Integrating Social Media Activity Across Communications and Engagement Marketing


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Brands with integrated communications provide the best customer experience. Here you will learn ways to leverage social media content, UGC and social network activity across marketing channels to engage audiences.
Presented by Melonie Gallegos on May 16, 2014 at Interactive Day San Diego.

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Integrating Social Media Activity Across Communications and Engagement Marketing

  1. 1. SOCIAL MEDIA DIGITAL MANAGEMENT: How-to Transfer Your Social Activity From Your Networks Into Communication Mediums & Engagement Marketing © 2014 Fandom Marketing, Inc. | Presented at Interactive Day San Diego May 16, 2014 Presented by: Melonie Gallegos founder and chief social strategist, Fandom Marketing Tweet me during this session @melonie #idsd
  2. 2. @melonie #idsd Brands have an ecosystem.
  3. 3. @melonie #idsd Brands with integrated communications provide the best experience. Multi-touch point: ¨  Web ¨  Mobile ¨  Email ¨  Advertising ¨  Search ¨  PR ¨  Social media ¨  In-store
  4. 4. @melonie #idsd Why integrate social activity across channels? ¨  Increase reach and impressions organically ¨  Amplify your message ¨  Make it easy to reshare ¨  Gain social media followers ¨  Make content interactive ¨  Improve brand engagement ¨  Gain credibility through what others say ¨  Creative efficiency and web content automation
  5. 5. @melonie #idsd Types of social content brand generated content user generated content (UGC)
  6. 6. @melonie #idsd Repurpose brand content and UGC for use across multiple channels. Case study Whitepaper Blog Facebook story Tumblr GIF Pinterest poster Instagram photo PowerPoint Slideshare Slideshare in LinkedIn Twitter photo or quote Downloadable media assets
  7. 7. @melonie #idsd Different types of communications serve different purposes. ¨  Feedback ¨  Testimonials ¨  FAQ content ¨  Educational ¨  Branding ¨  Promotions ¨  PR
  8. 8. @melonie #idsd Customer feedback (social cs) REPURPOSE? ¨  FAQ ¨  Educational ¨  Community
  9. 9. @melonie #idsd Influence (word of mouth) REPURPOSE? ¨  Testimonials ¨  Branding ¨  Promotions ¨  Community
  10. 10. @melonie #idsd Events (offline happens online) REPURPOSE? ¨  Testimonials ¨  Educational ¨  Branding ¨  PR Social Media Day San Diego 2013
  11. 11. @melonie #idsd Brand engagement (sharing, photos, #brand) REPURPOSE? ¨  Branding ¨  Promotions ¨  PR ¨  Community
  12. 12. @melonie #idsd Partners, press, promotions REPURPOSE? ¨  Branding ¨  Promotions ¨  PR
  13. 13. @melonie #idsd A few ways to leverage social activity right now. Embeds Feeds Sharing Campaigns
  14. 14. @melonie #idsd Embed social content to web pages and blogs. ¨  Tweets (any) ¨  Instagram photos (any public) ¨  Pin or Board (any) ¨  Facebook post/ photo or album (any page) ¨  YouTube video (any) ¨  A Slideshare (any) ¨  Google+ post (any) Tweet embedded in blog post Grab a Facebook embed code Widget with pin
  15. 15. @melonie #idsd Run social content feeds to web pages & email. ¨  RSS feed of blogs to other website, web pages, email content, and more ¨  Tweets (yours and others by favorites, hashtag or user) ¨  Photos ¨  YouTube channel or lists Coca-Cola US homepage FeedsYouTube embed
  16. 16. @melonie #idsd RSS feeds can automate content to email. Mailchimp to RSS automates email content and sending from our Brands With Fans blog. Including sharing buttons can amplify reach.
  17. 17. @melonie #idsd Sharing campaigns drive organic reach & more. 1.  Reward Based n  Social media contests - monetary 2.  Recognition Based n  Games n  Get featured n  Ideas, creativity, user thought leadership 3.  User Focused n  Featuring “me” n  Personalized n  Make a statement n  I support this
  18. 18. @melonie #idsd SHARING CAMPAIGN CASE STUDY Coca-Cola brand community
  19. 19. @melonie #idsd SHARING CAMPAIGN CASE STUDY Coca-Cola brand community UGC cat GIF on brand site Submit your GIF goes to Coke’s Tumblr
  20. 20. @melonie #idsd © 2013 SHARING CAMPAIGN CASE STUDY Coca-Cola brand community Non-monetary rewarding elevates and features users instead of giving prizing
  21. 21. @melonie #idsd © 2013 Engagement must entertain and resonate with the current culture. Unicorns get clicks! SHARING CAMPAIGN CASE STUDY Coca-Cola brand community
  22. 22. @melonie #idsd © 2013 Game scores provide something personal to share with friends SHARING CAMPAIGN CASE STUDY Coca-Cola brand community
  23. 23. @melonie #idsd Sharing buttons best practices. ¨  Never in a header or footer. ¨  Always next to or on the object of sharing. ¤  Overlay on images (Pin It) ¤  Next to video or photo ¤  On each email story ¤  Above and/or below or side of blog post (body) ¤  Use audience appropriate services. © 2013
  24. 24. Get more social marketing advice: THANK YOU!