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A Panda From Hollywood A Panda From Hollywood Presentation Transcript

  • A Panda From Hollywood Huiyong Fan For The Global Media Studies’ Seminar at SOAS 19.10.2009
  • A Panda From Hollywood A case study of How a panda was involved into culture conflict
    • What a lovely panda!
    • But is that simple?
    • A panda from the Hollywood?
    • And why it matters?
    • Is the panda from Hollywood still a panda?
    • Cultural invasion-A wolf with a sheep’s skin?
  • What a lovely panda! The Giant Panda as a mammal species
  • Is that simple? As an endangered species, panda was symbolized
    • The World Wildlife Fund's panda logo is recognised worldwide
    • WWF displayed paper pandas in Nantes, calling the world to save endangered species (AFP Photo)
  • Is that simple?
    • Panda as the China’s national emblem (The Panda Diplomacy )
    Taiwan President Ma Ying-jeou (R) visit the two giant pandas (Tuan Tuan and Yuan Yuan, names together mean "reunion,“) from China (AP Photo)
  • Then, a panda from Hollywood !
  • Why this panda matters?
    • Two months before the 2008 Beijing Olympics
    • * Panda as one of the five mascots (JingJing) was partly banned by the official
    • * Steven Spielberg (co-founder of Dreamwork) risigned as advisor to the 2008 Beijing Olympics in response to the Chinese government's inaction over the War in Darfur
    • * Three months after Tibet riot which was supported by some Hollywood’s superstars
    • One month after ShiChuan earthquake
    • * ShiChuan, the native home of panda
    • * Chinese people was enraged by Hollywood star Sharon Stone’s “ Karma” expression on the earthquake
  • The Chinese audiences
    • In the first 10 days, the Panda grabbed $12M in China (The official profit of Beijing Olympics is $120M. But some say it is -$2.3B.)
    • ShiChuan people regarded it as encouragement of rebuilding their lost homes
  • Commodification @ the Awareness Zhao Bandi, a Chinese artist, urges that the Kung Fu Panda should get out of China (No gold grabbing after the earthquake misfortune) An American teacher at Beijing University call on all China to boycott Hollywood movies
  • Commodification @ the Competition Zhao Bandi and His Panda-style Fashion Dresses
  • Commodification @ the DreamWorks Jack Black was promoting the Kung Fu Panda in US and UK
  • Commodification @ the Networking
  • Questions remained
    • Why Chinese crazy about the film which was produced by non-Chinese?
    • Who has the right to explain the characters of the Giant Panda and the spirit of Kung Fu?
    • Is the panda from Hollywood still a panda?
    • Is this panda a vanguard of culture invasion?
    • ………… ???
  • Is this panda unique? How and why the Hollywood is getting more say in Chinese culture?
  • Is the panda from Hollywood be witched?
    • By what?
    • * Capital
    • * Dominant culture
    • How to cure?
    • * Boycott
    • * Engage
    • …… ???
  • THANK YOU ! Cover photos / DreamWorks