÇÃO DO PROJECTO LAND CONSOLIDATION PRELIMINARY STUDY PROJECT WORKING OUT PROJECT EXECUTION PROJECT
  • 7. Brief description of the land consolidation process in Portugal NEW REALLOCATION PLAN
    • It’s a task of high importance in the procedure. Its complexity derives essencialy from:
      • the large volume of information to manipulte and over cross
      • the high number of relational variables to consider
    Involves proper specifications and processing capability for which the common technological tools (CAD / GIS software) can´t reply properly according to the demanded patterns Came up the need of developing a technological tool specificaly structured and conceived to fulfil this task requests EUROPOF
  • 8. The role of EUROPOF in the land consolidation process
      • accelarating all technical operations involved in this task
      • maintaining high precision and flexibility standards
      • user-friendly capability for all kinds of operators or users
    It’s a software conceived and developed by EUROTEAM to be used in the design of land spatial rearrangements, in particular for the reallocation definition in land consolidation projects. Main objectives / attributes: EUROPOF
  • 9.
    • it’s very easy and quick to make geometric changes in the reallocation plan layout
    • ( deriving from the request for different shapes and or location of plots )
    • doesn’t demand any expertised knowledge or intensive training
    • ( the average training time needed for a new user is 2 days)
    With EUROPOF : The role of EUROPOF in the land consolidation process Why was EUROPOF created? IT’S THE BEST TOOL FOR THE JOB ! Conventional CAD software GIS software X EUROPOF
  • 10. The role of EUROPOF in the land consolidation process EUROPOF functionality can be illustrated by an example of its use in a land consolidation project, in Portugal: Projecto de Emparcelamento Rural das Courelas do Campo de Coruche Conventional 5 months EUROPOF EUROPOF 3 weeks New situation 107 parcels 109 owners Old situation: 304 parcels 112 owners Area 500 ha
  • 11. The role of EUROPOF in the land consolidation process Efficiency gains with this application : Relevant impacts on the global cost !
    • around 70-80 % in the reallocation plan design
    • over ¼ of the total duration of the land consolidation procedure
  • 12. EUROPOF Its technology integrates elements of... GIS CAD DSS Combines a wide range of graphical and alphanumerical information General description of EUROPOF Cadaster EUROPOF
    • One single file:
        • Opened
        • Modified
        • Saved
    Land Register Land Classification Cartography Structure plan New plots Landmarks
  • 13.  
  • 14. General description of EUROPOF FROM THE USERS POINT OF VIEW the simplicity of the interface is related with the easiness to operate. The user can easily design and allocate the new plots just using the computer mouse to “drag and drop” the owners parameters in question: the new plot allocation can be made according to...
            • area
          • evaluation (land assessment)
          • other kind of data (buildings, tree plantations, irrigation equipments, etc.)
  • 15.  
  • 16.  
  • 17. General description of EUROPOF Other functionalities to highlight :
      • it’s possible to work simultaneously with all the blocks in the project
      • it’s easy to make all the needed amendments in the plot geometry
      • it’s possible to check systematicaly the owners values
      • (not yet or already placed)
      • it can measure distances or calculate areas and values on real time
      • the new plot landmarks can be set automaticaly
      • it can provide final project data, exporting it into *.SHP and *.DBF files
      • it can provide individual reports of owners
      • (old and new plot situation data)
  • 18. Conclusions MAIN CONCLUSION : The use of EUROPOF proves to be an effective way to reduce time and costs in the land consolidation projects, so that the proceedings became simplified, cost-effective and shorter in duration
  • 19. Conclusions Attributes to standout:
    • hadling a large volume of information in an easy and quick way using only one file
    • saving execution time in an efficient way
    • used as an interactive system since the beginnig of the planning until the final result
    Efficiency gains of 25 to 30% in the land consolidation procedure !
  • 20. Conclusions EUROPOF was already used in several land consolidation projects in Portugal... ...covering more than 16.000 ha. The promoters are mainly administrative authorities, municipalities and farmers associations. ...can easily be used in diferent kinds of spatial rearrangment projects. EUROPOF IDRHa 1032 Vale do Lis IDRHa 1947 Aldeia da Luz FATA 670 Carrapatas FATA 1456 Lagoa Câmara Municipal de Monção 273 Moreira, Barroças e Taias Câmara Municipal de Valença 350 Veiga da Mira Ass. Prod. Agr. Região Rio Maior 2552 Fráguas e Outeiro da Cortiçada AGROTEJO 6000 Azinhaga, Golegã e Riachos AGROTEJO 1980 Pinheiro Grande e Carregueira Associação de Regantes do Vale do Sorraia 510 Courelas do Campo de Coruche Client (promoter) Area (ha) Project (location)
    • forest consolidation
    • urban rearrange
    • parking areas
    • ...
  • 21.  
  • 22. Rua Oeiras do Piaui, nº 7B, 2780-285 Oeiras, Portugal Tel: (+351) 214405700 Fax: (+351) 214405709 Thanks for your attention !
  • 23. General description of EUROPOF
    • Technical aspects to emphasize concerning the data manipulation :
      • advanced Graphical User Interface (GUI), taking advantage of the latest Windows features
      • all the geometric elements are analytical represented and manipulated with the maximum accuracy permitted by the floating arithmetic point of double precision (64 bits)
      • all the geometric elements are topological integrated in a single geographic base that allows a better accuracy on the representation (as resemblance with the Topologically Integrated Geographic Encoding and Referencing system – TIGER – of the US Census Bureau
      • global and local optimisation algorithms
      • all the geometric processes operates directly above the geometric elements analytical defined without appeal to simplifications or approach
      • high level geometric editing with real-time topology. Dynamic, real-time interaction between geometric properties (areas, property boundaries, etc.) and alphanumeric data
  • 24.
    • Technical aspects to emphasize concerning the data manipulation : (cont.)
      • the landmarks that delimit the new plots are automatically placed by EUROPOF, and they are maintained always rigorous when the user changes the geometry of the plot
      • to import the initial data and export final information, the softwares uses shapefiles and Dbase formats
      • agile representation and navigation through massive orthophoto image bases
      • reports output , based on Apache FOP (Formating Objects Processor) that offers a great flexibility