Dcm solution for m2 m webnms


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Solusi untuk Machine to Machine (M2M) WebNMS

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Dcm solution for m2 m webnms

  1. 1. Solusi Monitoring M2M PT. Daya Cipta Mandiri Solusi build, access and manage
  2. 2. ZOHO Corporation • Founded in 1996 as AdventNet • Private and Profitable with over 1600 employees • 3 divisions- WebNMS, ManageEngine and ZOHO • WebNMS –Network Management Software for Telecom and M2M market • PT Daya Cipta Mandiri Solusi, Gold Partner since 2005
  3. 3. • Software Products for Telecom Network Management and M2M solutions • 15 years in market, 100s of Customers, 25000 global deployments • World No#1 in Telecom Element Management System (EMS) • WebNMS Framework enables network equipment providers and service providers to cost-effectively build highly customizable EMS solutions • Partnership business model with Network Equipment OEMs and Telecom Service Providers About WebNMS
  4. 4. M2M Ecosystem
  5. 5. WebNMS M2M Focus • Where there is strong need for remote monitoring on massive scale • Energy management, Security and SLA for remote sites • Revenue Leak ,Theft control etc, • Network wide visibility of assets and their performance • Enhancing the efficiency of the system by automating the processes and reduced human intervention • Processing big data and powerful analytics
  6. 6. WebNMS M2M Platform
  7. 7. Best M2M Platform • WebNMS Platform is the most flexible framework for building diverse M2M solutions • WebNMS awarded as the ‘Best M2M Platform for Service Providers’ at the Annual M2M Evolution Conference in Miami, Florida
  9. 9. Solution Overview
  10. 10. Solution Architecture • Remote Terminal Units to collect data from Machines • RTUs Communicate to Central Management system using Ethernet/GPRS/SMS • WebNMS can handle tens of thousand of RTUs and serve dozens of NMS users • Remote sites managed from central NOC
  11. 11. Solution Architecture
  12. 12. Technical Snapshot Instrumentation Instrumented solution consists of the RTU and a Central monitoring software. The RTU has standards based I/O ports and integrates with Central monitoring software via ethernet,GPRS or SMS. Application Protocols The RTU communicates with passive assets using RS-232,RS-485 and standard analog and digital I/Os. Transport Protocols SNMP, XML,SMS,SOAP,CORBA,TL1,CLI,RMI,HTTP,HTTPS,Netconf, Date Serialization Formats XML,JSON,Serialized Java objects. Management Standards SNMP, TL1,CORBA.XML,SOAP protocols are supported. JMX based Northbound is available. Security standards like MD5,RADIUS are supported Application Infrastructure WebNMS has application interface support based on protocols like SNMP, CLI and SOAP. REST interface can be plugged in as add-on integration Can integrate with 3rd party AAA systems like LDAP,RADIUS and more Responders Email,SNMS, XML data Persistence Caching mechanism Response Time Handles 1000+ events per second steady state and 10000 events per second during event storm
  13. 13. WebNMS M2M solutions Cell Tower Site Manager Monitors and controls DGs, Cooling Solutions, UPS and Security Systems etc., of 10s of thousands of Cell Tower sites from a central location. Ensures seamless uptime of cell tower site!
  14. 14. Cell Tower Site Manager: Architectural Overview
  15. 15. WebNMS M2M solutions Road Infrastructure Manager Monitors the status of critical highway systems like Emergency calling booths, Weather stations and Toll Collection booths. Push real-time messages to the digital sign boards.
  16. 16. WebNMS M2M solutions ATM Site Manager Improves customer service and revenue by ensuring ATM sites uptime. Optimal usage of passive assets and solves operational problems without human intervention and site visits.
  17. 17. ATM Site Manager: Solution Snapshot
  18. 18. WebNMS M2M solutions Power Grid Monitoring Alerts on Power Leakage, Breakage and Distribution Loss. Interaction with Map enables to locate the pain-point accurately.
  19. 19. SCREENSHOT • Overview
  20. 20. • Inventory Information SCREENSHOT
  21. 21. • KPI Report SCREENSHOT
  22. 22. SCREENSHOT • Monitoring
  23. 23. • Fault Information SCREENSHOT
  24. 24. • Fault Information SCREENSHOT
  25. 25. • Integration with Map SCREENSHOT
  26. 26. REQUEST DEMO We are happy to schedule a demonstration of our products. You can request demo in below link, http://www.webnms.com/m2m/demo-request-form.html
  27. 27. THANK YOU !!