Workshop Sociale media in de hotellerie - deel 1


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Hoe kunnen hotels sociale media succesvol inzetten?

Presentatie door Joris van Meel (Ravestein & Zwart) in opdracht van het Veluws Bureau voor Toerisme, GOBT en NORT.

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  • We all know it's sunny on the beach in Bali and the Bund is beautiful at night, but what about the 'real' aspects of the destination? Posting a quick weather update first thing in the morning is a worthy way to start the day on Twitter or Facebook, but keep it real by posting about things to do - especially on bad weather days - or offering tips on managing jetlag or mentioning a employee contribution or celebrated day. For example, if your chef was just given his first Michelin star, share the news! If your hotel recently underwent a renovation, share the photos -- before and after -- and keep your potential guests in the loop. Show your followers and fans that the hotel is more than just deals and good food, and that they are part of the foundation that makes up the success of the hotel.
  • Transparantie Eerlijkheid 24/7 (dus tijd) Vertrouwen (van het management) Integratie Een eigen verhaal Structuur (meermaals per week zelf – altijd reageren!)
  • While the hotel is obviously the focus of your social media campaign, remember that there is more to the traveler's eye than what's inside your four walls.Spend some time tweeting about local destination events, share some interesting historical aspects and ask your concierge for some 'tips of the day' to share. "we believe that when it comes to social media, discussion topics should not be restricted to immediate hotel features. We go one step further by offering destination advice, travel tips, food for thought, retweets from travel and subject matter experts," said Yap. Guests will likely know the top tourist attractions, but the hotel can offer insider ideas and off-the-beaten-path things to see and do, including the best local restaurants, fun festivals or family-friendly activities. Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong, did a great job of sharing the historical and interesting facts relating to Chinese New Year. While the hotel hosted plenty of Chinese New Year activities, which they tweeted about, they also shared quirky and unknown facts about Chinese New Year that kept guests intrigued and involved in the festivities.
  • Vind nieuwe klanten Raak betrokken in discussies die ergens over gaan Experts van de omgeving (kennen de plekken en delen die met de rest van de wereld) Discounts Contests, geiveaways
  • Cliche as it may seem, keeping up the lines of communication with your fans and followers via Twitter and Facebook is an essential piece to managing a successful social media campaign. Social media has become the new 'customer service' line, and hotels should take seriously the comments and questions they receive online. Granted, not all tweets and Facebook comments will be valid, but treating social media as if it were a hotline to your consumers is the best way to solve last-minute problems, answer immediate questions and offer advice to guests and travelers. The above tips are not the end all and be all to a successful social media campaign, but they can help present your hotel in a worthy light to guests who, whether they are new or repeat, will always be looking for something special from the hotel.
  • Workshop Sociale media in de hotellerie - deel 1

    1. 1. Sociale media in de hotellerie 19 april 2011
    2. 3. @fanmeel
    3. 6. 66,7% 85,3%
    4. 7. 85,3%
    5. 8. 21-24 25-29
    6. 9. 25-29
    7. 10. 2.250.624 4.274.620
    8. 11. 4.274.620
    9. 17. NEEEEEEE!
    10. 19. Social media is de benaming voor online platformen waar de gebruikers, met geen of weinig tussenkomst van een professionele redactie, de inhoud verzorgen. Social Media
    11. 21. Één boodschap vóór de komst van sociale media
    12. 24. Één boodschap ná de komst van sociale media
    13. 25. Je verspreidt de boodschap via sociale media kanalen
    14. 28. Social media: a fad or a revolution?
    15. 33. De relatie staat centraal!
    16. 34. s
    17. 57. Sales
    18. 64. Monitoren
    19. 70. IEDEREEN hoort ons
    20. 71. ... wij horen IEDEREEN !
    21. 72. 17 Tips
    22. 73. Doe iets!
    23. 74. Investeer!
    24. 75. Maak een team!
    25. 76. Train het team!
    26. 77. Maak 1 iemand verantwoordelijk
    27. 78. Stel online en offline op elkaar af
    28. 79. Zorg ervoor dat het management er achter staat
    29. 80. What’s in it for the customer?
    30. 81. Maak een content- management- strategie
    31. 82. Creëer een contentkalender
    32. 83. Ben pro-actief
    33. 84. Maak meetbare doelstellingen en meet!
    34. 85. Ga op zoek naar manieren om de ROI te meten Maar de relatie staat voorop!
    35. 86. Blijf in controle over de conversatie
    36. 87. Creëer speciale socialemediadeals
    37. 88. Organiseer online wedstrijden
    38. 89. Zeg: ‘ Dankjewel!’
    39. 95. Wat hebben we geleerd?