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Self Publishing Presentation from Camp Blogaway 2014
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Self Publishing Presentation from Camp Blogaway 2014


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How to Self Publish a Cookbook

How to Self Publish a Cookbook

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  • 1. SELF-PUBLISHING Alisa Fleming of Go Dairy Free Laura Bashar of Family Spice Mary Platis of California Greek Girl Your Book IsYour Baby, Keep All the Control!
  • 3. CONFIDENCE • Self-Efficacy: Individuals who come to believe that they can effect change are more likely to accomplish what they set out to do.These people set higher goals, try harder, persevere longer and show more resilience in the face of failure. • Creative Mindset: Having a creative mindset can be a powerful force for looking beyond the status quo. • Being Human Centered: Approaching challenges from a human perspective can yield some of the richest opportunities for change. • Empathy: Connecting with needs, desires, and motivations of real people help to inspire and provoke new ideas.
  • 4. INSPIRATION • Planned course of action: “Don’t wait for the proverbial apple to fall on your head, instead go out in the world and proactively seek experiences, which will spark your creative thinking. Interact with experts, immerse yourself in unfamiliar environments, and role-play customer scenarios.” – Chris Flink • Synthesis: “Sense-making” of all your observations, recognize patterns, identify themes and find meaning in all that you have gathered (participate at food events, attend food conferences, join local organizations – Slow foods, IACP, Les Dames)
  • 5. INSPIRATION • Ideas and Experimentation: Explore all of the possibilities. Generate countless ideas, consider many divergent options (make models, teach, start with an ebook, start social platform). • Implementation:This step has many rounds to consider. Prepare a roadmap to the marketplace (food trucks, pop-ups, become involved with brands, begin locally, begin writing)
  • 6. OVERCOMING FEAR • Make more shots at the goal! Creative people simply do more experiments. • Building with experience encourages more creative action. Start with small projects. • Permission to Fail. Give yourself a “Get Out of Jail Card” when you make mistakes.
  • 7. OVERCOMING FEAR • Embrace Your Failures: “Success has many fathers, but failure is an orphan.” To learn from failure, you must own it. • Let Go of Comparison: Resilient people are resourceful problem- solvers, are more likely to seek help, have strong social support, and can be better connected with colleagues. • “Failure sucks, but it instructs!” – Bob Sutton
  • 8. COLLABORATION • Get help: Hire somebody for a short period to help you. (hire a food or writing coach) • Create Peer Pressure: Invite others in to listen, even if they don’t participate. It is the first step to getting something done. (food blogger’s group, writing group) • Gather an Audience:Talk your ideas through to get your creative juices going. Find a listener to move your ideas to the real world. Get feedback.
  • 9. COLLABORATION • Just get started: Just get something out there. Suspend the idea of how well you are doing. (your first blog post, first video, first talk) • Leave perfection at the door: Create, create, create. Make the big task less important, so it doesn’t paralyze your creativity. (forcing writing, difficult content in your paper or blog)
  • 10. LONGEVITY • Make It Informational: What the book contains is more important than the book itself. • Be Aware of Your Audience: People buy books for their own reasons and use them for their own purposes. Find out what those are and market to them. • Be Original: Do not describe your book as a current gimmick or trend. Make it stand out. • Just Do It! You can control the content of your book. (It can be a booklet, a series of podcasts or a set of cards)
  • 12. EBOOKS • Electronic version of the book • Formats: Kindle (mobi), Nook (ePub), iBooks (ePub & PDF), PDF • Pros vs Cons
  • 13. PRINT-ON-DEMAND (POD) • You create the book, upload a PDF and books are printed as they are sold • Companies like CreateSpace, Ingram Spark, Blurb, Zazzle, Lulu,Tastebook • Pros vs Cons
  • 14. INDEPENDENT PUBLISHERS • The publisher typically handles the book design, photography, production and printing of the book.Author provides content. • Author has a minimum order (1000’s) and is in charge of the funding. • Some publishers offer media exposure and brand promotion. Some distribute the books locally, regionally, and nationally.They handle the ISBN and are the publisher on record for your book. • Pros vs Cons
  • 15. PRINTER • You create the book and send the printer a PDF. • The printer prints the book and sends them all to you or stores them for you. • Pros vs Cons
  • 17. PRODUCTION COSTS • ISBN (required) • Editing • Photography & Graphics • Book Design
  • 18. POST-PRODUCTION COSTS • Margin to Wholesalers, Distributors, and Retailers • Fees for Online and Ebook Sales • Shipping • Distribution (if warehousing) • PR Agency or Personal Promotions
  • 19. HOWTO MAKE MONEY • ValueYourTime • Price Accordingly • Avoid Overestimating • ConsiderTrade Options • Be Conservative with Expenses
  • 20. CALCULATING PROFIT Self-Publishing with Sales via Amazon: Book  Sales Price X .45 = Gross Profit Gross Profit – Cost of Book Production - Shipping Cost Per Book – Warehousing / Distribution Costs – Additional Expenses per Book = Profit Margin per Book
  • 21. Go Dairy Free Example: $20.00 X .45 = $9.00 $9.00 - $1.75 (book production) - $1.00 (shipping twice) - $.50 (total estimated cost per book / buffer) = $5.75 per book Print on Demand with CreateSpace (an Amazon Company): $4.25 to $8.24 per book
  • 23. FUNDING OPTIONS • Your Personal Bank Account • Your Blog Income • Book Pre-orders • eBook Sales • Crowdfunding (such as GoFundMe, Kickstarter and Indiegogo) • Friend and Family Investors • Industry Sponsors
  • 24. OTHER INCOME SOURCES • Speaking fees • Cooking classes/demos • Brand ambassadorships • Merchandising (apron, t-shirts, tea towels, aprons, picture cards, recipe cards)
  • 26. MARKETING BASICS • Who is yourTarget Audience? • Where do they shop? • Where do they live? • How do you get their attention?
  • 27. ENDLESS OPPORTUNITIES • Your Book is always on the Frontlist • Sell and market your book to new buyers in any stage of your book’s life cycle
  • 28. CREATING BUZZ • Media:Traditional vs Non-Traditional • Press Release: Newspapers (national, local, trade), magazines, radio, television, PR agencies, bloggers, online magazines, social media, food shows, brands, blog subscribers • Interviews: radio, local tv, G+ hangouts, blogs, podcasts • Create a website, Facebook page, G+ Community for your book or company AS WELL AS promote your book on your blog. • BookTrailers onYouTube • Book Awards • Reviews and Blurbs
  • 29. TRADITIONAL RETAILVENUES FOR COOKBOOKS • Use a distributor • Sell in bookstores • Sell on Amazon • Sell off your blog
  • 31. • Gift Stores • Specialty Boutiques • Kitchen Stores • Gourmet Markets • Farmer’s Markets • Museums • Online Retailers • Gift Basket Producers • Cooking Classes • Company Health Fairs • Corporations • Cooking Schools • Hospitals • Libraries • Book Fairs & Festivals • Conventions OTHER SALESVENUES
  • 32. WITH GREAT POWER COMES GREAT RESPONSIBILITY You have total control over content. You have total control over design. You have total control over pricing. You have total control over marketing. ! You have total control over everything.
  • 33. Are you ready to make the next move?
  • 34. BUY OUR BOOKS!
  • 35. Ebook Publishing: -Top e-Retailer -Top e-Retailer -Top e-Retailer -Top e- Retailer - Aggregator and eBook Conversion (% of sales) - Aggregator, eBook Conversion, and Design Services (upfront fee) ! Most Popular Print-On-Demand Companies: ! ISBN Registration: - Bowker has a monopoly, so this is where you have to buy your ISBN. ! How to Sell Wholesale (the basic big guys): Amazon Advantage Account - Baker &Taylor for Distribution - ! G+ Support Groups: APE:Authors, Publishers, Entrepreneurs Book Marketing & Book Promotion Self-Published Cookbooks ! Facebook Support Groups: Cookbook Friends ! Must Read: APE:Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur-How to Publish a Book Paperback by Guy Kawasaki How to Make Real Money Selling Books by Brian Jud Creative Confidence: Unleashing the Creative Potential Within Us All byTom Kelley ! Informative Blogs and Websites: The Book Designer Independent Publisher The Creative Penn Jane Friedman Dianne Jacob ! Articles: The making of theToronto Star Cookbook I Self-Published a Cookbook, Despite it All My Self-Publishing Journey: PuttingTogether My A-Team Is Self-Publishing a Cookbook the Best Avenue forYou? ! Other Doodads: Royalty-Free Software: InDesign, iBooks Author,Word, Pages, Photoshop, Acrobat Professional Groups: IACP, Les Dammes, Publishers & Writers San Diego VistaPrint: cheap banners, post cards, color flyers RESOURCES