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Computer Generated Flannel Boards
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Computer Generated Flannel Boards


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Teaches how to create flannel board patterns using Microsoft Word Clipart and editing the clipart in Paint and Word.

Teaches how to create flannel board patterns using Microsoft Word Clipart and editing the clipart in Paint and Word.

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  • 1. Computer-Generated Flannel Boards Public Library of Youngstown & Mahoning County Created by SEC at AU
  • 2. Introduction
    • Flannel Board versions of stories for storytimes can be made from a variety of sources:
      • use patterns from books,
      • print pieces directly from the web,
      • create your own patterns thru pen & paper,
      • or create your own patterns thru using the computer
    • This presentation will teach how to create your own patterns for stories using MS-Word’s clipart gallery & Paint accessory
  • 3. Agenda
    • Microsoft Word Clipart Gallery
    • Internet Explorer for Microsoft Word Online Clipart
    • Paint Accessory
    • Microsoft Word Edit Picture
  • 4. Open Microsoft Word
    • Click Insert
    • Scroll down to Picture
    • Scroll across to ClipArt and Click
  • 5. Insert ClipArt Box
    • Click on Clips Online
    • Connect to Web box appears
    • Click OK
  • 6. Microsoft Office Online Clip Art Gallery
    • Opens in a currently opened window of Internet Explorer
    • If Internet Explorer not already opened, it will open automatically & go to this web site.
  • 7. Working with MS Clipart Gallery Online
    • Type in something to look for, such as dog & click Search
    • Limit selection to ClipArt images by Clicking Filter by Type drop menu
  • 8. Downloading Clipart
    • Click on boxes below images you want to download
    • Click Download # items
  • 9. Downloading continued
    • Microsoft Service Agreement may appear
    • Scroll down & Click Accept
  • 10. Downloading continued
    • Download the Microsoft Office Template and Media ActiveX Control for Office Online appears
    • Click Continue
  • 11. Downloading continued
    • ClipArt Download page appears
    • Scroll down & Click Download Now
  • 12. Downloading continued
    • File Download box appears
    • Click Open
  • 13. Inserting Downloaded ClipArt
    • ClipArt now appears in Insert Clip Art Box
    • Click on ClipArt
    • Click on top icon of pop-up menu to insert ClipArt
  • 14. Working with Downloaded ClipArt
    • ClipArt is now inserted in Word Document
    • Resize ClipArt to maximum to fit document
      • larger size images are easier to edit
    • Make certain Word Document is at 100% viewing size
      • anything less than 100% means image will open up smaller when you copy it to Paint
  • 15. Copy ClipArt
    • Click Image to select it
    • Click Edit
    • Scroll down & Click Copy
  • 16. Pasting Images into Paint
    • Open Paint accessory
    • Click Edit
    • Scroll down & Click Paste
  • 17. Editing Images in Paint
    • Use Paints many tools to edit image
    • Erase items you do not need
    • Change colors to whatever flannel requires
    • Add lines if needed
    • Add shapes if needed
    Before Editing After Editing
  • 18. Saving edited ClipArt
    • Click File
    • Click Save As
    • Choose your Agency’s Server
      • Default is My Pictures folder on the hard drive which means the picture is only available on that individual computer
      • Server allows you to access picture on any computer logged in as your agency
  • 19. Inserting edited clipart into Word
    • You could copy clipart from Paint and Paste into Word
      • However, it often takes much time to edit images to what you need for your flannel, so you should have image saved
    • Saved images can be inserted into Word
      • Click Insert
      • Scroll down to Picture
      • Scroll across & Click From File
  • 20. Insert pictures you edited & saved
    • Insert Picture box appears
    • Click Look In drop menu
    • Click your Agency Server
    • Click through to folder where you saved pictures
  • 21. Insert Pictures continued
    • Click Picture
    • Click Insert
  • 22. Editing Pictures in Word
    • Right-Click on Picture
    • Scroll to Edit Picture & Click
  • 23. Editing Pictures in Word continued
    • You can use the Drawing Toolbar to:
      • Insert lines
        • Word has line features, such as dotted lines, not available in Paint
      • Insert shapes
        • Word has autoshapes, such as stars, not available in Paint
    • You can Insert WordArt
  • 24. Using Drawing Toolbar in editing Here, I added an 8-point star to the dog’s collar
  • 25. Using WordArt with editing
    • Click Insert
    • Scroll down to Picture
    • Scroll across & down to WordArt & Click
    Here I added a WordArt label to the dog tag I made earlier
  • 26. Finished editing in Word
    • Click Close Picture
    • Edited picture appears in Word
  • 27. Repeat above steps for each Flannel board piece
  • 28. Completed Flannel Board
    • Resize images to what you want for your flannel board
    • Save completed Flannel Board to your Agency’s Server
    • Open your Email
    • Create an email message to Graphic Arts
      • Attaching Flannel Board document to the email
      • Ask for attached document to be printed in Color on heavy-stock paper & laminated
      • Make certain the message clearly indicates what branch the printed & laminated flannel board belongs
    • Send email
    • When flannel board arrives in delivery
      • Cut out pieces
      • Attach velcro or magnets to back
  • 29. Summary
    • Now you know how to create your own flannel boards using the computer
    • These same steps can be used to create black-and-white pictures for:
      • Crafts
        • Paper bag puppets
        • Coloring pages
      • Copying to Colored Construction Paper
    • Any Questions?????
  • 30. Where to Get More Information
    • Further instruction on Paint Accessory’s tools is available
      • Contact SEC at AU