Ethiopian coffee


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Ethiopian is known for its great quality of coffee, but within Ethiopia there are an abundance of varieties.

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Ethiopian coffee

  1. 1. FANOS Ethiopia Tours Your get way to visit Ethiopia Addis Ababa Ethiopia Email: Mobile: + 251 913170579 Ethiopian Coffee Ethiopia is the birth place of coffee, and as such maintains a long tradition of roasting and drinking this deeply cultural beverage. All coffees in Ethiopia are Arabica variety, growing in high altitude with ample rainfall, good fertility and in natural planting conditions in order to develop the unique flavors that make Ethiopian coffee distinctive. Ethiopia is one of the few coffee producing countries to also be a large consuming country, utilizing over 50% of production within the country. This gives Ethiopia a unique knowledge amongst its fellow producers. Ethiopian develops a palate for coffee from a very young age and almost all women are taught how to roast coffee from the time they are old enough to walk. This knowledge and appreciation of how to bring out the best aromas and flavors from their coffee gives Ethiopia a competitive edge over any other roaster of Ethiopian coffee. Modern roasting equipment and education have allowed Ethiopian to build on their intrinsic knowledge to further develop suitable roasting profiles for any market. Drying Coffee Bean In summary, Ethiopia produces unique and highly desired coffee varieties which it has been exporting and consuming for centuries. Building on intrinsic knowledge of their own coffee. Ethiopian roasters are providing delicious roasters are providing delicious roasts which will meet the demands of global niche coffee market while reducing freight costs. With a growing number of roasters, producing for export, customers have a number to choose from to ensure the best business relationship to fit their needs. FANOS Ethiopia Tours – Your get way to Visit Ethiopia 1|Page
  2. 2. Some of the specialty coffees of Ethiopia Ethiopian is known for its great quality of coffee, but within Ethiopia there are an abundance of varieties. Some of the most desired and highest quality is listed below. 1. Harar; this is produced in the eastern highland of Ethiopia. The bean is medium in size, with a greenish-yellow color. It has medium acidity and full body with a distinctive mocha flavor. It is one of the best premium coffees in the world. Coffee Growing Area of Ethiopia 2. Sidamo; has a medium sized bean, greenish-gray in color. Sidamo washed coffee, known for its balanced taste and good flavor, is called sweet coffee. It has fine acidity and good body and is produced in the southern part of the country. It is always blended for gourmet of specialty coffee. 3. Yiregacheffe: it has an intense flavor known as flora. The washed Yiregacheffe is one of the best highland grown coffees. It has fine acidity and rich body. Many consumers are attracted to its delicate fine flavor and are willing to pay a premium for it. 4. Wollega (Nekempte): this is produced in western Ethiopia and the medium to bold bean is mainly known for its fruity taste. It has a greenish-brown color, with good acidity and body. There are many roasters who put this flavor n their blends, but it can also be sold as an original gourmet or special origin flavor. 5. Limmu: this is known for its spicy and wine flavor and attracts many consumers, especially in Europe and USA. It has good acidity and body and the washed Limmu is a premium coffee. It has a medium-sized bean, and it greenish-blue color and mostly round in shape. FANOS Ethiopia Tours Your get way to visit Ethiopia Contact: Keb Mathews Mobile: + 251 (0) 913170579 Email: or Web: FANOS Ethiopia Tours – Your get way to Visit Ethiopia 2|Page